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    Even though choosing a perfect place to move to is probably the most difficult part of every relocation, this doesn’t have to bother you anymore. Moving from Burke to Reston is the upcoming event you have coming your way, and it should be surrounded by positive vibes only. As moving companies Northern VA can confirm, feeling under pressure is completely normal and easy to deal with, as long as you know what exactly to expect once your relocation is over. Let us help you learn the most essential fax and focus on the most important things your relocation will bring. Here is everything you should know about your relocation to Reston!

    Where do you begin?

    The first step is probably learning more about this moving route and how often people move from Burke to Reston. This will not only help you adapt better but finalize your relocation faster as well. Taking the 286 route in Virginia, you will need around thirty minutes to get from Burke to Reston. These two places are 20 miles apart and in that area a pretty common moving route. On average, around 100 people decide to take it every six months, and the reasons for this vary. While some of them will do it because of a new job, others will decide to buy a property or simply change their place of living. Whatever your reasons are, it is good to know that you have a local relocation on the way and that it will not last for too long!

    What to expect after moving from Burke to Reston?

    Before you trust moving companies in Burke VA with your items, it is good to know that Reston is way more populous. Currently, it is home to 61,418 people while your hometown has a population of 44,077. This will affect a couple of things, including more job opportunities in Reston and a chance for a more dynamic lifestyle. Apart from people who used to live in Burke, you will find that a lot of them moved from nearby cities including Herndon and Fairfax. It is also very common to see people move there from Norfolk or Alexandria, as big-city life is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    picture of waterfalls
    Considering how close these two places are, a lot of things will remain the same including weather and interesting nature spots

    But if you are already worried that bigger places mean less nature, don’t be. You will get a chance to keep an equal amount of landscape, as both Burke and Reston are famous for it. On the outskirts of your new home, you can have a picnic, take long morning walks, and spend time with your family and friends. After all, your favorite locations will be only a short car ride away, and you can go back to them whenever you want.

    Living costs in Reston

    The good news is that not only moving companies Reston VA and their services will be affordable when it comes to moving to Reston. Living costs are an extremely important factor for every relocation, and it is good to know more about them in advance. Even though both Burke and Reston have higher costs of living than average, there are still some differences worth mentioning. Housing costs in Reston will be much cheaper, as they’re 89,3% higher than average, while in Burke they are 114,8% higher than average. This means that you can probably afford to buy a nice home or apartment and settle there permanently.

    couple packing
    With the help of movers you will have more time and space to enjoy this entire process

    And thanks to successful agriculture in Reston, the same goes for groceries costs. Here is a more detailed comparison of different living costs:

    • Groceries: Burke 112.8/100, Reston 111/100
    • Health: Burke 102.1/100, Reston 102.1/100
    • Transportation: Burke 132.4/100, Reston 123.4/100

    Things to see and do after moving from Burke to Reston

    And with everything under control, you will become interested in things that will be waiting for you in Reston. There is a chance you will want to see the same things you used to love about Burke, but you could also be looking for something new. The good news is that there is something for everyone in Reston, and it is not so difficult to pinpoint the favorite locations for both locals and tourists. So, if you are a fan of nature and love exploring the outdoors, Great Falls Park should be your first stop. There, you can see the breathtaking falls surrounded by hiking trails and picnic spots.

    people sitting in the park
    And after moving from Burke to Reston, fell free to slowly explore new home and find new favorite locations

    On the other hand, visiting the Reston Museum will be a great opportunity to learn more about the history of your new home. The museum is open every day, and a lot of people tend to visit it when in Reston. It is also one of the biggest employers in the area, so if you are looking for a job related to culture and history, there is your clue. Other notable locations include:

    • Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
    • NextStop Theatre
    • Walker Nature Center
    • Reston Town Center

    In conclusion

    With the help of a good packing service Northern Virginia, you will be freed from a lot of hard work. Packing is usually described as the most time-wasting process, so it is good to know that someone can help you do it. And while professional packers deal with your items, feel free to explore your new home even more. Moving from Burke to Reston will be the beginning of a wonderful chapter in your life, and there is no reason to be anxious about it. Just focus on your priorities and let your new community help you adapt better. You can even schedule your move just in time for national holidays and spend them with your new neighbors. Residents of Reston are extremely welcoming towards newcomers, and you will blend in in no time.


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