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    Living in a medium-sized city such as Burke certainly has its advantages. Still, if you want to experience living somewhere else, but not too far away, you might consider moving from Burke to Springfield. Whatever the reason for your desire to move, some of the best movers Burke VA has to offer will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about relocating to Springfield from Burke in the future.

    Major similarities and differences between Burke and Springfield

    Before hiring any of the movers Fairfax VA has to offer for moving from Bruke to Springfield, keep in mind that this is a local move. There are around 7 miles between these cities, so it would take you only some 15 minutes to go from Bruke to Springfield and another way around. But why do people move if the cities are so close? No matter how close or how similar two cities are, there will always be differences. And sometimes those small things can impact people’s lives by a huge margin.

    A skyline of a small city on a sunny day
    All cities have their own special charm, no matter how closely located they are.

    Burke is a small city in Fairfax County with a population of approximately 44077 people. Over the last few years, a steady stream of new residents moving in has not shown any signs of stopping. At the same time, the city’s population has influenced growth in other areas. Meanwhile, Springfield is a city that started off with only a handful of residents. However, it has steadily grown over time to 31117 residents. Even though the number is lower than Burke’s, this has advantages. Especially in recent years when Springfield has started to gain attention due to the living conditions it offers. So why is moving from Burke to Springfield something people are quite curious about in recent years?

    Consider the cost of living when moving from Burke to Springfield

    Of course, when moving there are many things we need to take into consideration. For example, we need to find the best movers Springfield VA can offer us. However, there are more tasks to be completed as well, such as packing, changing schools, and jobs, and so much more. But, there are also some things that should be looked into before moving, as they will affect your whole life after the deed is done. One of the most important factors to look into is living costs!

    A man counting money prior to moving from Burke to Springfield
    Moving from Burke to Springfield will affect our living costs. So make sure to look into them before the move.

    The median household income in Burke is around $132,066, which is much higher than the national average of $53,482. Meanwhile, in Springfield households on average earn $89,516.So why do people look for Northern Virginia movers and decide to move to Springfield if they’d earn less? The answer might be that Springfield has lower costs of living, from housing to transportation. The commute time is also lower here, and residents are a bit younger.

    The accommodation you can find in both cities

    After asking around and comparing cities and cost of living, it’s time to find a proper accommodation. In order to move, picking out our new home is one of the biggest challenges we face. But is the price we are paying now similar to the one we will face after the move? This question may not seem important, but if we are not prepared, our budget may suffer in the future. The average home price in Burke is $642,919. On the other hand, if you also wish to buy a home after moving to Springfield, you will require around $621,423. That means homes are slightly more affordable in Springfield, even though both numbers are higher than the national average.

    A woman selling a home
    Finding a suitable home on time is one of the most important aspects of moving.

    Of course, you always have the option of renting! Although purchasing a home has more benefits, sometimes we can’t afford it. And that is perfectly fine! In order to rent a home in Burke, you’d need around $2,100 per month to live in a one-bedroom apartment. So is the average rent in Springfield the same? Actually, it’s cheaper! The rent here for the same apartment would be around $1,750. This is quite surprising to people given the small difference in prices of real estate. But it is still a good deal, as you will pay a lower price than you did prior to the move.


    One of the main factors that influence people to move is education. Many families move in order to find better options for schools and colleges that their kids will require. As education is the main influence that helps a person shape their mind and future, it is no wonder many parents sacrifice in order to move. When it comes to Burke, the education level is average. The schools do their best with the resources provided to them. But still, many parents decide it is not good enough for their child.

    On the other hand, moving from Burke to Springfield offers a somewhat better education. Although it was rated average, it has shown stable development over the last few years. The people working in these schools also do their best to improve the school’s environment and reputation. Slowly, the average school rating here is rising, and it is speculated to rise even more in the future. And that alone is a reason good enough to move for some parents.

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