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    When you’re relocating with children, you need to plan for everything in order to stay on top of your game. There are tons of things that you need to think about like income, schools, job opportunities, the distance between the places, and the move itself. It is vital for you to be as serious as possible when doing this. So, before you start looking for moving companies northern VA to help you with the move, make sure you learn everything about the best way for moving from Centerville to Alexandria.

    What are the most important factors to consider when relocating with a family?

    Moving with a family is a moment when you want to make all the right decisions. This is the time when you have to make sure that everything is okay. It is vital for you to consider all the important aspects. Relocating with a family is much different than moving alone. Priorities are much different, and here are some of the most important ones you want to keep in mind when relocating to Alexandria from Centerville:

    • housing and everyday costs
    • recreational activities
    • schools in the area

    Housing and everyday costs in Alexandria

    Of course, money is important to think about when moving from Centerville to Alexandria. You want the best conditions so that you can raise your children the right way. The median home value in Alexandria, VA, is $592,511, which is above the national average. Still, keep in mind that you’re moving to a place with opportunities, so this should not be that big of a problem. On the other hand, if you choose to rent, the price starts at $1,765 for a studio. However, this is quite small if you are organizing the relocation with kids. For a 2-bedroom apartment, you will pay $2,403, which is quite a good number.

    houses in a suburb
    Housing in Alexandria is great for people with families

    Everyday costs are important too when relocating to Alexandria from Centerville. On average, a family of four can expect to spend around $5,579 monthly, without rent. This may be too much for you but you need to look at the bigger picture. You are moving to a place with over 130,000 residents where more and more people are coming every day. If this looks appealing to you, you should definitely start looking for movers Alexandria VA to help you with the transition.

    Recreational activities

    When changing places of residence, especially when going from a smaller place like Centerville to Alexandria, it is vital to talk about the things that you can do outside of work and school. Well, if you choose the city of Alexandria as your new place of residence, you and your kids will have tons of things to do. There are a ton of parks you can go to, like Oronoco Bay Park, Harborside Park, Jones Point Park, Tide Lock Park, and many others.

    people hiking after moving from Centerville to Alexandria
    You want a place with places for recreation when going with a family

    On the other hand, if all of you are more adventurous, there are plenty of trails where you can spend your time. Some of the most popular trails in Alexandria are Rock Creek Trail, Mount Vernon Trail, Custis Trail, Potomac Heritage Trail, etc. What we want to prove to you right now is that the choice of coming from Centerville to Alexandria is the right one if you want to enjoy more green places!

    Alexandria school system is great

    When moving with kids to another place, it is vital to think about your kids’ education. In today’s world, it is quite important, and you have to be serious about it. The great thing is that Alexandria’s schools are some of the best in the state. There are 219 schools in total, and some of the best in the area are Island Creek Elementary School, Waynewood Elementary School, and Bush Hill Elementary School. The good thing is that all the other schools are great as well, so you should not have to worry about your kids’ education.

    books in various colors
    The school system in Alexandria, VA is great

    Is it worth moving from Centerville to Alexandria?

    You need to understand the differences between the two places when relocating with a family. Centerville is a smaller place than Alexandria but also a great fit. It is a family-oriented community with lots of opportunities for families. Schools in this area are also excellent, and your children will undoubtedly receive an education that will prepare them to continue on their own. However, if you want more, Alexandria is the right choice for you. The best thing is that it is very close to Centerville. There are only 21 miles that you have to cover. This is basically a local relocation, where local movers VA will be more than enough to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

    Find moving help when relocating to Alexandria from Centerville with kids

    Even though the distance is not that great between these two cities, since you are moving with a family, you want everything to go according to plan. Of course, you want to make sure that the movers you hire have the experience. You do not want any surprises to happen during your relocation. That is why you want to make a thorough check of movers Centreville VA that you intend to move you. Read some of the experiences that the previous customers have written about. It will help you a lot when making the final decision!

    Life in Alexandria is going to be great

    Making a decision for moving from Centerville to Alexandria is the right one. You will see, Alexandria is one of the best cities in Virginia for people that want to raise their families the right way. So, give it a chance and you will see why we say this. Our goal was to give you all the important aspects of doing this and we hope that we have succeeded!


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