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    There are many things to think about before you relocate to your new home. Luckily, if you are moving from Manassas to Reston, it won’t be a significant change for you. After all, these two cities are in the same state and are about a half-hour’s drive from one another. To organize your move and get it done successfully, you just need to find some of the trusted movers Virginia has to offer. Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about moving to Reston and the similarities and differences between these two cities.

    What you should know when moving from Manassas to Reston

    If you are moving to Reston, there is no doubt that this is a wonderful place to live. Reston is located in Fairfax County, Virginia, and it was founded in 1964 by Robert E. Simon. The city was a planned community and a first modern post-war community. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular cities in Fairfax County. The city has it all, green scenery, parks and lakes, beautiful residential neighborhoods, and shopping and dining places. That’s why you won’t make a mistake if you hire movers Manassas VA residents highly recommend and move to this lovely community. Meanwhile, you should find out more about the:

    • Which neighborhood to choose when moving from Manassas to Reston
    • Cost of living
    • What to visit in your new city
    • How to prepare for the relocation
    a family moving from Manassas to reston
    No matter which neighborhood you choose, you will love living in Reston.

    Where to find a home in Reston

    When it comes to finding the best neighborhood in Reston, you can’t really make a mistake there. Wherever you decide to look for your home, it will be just perfect. No matter who you ask, they will all tell you that their neighborhood is the best, and they are not wrong at all. The architecture in Reston is rich and planned to the finest detail, and some of the world’s most famous architects worked on it. No matter where you are in Reston, you will be close enough to Toll Road and Dulles Airport. If you need to choose the neighborhood somehow, keep in mind that the most desirable areas of Reston are in the northeast, but more affordable homes are in the northwest.

    Neighborhoods in Reston

    North Reston offers you a variety of homes, from small condominiums to big residential houses, in different styles, modern, and contemporary. However, if you’d like to live in the downtown area, consider Central Reston, which includes Reston Town Center, Lake Anne, and Uplands. Reston Town Center is a busy area with a wide range of restaurants, shopping places, a movie theatre, and places where all events are happening throughout the year. This part is for those who like living in the urban environment. In Lake Anne, you can mostly find townhomes and condominiums. There are some single-family homes along Fairway Drive, as well. If you are a golf lover, you can find a golf course here – Hidden Creek Country Club. And finally, Uplands is a place to be if you’d like to live in a townhouse and be surrounded by lots of green space.

    houses by the lake
    No matter which neighborhood you choose, you will love it.

    South Reston is home to two of the four Reston lakes: Lake Thoreau and Lake Audubon. Here you can find the Walker Nature Education Center as well. You have a place to enjoy nature, and you have South Lakes Village Center for shopping. There is a variety of housing here, from condominiums to luxury waterfront homes. As soon as you decide, get in touch with local movers in northern VA to help you relocate and settle down. Then you can enjoy everything Reston has to offer. However, it’s best if you visit all the parts of Reston and make your choice. 

    Cost of living in Reston

    One thing you should take into consideration when moving is the cost of living. In Reston, the cost of living is considered fairly high compared to other cities in the US. The average home costs around $568,015, which is much more than the state average. However, when comparing Manassas and Reston, there is no big difference. Both are ranked 15 out of 273 cities in the US in terms of cost of living.

    money, calculator and notes
    Plan your budget well before the relocation.

    Reston is slightly more expensive here, but it still attracts a lot of people with its greenery, restaurants, and world-class schools. These two cities are connected by bus (line 574), and it is an hour and a half drive, or you can go by train. The quickest way is by car—it’s a thirty-minute drive. So, whenever you feel homesick, you can get to Manassas quickly.

    Prepare for moving from Manassas to Reston

    The most important thing is to plan your relocation well so you can avoid unnecessary headaches. First of all, decide what to take with you. This is an ideal moment for decluttering. Get rid of all the things you do not need anymore. The next step is to pack your belongings. You need to have enough packing materials, such as packing paper, tape, bubble bags, and some tools. If this is too much for you, your best option is to look for reliable moving companies Reston VA residents recommend. With the right movers at your side, the relocation will be smooth. It is just important to communicate well with them. Give them precise instructions, ask for a moving estimate, and, in the end, put everything on paper.

    Even though moving from Manassas to Reston may seem easy and not much of a change, it is still a project that should be tackled properly. To make that happen, do not hesitate to hire a trusted moving company. It will be easier; you will settle in faster and be able to enjoy your new home.


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