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    People move all the time, for different reasons. Some move for job opportunities, some to start a family, and others for school. However, all these reasons usually have one thing in common – people are looking to move to a place that will make their life better. The movers Virginia have helped many people in their search for a better life, and plenty of them decided to relocate to Falls Church. If you’re also one of those people moving from McLean to Falls Church in the future, here’s what you can expect!

    What was living in McLean like?

    Just 10 miles from Washington, DC, located in Fairfax County is the beautiful city of McLean. This city is home to more than 50,000 people, most of which are high-ranking government officials. Therefore, it’s not a surprise McLean is one of the most affluent cities in the country. On top of that, this city also has a rich history, spanning back some six centuries. The schools are said to be above average, the community quite close, and the nature surrounding it gorgeous.

    A couple happy because they are moving from McLean to Falls Church
    Moving from McLean to Falls Church is a happy occasion for some people because it’s a new beginning.

    These are just some of the reasons many people moved here with the help of moving companies McLean VA residents recommended to them. Still, keeping in mind how high the costs of living in McLean are, plenty of people consider leaving this city as well. And while they’re at it, moving from McLean to Falls Church seems like the right choice.

    What to expect when moving to Falls Church

    In comparison to McLean and other cities Falls Church is a lot smaller. In fact, since it’s the smallest city in Virginia by area, it got the nickname “The Little City”. However, moving to this city with about 14,000 residents has many benefits. It seems most people moving to Falls Church want to get away from the fast-paced and noisy life of a big city. But at the same time, it’s not too far away from big cities like Arlington and Washington D.C. If this seems interesting to you as well, consider contacting movers Falls Church VA residents will recommend you, and they will gladly help you move here. And moving from McLean to Falls Church will let you enjoy the peaceful, quiet, and relaxing vibe of this small town.

    Education differences you will experience after moving from McLean to Falls Church

    In McLean, you will find five public elementary schools, one public middle school, two public high schools, and eight private schools. The education offered to your kids is above average, and the teachers working there give their best to make sure kids are being taken care of. So what can you and your children expect after moving from McLean to Falls Church?

    A girl smileing in school
    Many families move in order to offer their kids the best education possible.

    You might be surprised to find out that not only does Falls Church doesn’t fall behind any bigger cities, it actually leads the way! It is actually ranked first among all schools in the whole state of Virginia. That alone is reason enough why some families pack up and look for moving services Northern VA moving companies offer.

    Housing costs make a huge difference!

    We already said that McLean is one of the most affluent cities in the country. And if you didn’t believe us, you will after seeing the average home prices. That being said, the average home value is $1,019,400! That is quite a lot when comparing it with the national average home price of $204,900. Moreover, an average resident in McLean spends $3,088 a month on rent.

    A home during a summer day
    Home prices play a big role in people’s decision to move.

    On the other hand, after moving from McLean to Falls Church you will still notice that in comparison to some other cities in the county, it is also pricy. But it is a lot less than in McLean. Here the average home value is $757,300, which is also much higher than the national average. The average home built in 1939 is priced at around $936,200, while the homes built in 2014 or later are worth around $1,557,700. Meanwhile, if you plan to rent, expect to pay more or less $1,860 a month.

    Is moving from McLean to Falls Church worth it?

    If you want to know if moving from McLean to Falls Church is worth it, then we can tell you our opinion. This is something that will change depending on who you ask! Personal preferences are the only reason why we can’t tell you for sure. You would need to find your own answer on your own. But what we can tell you is that they both have something to offer. McLean offers great activities, high-end restaurants, good cafes, a tight-knit community, and a highly desirable neighborhood. Some of the richest people in the country live there making this small city extremely pricy! So pricy in fact its the most expensive place to live in the whole county.

    On the other hand, Falls Church is cheaper. Although it is still expensive in comparison to other places, it’s much more affordable than McLean. At the same time, it offers the best education and people that will welcome you with their hands wide open. A gorgeous location close to big cities and far enough to keep its special charm and small-town appeal. So many people come here to escape the big city crowds and raise kids. So moving from McLean to Falls Church is not a bad idea, and you’ll see that soon enough.

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