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    Making the decision to relocate is never easy, and it should never be taken lightly. However, there are many reasons why people choose to do so. Fortunately, with reliable services like Fairfax Transfer and Storage, the logistics of the move can be streamlined, allowing you to focus on the adventure of starting anew in a different environment. Whatever drives you to consider this kind of change, you should consider all the facts before making the final decision. Those who are moving from McLean to Mount Vernon are about to discover key differences between these two cities. With that information, they can decide whether this relocation is what they really want and what they can expect from their new hometown.

    Both cities have interesting stories to tell about their pasts

    McLean is located near the nation’s capital. Because of that, it has been a witness to numerous historical events. Over the years, it has grown from a rural community to a modern suburb. These are the highlights of its past:

    • It was established as a community in the early 20th century.
    • Proximity to CIA headquarters made it a home for many government officials.
    • It has grown and developed the most after World War II.

    Mount Vernon, on the other hand, is synonymous with early American history, primarily because of:

    • George Washington’s plantation.
    • Its role during the Revolutionary War.
    • Preservation efforts to maintain its historical integrity.
    one of the rooms with green walls and elegant dining room setting in George Washington's plantation one can live near after moving from McLean to Mount Vernon
    Mount Vernon is famous for being home to George Washington’s plantation.

    People of all backgrounds are welcome in these cities

    McLean is often characterized by its affluent community. It houses a mix of professionals, many of whom work in nearby Washington, D.C., or in the tech corridors of Northern Virginia. The area’s demographics reflect a blend of cultures, making it a multicultural community. In order to honor its diversity, McLean hosts an annual international festival, drawing thousands to celebrate global cultures.

    Mount Vernon community is also very diverse with people of a large number of backgrounds part of it. The median age in this city is the mid-30s, which is slightly lower than the national average. This should be good news for young professionals who are looking to expand their social circle. Interestingly, Mount Vernon’s community gardens are proof of its residents’ commitment to sustainability and local produce.

    Top-notch education vs. holistic and environmentally friendly approach to learning

    McLean prides itself on its educational institutions, boasting some of the top-rated schools in Virginia. The emphasis on education is evident in the resources allocated to schools and the active participation of parents in educational activities. In contrast, Mount Vernon offers a mix of public and private institutions, each fostering a strong sense of community engagement. The schools here are known for their emphasis on holistic education, integrating academics with extracurriculars. A lesser-known fact is that a school in Mount Vernon was among the first in the region to introduce an environmental science program, reflecting the community’s commitment to sustainability and nature conservation.

    a poster with planet Earth on it and the inscription that says "one world"
    One of Mount Vernon’s schools was the first in the region to introduce environmental science as a subject.

    Mount Vernon offers a bigger range of different housing options

    McLean is known for its upscale neighborhoods, which is the reason for the higher property values. Those who can afford luxury homes and estates can surely find them in this area. As families and professionals move in and out of these residences, the demand for reputable movers in McLean VA has seen a steady increase, ensuring smooth transitions for new and departing residents.

    Contrary to this luxury-oriented real estate market, the situation is a bit more affordable in Mount Vernon. This area offers a broader range of housing options. You can find historic homes reminiscent of early American architecture, newer developments that cater to modern tastes, and everything in between. The diversity in housing also means a variety of price points, making it accessible for different income brackets.

    Moving from McLean to Mount Vernon means daily rides along the Potomac River

    McLean’s proximity to major highways like I-495 offers easy access to the broader Northern Virginia and D.C. areas, though traffic can be dense. Mount Vernon, accessible by the George Washington Memorial Parkway, provides scenic drives along the Potomac. Both cities cater to those relying on public transportation, and for package needs, reliable delivery service Northern Virginia options serve both areas efficiently. Whether prioritizing scenic routes or connectivity, it is certain you will not have problems moving around regardless of whether you decide to go through with moving from McLean to Mount Vernon or not.

    This relocation means replacing the luxurious lifestyle with relaxed living in harmony with nature

    With its upscale shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, and modern amenities, McLean offers a lifestyle that caters to those who enjoy the finer things in life. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., also provides residents with an enormous number of cultural and recreational activities in the nation’s capital.

    Rich in parks, trails, and historical sites, Mount Vernon provides a more laid-back lifestyle. The presence of George Washington’s plantation and the serene views of the Potomac River make it a haven for many. As the reputable movers Mount Vernon VA is home to often point out, many have chosen this city primarily for the relaxing way of life that is possible there.

    In essence, while McLean offers a busy, modern lifestyle, Mount Vernon provides a peaceful retreat with deep historical roots. Both cities, however, promise a great experience for their residents.

    a field of tulips
    After moving from McLean to Mount Vernon will give you the opportunity to live a lifestyle that is more in harmony with nature.

    McLean’s safety profile is a bit better than the one of Mount Vernon

    Generally, McLean is proud of its low crime rates. And it owes these positive statistics to:

    • Active community watch programs.
    • Proximity to several police and fire stations.
    • Well-lit streets and public areas.

    In fact, McLean’s safety initiatives have led to it being ranked among the top safest cities in Virginia in various surveys.

    As opposed to the impeccable data McLean boasts, the diverse neighborhoods of Mount Vernon have varied safety profiles. Important aspects to note are:

    • Community policing efforts.
    • Regular safety awareness campaigns.
    • Collaboration with local schools for safety programs.

    You should know that Mount Vernon’s community outreach programs have been recognized for fostering strong police-community relationships and enhancing the overall safety of the area.

    Should you stay or should you go?

    Clearly, both of these cities offer unique experiences and lifestyles. However, every individual may have a different answer to the question of whether moving from McLean to Mount Vernon is a good idea. From educational excellence to rich community engagement, the choice between them hinges on personal preferences and priorities. As with any move, it’s essential to embrace the journey, cherish the memories of the past, and look forward to the new adventures that await in your chosen destination.

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