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    Typically, people think about large, well-known cities when they plan to start a new chapter of their life in a different place. Although Woodbridge is not a metropolis, more and more people decide to settle down right there with the help of moving companies DC area. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why is Woodbridge regarded as one of the best locations to live in Northern Virginia. If you want to check them out yourself, and you’re considering moving from McLean to Woodbridge, here’s what you need to know!

    Things to know about Woodbridge before moving there

    Woodbridge is a lovely city in Prince William Country, located on the confluence of Potomac and Occoquan River. This is an attractive location to live in, as the lovely riverfront communities provide a mix of single-family houses, condominiums, and townhomes. Currently, about 45,000 people live here, while some of them commute 20 miles to Washington D.C. for work. The commute is made even easier since Route 1 and I-95 pass directly through Woodbridge.

    A city in Virginia
    Before you decide to move to Woodbridge, make sure to explore the place and its advantages.

    You won’t run out of things to do or people to meet once you relocate to the city of Woodbridge. Residents and visitors can take advantage of a number of attractions in Woodbridge, including visiting Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center and Rippon Lodge, the oldest mansion in Prince William County. Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy spending time in Veteran’s Park and Leesylvania State Park, which offer various swimming, boating, picnicking, and hiking opportunities. Meanwhile, nature lovers will love visiting the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge to see a variety of plants and animals, including bald eagles and ospreys, in their native habitat.

    What is life in Woodbridge like as compared to life in McLean?

    As you probably already know, McLean is one of the most affluent places places in Virginia. Given the area’s educational opportunities, recreational areas, notable residents, and historical importance, this place might be a good place to live. However, high costs of living in McLean are pushing people to find another place to live. Namely, the median house price here amounts to more than $1,142,500, while it takes almost $2000 to rent a studio. Groceries, utilities and transportation are also expensive, so most people cannot afford McLean lifestyle.

    A couple considering the advantages of moving from McLean to Woodbridge
    If you are worried about whether moving from McLean to Woodbridge is a good idea, make sure to consider the crucial advantages.

    While the costs of living in Woodbridge are also above the national average, they’re much lower than in McLean. The home prices are on the rise, however, you could buy a house in Woodbridge for about $408,100. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that local movers VA have their hands full moving people from McLean to Woodbridge.

    Main reasons more and more people move to Woodbridge

    For families looking for more space than in larger, more densely populated cities, living in Woodbridge can be wonderful. There are many other advantages of living there. These include the cost of living, safety, and education. To begin with, the cost of living is a key factor to take into account when deciding where to relocate. Moreover, Woodbridge’s overall crime rates are lower than both the national and state averages. Violent crimes are not as common as they are in other places in Virginia. Property crimes like theft and arson can happen occasionally but have a tendency to be less frequent, too. If you have decided to move to Woodbridge to raise a family, rest assured that this place is quite safe. Therefore, it will be an excellent home for you and your loved ones! The only thing that you will need to do to enjoy this amazing city is to hire moving companies McLean VA to handle your relocation. These experts will take you from McLean to Woodbridge safely and easily!

    Consider hiring moving experts when moving from McLean to Woodbridge

    If your moving day is coming up, you probably already feel worried and stressed about it. Moving from McLean to Woodbridge does not have to be stressful and challenging. Although it’s hard to plan a move while dealing with your other obligations, if you set aside time to pack and prepare to move your stuff, the move will be a breeze. Even though you might be into handling a DIY move, rest assured that there are many reasons to think about hiring a moving company. Movers Woodbridge VA are true experts who will satisfy all your needs. One of the qualities you should look for in your ideal moving company is commitment. Fairfax Transfer and Storage values total commitment to work as one of the most important attributes that movers should have.

    a man next to a computer thinking about moving from McLean to Woodbridge
    Moving from McLean to Woodbridge will be easy and smooth if you think carefully about hiring the right moving partners to relocate your belongings.

    Final thoughts

    People moving from McLean to Woodbridge will surely make the right decision! Living in Woodbridge has many benefits, especially for families with children and outdoor enthusiasts. The city also offers its residents a chance for living among history, enjoying fantastic events, and having welcoming neighbors. Additionally, it is easy to travel from Woodbridge to other areas. Therefore, if you’re going there soon, you’ll have plenty to do and won’t have any issues integrating. Hopefully, this relocation guide should assist you in settling in and feeling at home as quickly as possible.

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