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    Moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge will take you about 25 minutes to drive. Distance is short. But even when you are moving around the corner, you have to complete many things. So, despite the short relocation distance, you have to give yourself some time for preparations. After all, there is no way you can make a reliable moving calendar without hiring Fairfax Movers VA. According to their experience, the usual period for a local relocation is about 8 weeks. Of course, unless you have to move on short notice. Eight weeks may look too early. However, you will need time to check the moving companies properly. And once you hire one, you will need time to complete moving preparations.

    It is important to look for the movers on time when moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge

    Soon you start planning your move, you should also decide about looking for the movers. But, when to start looking for them? The usual answer – as soon as possible, is not so helpful. It is not telling you why. Well, if we look at this from another angle, the answer starts to make sense. First, you will have more time to properly check moving companies. You will not only have the time to check their websites. Or to read the reviews. The early start will give you time to talk to them and discuss all the relocation aspects. Also, you will have enough time to carefully study the moving contract, before signing it.

    Young couple sitting surrounded with moving boxes while planning moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge.
    Discussing your moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge.

    Also, when you are preparing for a house move, there are so many things to take care of. So, the early start will give you time to complete all the pre-move jobs. They are various, and many. You will have to take care from administrative to purchasing the moving supplies.

    What are the benefits of scheduling your relocation in advance?

    Both practice and theory are showing that booking movers eight weeks prior to the relocation is the best time. Of course, if you have that much time at your disposal. Moving house is a complex process. Having enough time, you will not need to rush. Thus, the chances are that you will not make any moving mistakes.

    As a customer, when moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge, you will have the benefits of such early booking:

    • Your moving day will be confirmed and reserved early by movers Mount Vernon VA. So, you will be able to concentrate on other moving aspects.
    • You will have on your side a professional and experienced moving crew. Since they are highly trained, they can easily resolve any moving issue. So, you can be sure that you will be provided with the best services.
    •  Finding the movers early and scheduling your move, you might easily be rewarded. Some moving companies are giving discounts to the clients who are pro-active and booking early.
    • Starting to look for movers early comes with one more benefit. You will have more moving companies to choose from. Booking early is especially good if you are moving during the peak moving times. During the busy period, reputable movers are booked months in advance. If you start looking for movers too late, your choice will be limited. And you will likely have lesser quality movers, at much higher prices.
    • Booking your move eight weeks prior to moving means less stress.
    A traffic jam.
    Moving off-season and on a weekday, you will avoid traffic jams.

    Moving season is an important factor that determines when to start looking for movers

    We have already concluded that eight weeks is the ideal time to organize moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge. It can be also done during a shorter period. Still, for the local relocation, never start searching less than 4 weeks prior to moving.

    It is also good to remember that about 65% of all moves are taking place during the summertime. That is usually the period from May until September. If you can schedule your move for the other period, it would be ideal. During the period from September to May, you can book good movers within two weeks in advance. And off-season moving discounts of moving companies Woodbridge VA are considerable.

    The size of the move and complexity of the move

    Besides the moving period, you have to take into consideration two more things:

    • How many possessions you are moving? Are you moving a 1- room apartment and 3-room house? The more things you are moving, the longer the preparation period you will need. Thus, you have to start looking for movers earlier.
    • The complexity of the move plays an important role in relocation. In case you need specialized moving supplies, or moving specialty items, the movers will also need to prepare. So, informing them early is important.

    In case you decide to book the full-moving services, you may need to start your search even earlier. The full moving service will require the additional engagement of the residential movers in Northern VA. So, regardless of a short moving distance, they will need more time to complete all preparation works.

    When is the best to schedule your move?

    If you are at liberty to choose your moving day, chose the one that will best suit you. And deciding the moving day, you can count backward. That will give you the approximate time when to start to look for good and reliable movers. 

    Belmont Bay on Occoquan River in Woodbridge.
    A white yacht docked on a harbor.

    So, this is opening the next question – how to choose the best moving day for your relocation. Here are a few points that you can take into consideration:

    • Choose a date in the off-season period. Moving is usually much cheaper at that time.
    • Avoid booking your relocation at the beginning or at the end of the month. Many renters are moving in that period. So, moving companies may be quite busy.
    • Never book your moving day on the national holidays. Also, check about festivities in Mount Vernon and Woodbridge. The last thing you need on a moving day is a traffic jam.
    • Book your relocation on a weekday. The movers will be less busy than on the weekends. Also, set the relocation during the working hours. That way, there will be no heavy traffic on the roads.

    The things that you should check when looking for a good moving company

    There are many important factors that you have to consider when preparing for moving from Mount Vernon to Woodbridge. Luckily, choosing a good moving company will make the whole process much easier. And to be sure you are contracting the right movers, you should check the companies:

    • Which are recommended by your friends, family, or colleagues
    • That have good reviews
    • Those having a successful track record
    • The ones that are licensed and insured
    • Those having transparent moving rates

    When checking companies, be very careful. Make sure to verify if a moving company is legitimate. And finally, timely starting to look for movers, will give you enough time to check their credibility.

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