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    If you’re considering moving to another city in the near future, there are many things to consider. Of course, there are many tips and tricks that will help you. Some of the best advice for moves you can get by consulting professionals, that have been in the industry for years. Also, the possibility of hiring the best moving and storage northern Virginia companies is always open. Meanwhile, here are some significant changes you and your family will notice after moving from Quantico to McLean.

    Similarities and differences between Quantico and McLean

    As you already know, the town of Quantico is very small, with only about 579 residents. You practically knew all your neighbors, and all activities in the town revolved around Marine Base and Quantico Municipal Park.  Now that you’re moving to McLean, your life is about to change significantly! Even though the city of McLean is only 60 miles away, its lifestyle is much different than the one in Quantico. Unlike the small and serine town you were used to, McLean is much bigger, and home to almost 50,000 residents. Even though the difference in size and number of residents is the easiest to notice, there are more things that won’t be the same after moving. There must be a reason why many movers Quantico VA residents recommend, have a lot of work.

    A welcome to Virginia sign on the road
    The beautiful state of Virginia is home to many breathtaking towns and cities, among which are both Quantico and McLean.

    But are there any similarities between the two? It is only natural that there are. Since McLean is very close to Washington D.C, plenty of its residents for the government, so you’ll have something in common with your new neighbors. But what should you expect moving from Quantico to McLean? Here are some of the most basic differences you should know before moving.

    Living costs to expect after moving from Quantico to McLean

    Living costs are the monthly costs you will need to cover in order to have all of your basic needs in one area. Depending on the place you decide to make your home, the cost of living may go over or under the nation/state average. When it comes to Quantico and McLean, there are obviously differences in the price you will need to pay for your monthly necessities. The cost of living in Quantico was not that high, being only 7% higher than the average. On the other side, the average household income here is  $44,815  making it quite low in comparison to the state average.

    A man counting money before moving from Quantico to McLean
    Moving from Quantico to McLean will expose you to differences when it comes to costs of living.

    Many residents driven by the big income and cost difference look for moving services northern VA companies offer, and decide to move. In comparison to Quantico, the living cost in McLean is much higher. It is safe to say it is the highest in the whole state, and some would even argue it is the highest in the nation. So why do people move here? It is because the average household income is $222,587 making it one of the highest in the state and nation!

    Housing costs differences

    One of the most basic needs of all humans is accommodation. Of course, the prices for homes are different in every area. Usually, bigger places with more residents also have apartments and houses that are more expensive. Of course, this doesn’t always need to be the case. There are some areas in the nation that are smaller but quite expensive. Although those areas over time become places that only the rich and famous can afford. So what is the accommodation difference you will notice after moving to McLean?

    A man placing the "Home for sale" sign
    Finding a new home is something all of us need to do, although deciding between buying and renting is not always easy.

    For starters, in Quantico, the average home is priced at around $307,475. In comparison to that, the average cost of a single-family residence in McLean is around $1,207,693, making it much more expensive than Quantico. Of course, this is to be expected when looking at the huge differences in salaries. If you decide that renting is for you, then you should know that the average rent in Quantico is $1,670 per month, and in McLean, the average tenant pays approximately $2,089 per month.

    Education opportunities you can expect after moving to McLean

    As movers in McLean can confirm, one of the biggest reasons parents decide to move is education. For many parents, relocating from Quantico to McLean is a significant step toward their child’s future. But why is that the case? The reason lies in the fact that there are very few schools in Quantico. Although there are elementary and middle schools that are private, there are no such options for high school. So if parents are not able to afford the private option, or after the kid finishes middle school, many have to decide where the kid will go! Many choose to drive the kids to the nearby cities. On the other hand, in McLean, there are:

    • 7 public elementary schools
    • 2 public middle schools
    • 2 high schools

    And if that wasn’t enough, the city also offers private options for parents in all three of these categories. When it comes to both private and public schools here, it is safe to say that schools in McLean are all above average, offering your kids a good education.

    Is moving from Quantico to McLean for you?

    There are obvious reasons why people decide to move. But is moving from Quantico to McLean something you should do? Well, this is something you should decide for yourself. We can only assure you that it is worth it. As the job offers as well as things to do in McLean are far better than in Quantico. Of course, you are the one deciding your own fate. But looking even further into this topic may help you decide! We are quite certain that whatever you pick to do, will be the best decision for you!


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