Moving from Reston to Quantico: what to expect

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    Both places, Reston and Quantico, are the suburbs of Washington. The driving distance between them is less than an hour. However, the way of living in them is completely different. And, regardless of the short moving distance, don’t take the moving preparations lightly. The preparations have to be well organized. This is true regardless of whether you organize moving from Reston to Quantico on your own. Or if you are hiring Fairfax Movers VA to help you with relocation. Having the right moving company at your side, everything will go much easier. Also, they can help you with preparations. Especially when you have to pack some bulky things.

    Hiring the right helpers, your moving from Reston to Quantico will be easy

    With the right assistance, you will be done with preparations on time. So, you will not have unnecessary delays. Also, all your things will be properly and safely packed. And, driving from Reston to Quantico is short. So, with the right organization, you stand good chances to have a comfortable first night in your new home. You will have enough time to unpack the essentials. So, you can even prepare a nice evening meal. And resting well is important. You will need strength to unpack all your possessions. And to stage your new home by your liking.

    Beautiful hills in Virginia that you will enjoy after moving from Reston to Quantico.
    Quantico is a beautiful place for nature lovers.

    A few interesting things about Reston

    Reston was founded in 1964. The founder was influenced by the Garden City movement. His idea was to create planned, self-contained communities. The founder, Robert E. Simon, had the idea to interconnect the residential, commercial, and green areas of the town. So, he did it. Today, Reston is a nice city, offering its residents excellent living conditions. His 63,226 citizens can enjoy beautiful parks, lakes, and golf courses. There are also many restaurants and shops located in the town center.

    Moving from Reston to Quantico – what to expect in your new city

    Nestled in Prince William County, Virginia, Quantico is a mini-city, with only 542 residents. It is located about 36 miles southwest of Washington, DC. Although very small, this is an interesting place for living. It is bordered by Quantico Creek and the Potomac River. And it is in the middle of Prince William Forest Park, the largest protected natural area in the Washington, D.C. region. So, if you are a nature-oriented person, you will enjoy this interesting area. Also, the city is very safe, so it is ideal for young families. And, regardless of its small size, it has an excellent schooling system. So, soon you decide to move to this nature lovers’ paradise, give a call to movers Reston VA. And enjoy their professional and excellent services.

    Quantico is known for several more things

    In the vicinity of Quantico, you will find one of the largest U.S. Marine Corps bases, Marine Corps Base Quantico. Close to Quantico is also located the FBI Academy. Living in Quantico, you can easily visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Close by is also the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) HQ. So, although small, this is a very interesting place.

    A solder surrounded with exercising equipment.
    There are a few military installations in Quantico’s vicinity.

    Comparison of living costs between Reston to Quantico

    Living in Quantico, Virginia is 21.9% cheaper than living in Reston, Virginia. Buying a house in Quantico VA will cost you about $297,700. At the same time, the median home price in Reston VA is $552,200. The other costs are also much bigger in Reston. Only utilities and healthcare are slightly higher in Quantico.

    Median home income and main industries

    The median household income in Reston VA is $120,396. The main employing industries are professional, scientific, and technical services, public administration, health care, mining, quarrying and gas industry, forestry, agriculture, and information technologies. The median household income in Quantico is about $50,438. And the main employers are public administration, food industry, finance and insurance, real estate, and rental. However, it is also possible to get high-paid jobs in the military. In case you are working remotely, and love small places, you will appreciate the assistance of residential movers in Northern VA.

    Preparations for moving to Quantico

    Like with any other project, you will first have to make the moving plan. This means you will have to number all the tasks needed to prepare for successful moving to Quantico. Usually, you will include in the plan the following things:

    • Write down the exact moving day
    • Check and hire the most reliable moving company in the area
    • Decide if you will hire the full moving services, or do some preparations with the help of family and friends
    • Determine the moving budget
    • Check and declutter your home possessions
    • Organize selling, donating, and disposing of the surplus things
    • Sort out all the utility bills and contracts
    • Inform all the respective bodies (bank, IRS, postal office), about your address change
    • Get the good packing materials
    • Prepare the essential begs for family members

    Once you complete the moving plan, you can hire some of the best movers Quantico VA. Also, make sure to agree with them about the exact moving date.

    Church surrounded with meadow and a blooming tree.
    A picturesque church in Quantico.

    After decluttering, you can start to pack your possessions

    Sometimes, it is hard to leave behind some of your possessions. That is happening even if you were not using them for long period. But such things you don’t need in your new home. Since the houses are much cheaper in Quantico, you will probably have a lot of space. Still, it is better to buy new things. Bottom line, you can organize the yard selling off the surplus things. And all the money earned that way, you can use to get nice and new things after relocation.

    Organize packing of the possessions involving the whole family

    After getting all necessary packing materials, call for a home meeting. If some friends and relatives are helping with packing, include them too. Use the opportunity to explain how they need to pack. Make sure they understand how to properly protect and handle sensitive items. Also, advise all of them how to properly seal and label each of the moving boxes.

    With meticulous packing, all your things will safely reach your new home. Also, during the packing period, make sure that people are not wasting the time. That way, all your things will be ready on a moving day. And the movers will not lose precious time waiting if you are late with preparations.

    Starting a new life in picturesque Quantico

    Moving from Reston to Quantico has been successfully completed. With the right helpers and reliable movers, the moving day was easy. So, you could fast recover from packing time and stage your nice, new home. Now is time to find more about your new place. Learning by reading about one of the best communities in VA can help. But visiting the interesting places in Quantico will make a much stronger impression.

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