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    You’ve decided on moving to Arlington after getting married. Regardless of where you come from, it’s a life-changing step. Both you and your partner should anticipate the changes living together brings. And at times it may seem overwhelming. But keep in mind to keep communication channels open the whole time. Also, remember that you two will often need to compromise. Think of moving in together as one of the first challenges you’ll face as spouses. Luckily, you don’t need to do everything on your own with this one. Consult movers Arlington VA to assist you with this transition. And read on to learn what else to consider before relocating to Arlington after your wedding day.

    The perks of moving in together in Arlington after getting married

    To be fair, moving in with the love of your life requires plenty of planning, coordination, stress, and money. But the upside of moving in together outweighs the troubles. Firstly because Fairfax Transfer & Storage are there to ease your transition to Arlington after being married. Next, you finally get to spend more time together. You’ll be there to support one another every day. You’re also in for many financial benefits. For example, shared rent, bills, and groceries. Plus, you won’t be spending time and money on commuting to see each other anymore. Arlington offers a great variety of activities for couples as well. There’s a lot of bars and restaurants where you can spend romantic evenings at. And there are just as many parks and coffee shops for you to discover on your free days.

    A room full of boxes and a couple smiling
    There are so many things to look forward to upon moving to Arlington after getting married

    Make important decisions about downsizing

    First and foremost, get on the same page with your spouse before moving in together. Moving is largely about the stuff we own. Most likely you’ll find duplicates between your two apartments – two teapots, two armchairs. Or you’ll find things you don’t want anymore. As a team, figure out what works for both of you. Before you move to Arlington as newlyweds, look at the stuff in both of your apartments and figure out:

    • what you have;
    • what you’re keeping;
    • and what you’re selling, donating, or tossing.

    You really shouldn’t skip or put off this step until after the move. Because everything you keep elevates the cost of the move. Plus, all that stuff is going to need to fit into your new home.

    Keep with you while relocating to Arlington after getting married

    Remember, everything you keep increases the cost of your move and the amount of square footage needed in the new property. If you’re hiring delivery service Northern Virginia, the price you’ll be quoted will be based on weight. This means the heavier the load, the more expensive it’ll be to move. Newlyweds moving to Arlington together should try to be sensitive to their partner’s emotional attachment to their belongings. You’re a mistake to think the pre-move purge is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your spouse’s ugly or seemingly useless stuff. It’s normal that you feel that way about some items. But in that case, use gentle suggestions and open communication.

    Sell/Donate/Toss before the move to Arlington after tying the knot

    Are you’re considering trying to sell used items? Start the process as early as possible to increase the chances of selling them before moving day. Avoid delaying your decision to get rid of items just to see whether they might fit in the new apartment. Paying movers to move stuff you ultimately won’t keep is a waste of money. Letting go of some possessions can be painful, but it can also be liberating. Think of it as making room for a new life in Arlington with your partner.

    A couple packing their items before moving
    Be sensitive to the other person’s emotional attachment to their belongings while downsizing

    Be sure to follow a calendar countdown

    Create a step-by-step timeline for relocating to Arlington after getting married. It’ll be incredibly helpful and a time-saving. You can create a personalized moving countdown with the following steps:

    • packing – Plan how much time you have to devote to packing all your belongings. However, you can skip this step by hiring packing service in Northern Virginia. You should do this especially if you own fragile items.
    • updated address – Once settled in Arlington, you’ll want to send your updated address. Make a list of everyone you need to notify personally and professionally.
    • utilities – When you’ve moved, contact utility companies. These are typically water, gas, internet, and electricity.
    • documents – Don’t forget to collect important documents. Choose a new primary care provider in Arlington and send your medical records to their office.
    • post-move – Finally, once you’ve moved, you have only a few weeks to get a new driver’s license and register your car. At the same time, you can also update your voter registration.
    A couple unpacking their stuff
    Reduce the stress of moving by creating a plan of action with your spouse and sticking to it

    Use unpacking as a way to create your first great memories upon moving to Arlington after getting married

    Don’t let the unpacking process drag on. Set aside time to unpack with your partner. After moving in together, put on a playlist. Then experiment with furniture placement and put up pictures from your wedding. You can also buy some flowers or statement pieces both of you love. Make the most of unpacking together in your newlywed Arlington home. Throw a glance at this advice before moving in together to keep the good atmosphere.

    Make your new house/apartment into a home

    There are many ways to do this. Start by filling your place with photos of you as a couple. Hang art that you like and decorate every room together. This way you’re creating a home that is a reflection of your relationship. Create your own traditions and celebrate milestones upon moving to Arlington after getting married. Once you have properly settled, don’t be a stranger. Consider hosting a housewarming party. Nothing will make your new living space feel like home as welcoming loved ones.

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