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    Whether you’re relocating because of a new job opportunity or because you just like the notion of changing things up, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know about your relocation to Fort Belvoir. Regardless of your motivation, we are sure you will like this change. You could as well think about hiring expert movers in Virginia to help you be at ease. When determining which cities are best for your personality, level of success in life, and personal preferences, there are numerous factors to consider. Climate, cost of living, neighborhood, employment opportunities, demographics of the people, and activities and things to do must be taken into consideration.  Moving to Fort Belvoir will not be an issue, as there are a lot of pros to living there. Keeping this in mind, we’d provide you with a complete moving guidance in this article.

    9 Things to consider when moving to Fort Belvoir

    About 20 miles south of Washington, D.C., in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, is where you’ll find Fort Belvoir. It is most recognized for a number of key American military organizations. Here you’ll find more land for the money and a lovely, tight-knit community. So, moving to Fort Belvoir will give you a nice balance between rural places and larger suburban neighborhoods. However, you must plan carefully if you want to get the most out of your move. As such, you will need to learn more about your new place and get ready for the move. The following are the most crucial details concerning moving to Fort Belvoir that you need to be aware of:

    packed box and suitcases for moving to Fort Belvoir
    You must plan carefully if you want to get the most out of your move

    Population and demographics

    With a state population growth rate of 0.4% over the previous year and 2.7% over the previous five years, the population of Fort Belvoir has reached 7,850 residents. It is the 154th most populous city in the state. There are around 1700 families residing there, and there are 809.9 individuals per square mile in the area. Many young individuals in their 20s live in the city. In the city, 20 is around the median age. The average family size, including kids and parents, is 4.0 people. On a nationwide scale, Fort Belvoir scores 2157, which is above the norm for diversity, and on a state scale, it ranks 33, which is above the typical for that state. The balance between male and female residents is good, with males making up 53.6% and females 46.4%.

    A city should also be diverse. There are several cultures and religions present. Residents should feel welcome wherever in the city. A terrific place to live is in a city that satisfies all of these requirements. Residential movers in Northern VA can help you relocate if this is a town for you. When it comes to ethnicity, here is the situation:

    • White (Non-Hispanic) – 52.2%
    • African American (Non-Hispanic) – 19.8%
    • Multiracial (Non-Hispanic) – 11.8%
    • White (Hispanic) – 6.8%
    • Asian (Non-Hispanic) – 4.25%
    • Other (Hispanic) – 2.39%
    • Multiracial (Hispanic) – 1.28%
    • Pacific Islanders (Non-Hispanic) – 0.78%


    If you’re going to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, you can expect to experience humid, subtropical weather. There are four distinct seasons that you can enjoy, with warm summers and pleasant winters. Even though it gets chilly at night, Fort Belvoir’s springtime days are pleasant. A wonderful approach to adapting to the changing temperatures throughout the day is to dress in layers. For those rainy spring days, an umbrella and a raincoat might also be necessary. If you’re not used to the humidity, Virginia’s summers might be difficult to acclimatize to because they are hot and muggy. Thankfully, the relief comes on cooler nights, and you can stay cool by wearing light clothing and colors.

    boots and umbrella on the road while raining
    There are four distinct seasons that you can enjoy, with warm summers and pleasant winters

    Fort Belvoir has a vibrant and chilly fall. You won’t want to miss the colorful display the leaves put on, but by October, you’ll be packing a jacket every time you leave the house. To keep comfortable all day, dress in layers. Despite the moderate winters at Fort Belvoir, you might experience a few snow days while you’re here on tour. You can stay warm even when Jack Frost pays you a visit by dressing in warm winter attire. Warmth can be retained by wearing winter coats, fleece sweaters and pullovers, wool socks, gloves, and tightly knit hats. For Fort Belvoir, the average annual snowfall is roughly 17 inches. Your family will love it here, so hire the packing service northern Virginia and start your new life as soon as possible!

    Housing costs

    The average house in Fort Belvoir is now worth $734,452, an increase of 7.7% since last year. However, most people rent. An apartment in Fort Belvoir costs, on average, $2,034 per month. Here are more details about how much you would need to pay on average for renting a place based on its size:

    Costs of living

    Fort Belvoir’s cost of living is 38.5% more than the national average. It is ranked 15 out of 273 US cities for cost of living. The average household income in Fort Belvoir was $86,524 in 2021. Nevertheless, 5.2% of Fort Belvoir families are poor. Here is a more detailed review of how much life would cost annually for an average family of 4:

    All this brings us to a total amount of 111.000$. If this is acceptable to you, you should definitely hire professional movers Fort Belvoir VA, and start packing.


    The ranking for education and schools in Fort Belvoir is “D+,” which is still above average but need improvement on a state and national level. This region has average enrollment rates, teacher to student ratios, graduation rates across the board, however there may be some gaps in certain areas. When it comes to student achievement, school growth, and bridging the gaps, school districts that obtained a “D+” rating are below average or below average. These school systems are, nonetheless, improving and moving in the right direction. Do not be concerned if your child attends school in the Fort Belvoir district. Your community is not uncommon. Many school districts throughout the state and nation have received a comparable ranking. The fact that the school district is trying to get better is what matters most.

    books and tablet in the classroom
    The ranking for education and schools in Fort Belvoir is “D+,” which is still above average but needs improvement

    It is not surprising to learn that localities with well regarded public schools tend to have slightly higher house values given the ongoing demand for such places. Check out the local schools and their rankings if you have children or intend to have them in the future. Two public elementary schools in the district with B+ or above ratings are Island Creek Elementary School (ranked 164 in the state). Two public high schools in the district with grades of C or higher are Hayfield Secondary School (ranked 88 in the state). Your children will definitely not lack knowledge and proper education, so you can be at ease. Local movers northern VA can give you a hand with the relocation.

    Job opportunities

    There are numerous job opportunities available at Fort Belvoir, which has a fairly varied workforce. It was simple to work and communicate with the staff and coworkers. Fort Belvoir’s unemployment rate is 4.6%, while the national average is 6.0%. This means that you will definitely have plenty of work opportunities there. If you are relocating your own business to Fort Belvoir, commercial movers northern VA are professionals that can help you do it without stress. Here is the average annual salary by occupation for some of the most popular ones in general:



    You want to know if Fort Belvoir, Virginia is safe for you and your family if you want to relocate there either from the same country or from abroad. Long distance moving companies northern VA can do everything on your behalf if needed. One of the most crucial considerations when choosing a place to reside is safety. In comparison to other cities of similar size, the crime rate is rather low, and the city offers lots of family-friendly activities. Like any metropolis, there are, however, some parts that are riskier than others. Of fact, no city is completely crime-free. Particularly, violent crimes such as rape, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder are not as common as they are in other places. Property crime that include theft and arson tend to be lower as well. Fort Belvoir, however, is generally a secure area to live, work, and raise a family.

    a dog standing in the street
    Fort Belvoir is generally a secure area to live, work, and raise a family


    The subjective concept of quality of life can vary depending on several factors. Others may like the suburbs with its quiet streets, tranquility, and proximity to open areas and nature, while some property buyers may desire a walkable metropolis with plenty of things to do nearby. A decent journey time to their preferred weekend hangout is a dream come true for some people while the concept of being car-dependent is intolerable for others. The majority of residents in Fort Belvoir, Virginia commute alone by car, and the trip takes an average of 25.2 minutes. In Fort Belvoir, Virginia, there were typically two cars per household.

    The walk and bike scores for Fort Belvoir, Virginia are 24 and 57 respectively. Nearly all errands in Fort Belvoir demand a vehicle. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority provides public transportation in Fort Belvoir, Virginia (bus). There are 7 bus stops served by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Fort Belvoir. Additionally, this area may be a good fit if you drive an electric car and are seeking for homes close to charging facilities. In Fort Belvoir, Virginia, there are 2 level-2 charging stations at 1 electric vehicle charging location. The three major airports in the area—Reagan National, Baltimore Washington International, and Dulles International—offer thousands of domestic and international flights if driving isn’t the best option.

    Free time activities

    A neighborhood’s amenities may also have an impact on whether it’s a good place to live. You can check moving services northern Virginia if you need help with the relocation. A high walk score indicates that many places, including shops, eateries, coffee shops, schools, and more, are close by. Although by no means perfect, the results provide a good indication of “things to do” in and near those areas. Your daily lives can be greatly affected by factors like being close to food stores, restaurants, and parks. A terrific approach to get a sense of the estate and historical park at Mount Vernon is to go there during the day. From 9 am to 5 pm, the mansion and gardens are accessible for free. The annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and President’s Day Tours are only a couple of the scheduled occasions.

    girlfriends talking in the park after moving to Fort Belvoir
    Your daily lives after moving to Fort Belvoir can be greatly affected by factors like being close to food stores, restaurants, and parks

    Also, take a look at the things you can do in vicinity of Fort Belvoir. These leave from the main visitor entrance every half-hour and last for about an hour. Adult prices begin at $12, while child prices begin at $6. (ages 3-17). Bring your food and beverages if you wish to have a picnic in the park (no outside food or alcohol is allowed). The park has a number of designated picnic sites located all across it. Furtnermore, if you wish to travel further, you could explore George Washington’s house, the Mount Vernon Estate Museum, or Old Town Alexandria.

    The review of Moving to Fort Belvoir Guide

    Fort Belvoir and the surrounding area’s residents have access to year-round adventures in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, including river, bay, and ocean excursions, cultural activities of every kind, sporting events, as well as government and historic buildings to tour, thanks to its great location and distinct seasons. Festivals, museums, food, wine, and sports venues are all available. Moving to Fort Belvoir is a good choice because the best aspects of multiple lifestyles are offered by its excellent location and affordable cost of living. Do not hesitate – start packing!


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