Moving vs remodeling – which pays off more?

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    If you are asking yourself if should you remodel your home or move to a brand-new one, there is no simple answer. It really depends on many factors. You should take into consideration the financial side but also the emotional side to get your answer and decide what to do. Whatever you choose to do, be aware that it will require time, energy, and good organization. In case you decide to move, you can rely on Fairfax Transfer and Storage team to help you relocate. If not, be prepared to change your daily routine for some time due to a remodeling project in your home. Anyway, continue reading our moving vs remodeling guide and hopefully, you will find your answer, and you will choose what is best for you.

    Things to consider when thinking about moving vs remodeling

    When it comes to remodeling or moving, keep in mind that both these options take time and can be costly. So, there is no easy way but if the time has come to choose one, think about these factors before you decide:

    • moving vs remodeling – what is cheaper and what will payoff better
    • consider your emotional attachment to the home you live in
    • check the real estate market – is it a good time to sell a home
    • think about the timeline – do you have time for this, what will change it, and does this change suit you and your family
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    If you decide to move, call for help and make it easier for yourself.

    These are four important factors to think about before you make the final decision. Both options have their upsides and downsides, so take your time to think this through. One thing you should think about in advance is, if you are moving to a new home, you need to find residential movers in northern VA and book them on time. Especially if you are moving in peak season when it is difficult to find reliable movers to be available exactly when you need them. So, this is one more thing on your list to think about.

    Moving instead of remodeling – is it worth it?

    This is one tricky question. It is not just moving to a new home, there is one big process and a lot of actions to take before you come to the point where you need to pack and move. The cost of both, moving or remodeling may vary depending on the part of the country you live in, but both are expensive. So, whichever road you take, you must ensure you have the budget for it. Take your time, think about your existing home and what it means to you, what you like or dislike about your current home, and most importantly, set up your budget. Check your income and your expenses, and figure out how much money you can spend or if you need a loan for the upcoming project.

    laptop on the table
    Check the real estate market and remodeling prices to help you decide.

    If your current home can’t offer you what you need and remodeling won’t change a lot, moving is a good decision. Once you set up your budget, you should decide what to pack and buy the right packing supplies. When it comes to moving this is the tricky part, packing takes a lot of time and it requires quality packing supplies and good skills. You can make yourself a favor and look for a packing service in northern Virginia. Trusted movers can help you finish your packing quickly and offer you a lot more moving services. It can be cheaper if you do it yourself but it will definitely take more time and energy, especially if you have a lot of massive furniture that needs to be reassembled.

    Check the real estate market

    Once you figure out everything about your relocation, you will need to find a new home for you and your family. The next step is to check the real estate market. You can use websites like Zillow to help you search for the right home and to check out the prices. The majority of Americans would rather give money to upgrade an existing home than buy a new one, but everyone’s budget and needs are different. If you can’t find the right home by yourself or you need any help, consider finding a real estate agent.

    Consider your emotional attachment

    When deciding whether to move to a new home or remodel the existing one, you should think of what your home means to you and what is its non-financial value. Think about your neighborhood and how close your kid’s school is. Take into consideration the surroundings and what activities it offers to you and your family. Also, think about how close is your home to your work. In general, think about all of the comfort and benefits that your existing home offers.

    While you think about those options, consider what to do with your belongings. During the years you must have collected a lot of things and the question is if your new home will have enough place for all your items. So, thinking of finding self storage in Lorton VA is not a bad idea. There are a lot of details to think about but you should be well prepared.

    Remodeling your home

    Now when you have searched for a house to buy and you know the prices you can compare it with remodeling costs. Here are some renovation costs from the 2021 Harvard study. Adding a bathroom or updating the current bathroom can cost from $3,567 to $23,557 while upgrading your kitchen goes from $6,329 to $42,816. If you want to add a room to your home it can cost around $24,352.

    home in construction
    Check the remodeling costs and estimate if it will pay off.

    Replacing the roof cost $8,207 while installing a wooden floor will be around $3,349. In case you want to improve insulation you will need $1,921. You have some of the prices now and you can calculate what is the best option for you. Of course, prices can vary, so you can add at least 10% more to your calculation.

    Here are some guidelines to help you decide what is the better option for you – moving vs remodeling. In general, people don’t like to move and prefer modeling to relocation but it all depends on your budget, lifestyle, and your needs. Consider carefully your options and discuss them with your family. If you can’t make a decision by yourself you can always ask for help!

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