Moving your business to Northern VA: which cities to consider?

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    Making a decision to relocate your business to another place is a delicate matter. After all, you are dealing with the main source of your income. So, you definitely want to make the best possible decision for you and your family. It is crucial that you pick the right city when moving your business to Northern VA where you will have the highest chances of success. After doing this, you will also have to make all the arrangements when it comes to the moving part. Besides providing professional moving services, our movers Virginia can also help you with your decision. So, let us give you some ideas about where you can move, and what is the best way to do it.

    Moving your business to Northern VA – where to start?

    If you are not sure where to start when relocating your business to Northern VA, the obvious answer is to contact the right commercial movers Northern VA. Even if you still haven’t decided where to move, you can solve one piece of the puzzle and decide how to move. Of course, this is not that much of an easy task, so be prepared to spend some time researching moving companies. Keep in mind that relocating your business properly and safely is very important, so, take as much time as you need. There is no need for you to hurry and speed up this process!

    a white clock
    Take your time organizing the move to Virginia

    Which cities to consider when you relocate your business to Northern VA?

    Truth be told, there are many great cities where you can move your office or your business. However, it is still important to make some kind of selection so that you can make the right call. However, picking the right place is not the only decision that you need to make. With professional moving help, things will go much smoother—especially if you move long-distance. That is why you require the services of professional interstate movers Northern Virginia. With this in mind, when choosing the right place to relocate to, keep in mind that everyone has different needs. So, depending on your scope of work, you can find different locations with different possibilities. This is our top pick.

    Top cities for a business opportunity in Northern Virginia

    Before we start naming cities and places, you should know one thing. This list is not the ultimate guide for you. This is just a selection of the cities based on some statistics that are important for people that want to relocate their businesses. Take our top pick of cities in Northern VA with a grain of salt, as everyone has different needs.

    • Arlington
    • Williamsburg
    • Leesburg
    • Lorton
    • Falls Church
    • Chantilly


    If you want to move your business here, know that, besides business opportunities, Arlington has a low crime rate, a vibrant nightlife, and a great educational systemWith almost 240,000 residents, this is one of the bigger cities in the state of Virginia. There are a ton of great opportunities here. Some of the most developed industries are management, healthcare, the technical sector, hospitality, and many more. This does not mean that you will not succeed if you do work in some other sector. Due to the size, there will always be room for you here and you should definitely take it.

    a monument in arlington
    Arlington is one of the best cities for moving your business to Northern VA

    Due to the size of the city, any kind of move will be harder than in smaller places. That is the reason why you should always rely on movers Arlington VA with enough moving experience to help you with the process. It will not be easy but once you are in Arlington and you see all the opportunities, nothing will be too hard for you!


    Besides its rich touristic offer that attracts many people during the whole year, Williamsburg offers a great opportunity to expand your scope of work. With this, Bush Gardens amusement park is really close by. Of course, this is not the main reason you are coming here, right? You want to know about the economic opportunities and whether it is a good thing to consider Williamsburg as the place where you will relocate your office. Some of the most developed sectors in Williamsburg are food services, accommodation, social assistance, healthcare, retail trade, etc. However, due to the population of just around 15,000 people, you have the highest chances of succeeding in this sector rather than in others.


    Although Leesburg is a car-dependent city, it has great possibilities to expand your work with good places to set up your future office. It also has a low crime rate and is one of the wealthiest counties in Northern VA. The median home income is $113.933, which is a pretty good score compared to the national average. The most common jobs that people here do are jobs in construction, retail trade, transportation, scientific and technical services, etc. The reason why there are so many opportunities in the town of Leesburg is the fact that it is still growing. It has 48,000 residents and this number is still growing. If you choose this place, you will have the chance to give it a well-needed boost to continue!

    a bench in Leesburg as one of the best cities for moving your business to Northern VA
    Take your chances in smaller places


    This medium-sized city with 20,000 residents is home to many expats, so you can have diverse job offers. Lorton also has a low crime rate and it is one of the safest places on this list. We have to mention the sectors that are developed the most in this small town. Most people work in technical services at around 10%, then retail trade with a similar percentage, and food services at 6%. You can be a big part of this city’s development and future success.

    Of course, many people need storage places where they can put all the extra items that they need for operating. Even though the place is smaller, there is storage in Lorton VA that you can use for your business. All you have to do is learn everything about it, about its price and terms of use and rent it for the time being!

    Falls Church

    A lot quieter than Arlington, Falls Church is a historical town with high prices of rentals and real estate. This means you can do your job in a peaceful environment. However, this also means that you will have to work hard and make a profit in order to have the chance to live here. The regular costs of living are 40% higher than the national average while the price of real estate is 120% higher. This is a big thing but it is a price you will have to pay if you want to live in a place like this.

    It has 15,000 residents but this is a better-looking and more expensive neighborhood where people usually make more money. Most people work in professional, scientific, and technical services and almost 20% of all the residents. This is the sector that you want to pursue here. If you already work in this sector, then you are golden. All you have to do is find the right movers Falls Church VA and let them take care of the moving part while you organize other things!

    small houses in virginia
    Falls Church is a great place for your business


    Except for the blooming job market, Chantilly has moderately priced homes with a low crime rate. It is also very close to Washington DC, so it can be a good place to move to if you need to go to the capital. We can look at it basically as a suburb of the capital. This is great because you will pay less for living here while the capital will be so close. It is also great for businesses too. Most people, 22.8% to be exact, work in technical and other professional services. This is a highly competitive area and that is the reason why people do well in this town.

    Naturally, the process of moving here and working will not be easy. The first and usually the hardest obstacle for most people is moving. They have many problems with this and the stress becomes a big problem. Find the right movers Chantilly VA that will assist you in this process and you will be okay. If you overcome this the right way, everything else will be much easier.

    Reasons why it is important to relocate your company with care when relocating a business to Virginia

    When you are coming to a new place with your business, things are going to be quite hard. You will have to do some heavy work so that you could start the right way in Virginia. The most important part of your relocation, besides picking the right place, is the moving help. A lot of people underestimate commercial relocations. They think that they can take care of everything without any help. However, you should ask yourself one thing. Do you want to make mistakes where some of your equipment can get damaged during the move?

    a man that can help with moving your business to Northern VA
    Be careful when finding the right movers for the job

    It is the reason why you should always go professional when moving your business to Northern VA. They have all the knowledge and experience to take care of something like this the right way. Also, you will have to worry less about these things. You can focus on other things, like how to implement your business the right way, how to make sure that your profits are up, etc. Never underestimate the heavy work professional movers can do instead of you when going to another place, no matter which it is!

    Packing your office when moving your business to Northern VA

    It is difficult to pack an office even more when we are comparing commercial and residential move. You must first pay attention to files, documents, equipment, and any business samples and items. That is why it would be great to consider professional packing services Northern Virginia. It is important to create a strategy that will not slow you down too much and disrupt normal business as much as possible. Of course, include employees in the packaging process. They are also moving so they should also be included in the moving process.

    It will be much easier for your employees if they pack the things they work with. It is very important to have a good plan and strategy, but you can leave this to your employees. Everyone should pack their office and mark the boxes that way. In that case, everyone will be satisfied and it will be easier for you to follow that process. Of course, if you let everyone do what they want, chaos will break loose. If you want to include the employees in the process, then you should make someone in charge and they should be responsible for everything that other employees are doing.

    Your future office location should be good for everyone

    When you are already moving your business to Northern VA, make sure it is a place that will be useful to everyone. There is no point in moving to a place that your employees will not accept. For some, it is important to travel shorter to work, while for others, parking and easier driving are important. You have to take all this into account when you move.

    It is especially important to have communication with employees so that they also participate in the whole process. In any case, we hope you found our tips useful when relocating your business to Northern Virginia. They should be more than enough for you to handle it just fine. Even though it sounds easy, it is not going to be. You need to take this as seriously as possible so that you could prevent any mistakes that could cost you in the beginning. Start your new life on the right terms and everything will be okay!

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