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    Relocating to a new place is a task where you have to be very careful. And that is not just when we are talking about moving. You need to find a place where you want to settle down. Luckily, Northern Virginia has a beautiful landscape, which makes it a great place to move to. Here you can even find amazing communities with waterfront views! After you make your choice, you can start preparing for your move with reliable Fairfax county movers who will get all your belongings to your new place of residence. But, first things first, here are some of the best places with waterfront views in Northern Virginia that you should know about!

    Reston, Virginia

    • Population: 61,147
    • Costs of living: $2853 (for a family of 4, without rent)
    • Median home value:  $552,000

    As you can see, Reston is not a cheap place to live in. Even though it is not that big, the costs of living here are about 37% higher than the national average. That means that not all people will be able to afford to live in Reston comfortably. However, there are good reasons why real estate costs so much in this city. One of the reasons is the chance to own a property with a  beautiful view of Lake Audubon, Lake Thoreau, or Lake Anne. On top of that, Reston is also one of the safest places where you can live in Virginia.

    a photo of reston, as one of the best communities with waterfront views
    Reston may be just the right choice for you!

    When it comes to job opportunities, there are enough for everybody who comes to live in Reston. There are many choices as well, from government jobs to retail services, health care services, food services, accommodation services, and more. When moving here, it is important that you do it with the help of good movers Reston VA that will not cost you too much. Since you are already moving to a more expensive place, every dollar counts!

    Woodbridge, Virginia

    • Population: 44,668
    • Costs of living: $2730 (for a family of 4, without rent)
    • Median home value: $408,100

    By looking at the statistics, the cost of living in Woodbridge is higher than the national average but still relatively affordable. This means that you will far more likely find something that will suit you better. And if you find an apartment overlooking Belmont or Occoquan Bay, even better! Moreover, you’ll have more money to hire the best movers Woodbridge VA that you can find. However, affordability is not the only reason why Woodbridge is one of the greatest waterfront view communities in Northern Virginia.

    The job opportunities in Woodbridge are also good. There is a variety of jobs that you can find, despite the fact that the town is not that big. Most people are working in the construction industry, retail, insurance and finances, science, technical services, health care, accommodation services, and more. As you can see, there is a variety of jobs that you can pick. Just make sure to do it on time so that you do not have to switch jobs on the spot.

    Alexandria, Virginia

    • Population: 159,467
    • Costs of living: $5,470 (for a family of 4, without rent)
    • Median home value: $585,300

    By seeing the numbers, you can deduce that this is an expensive place to live in. Especially if you consider the fact that the state’s median home value is around $280,000. Even though this can be costly for some people, there are many good advantages that you will get by moving here. First of all, this city has a perfect location, right on the banks of Potomac River, and it’s very close to Arlington and Washington D.C. Also, in Alexandria you shouldn’t have problems finding the job that you want to do. The biggest employers are the city of Alexandria, the Alexandria Public School System, and Alexandria Hospital.

    buildings in alexandria, va
    Alexandria is one of the cities with beautiful river views and plenty of things to do. 

    Of course, other services are also well-developed like food services, transportation services, and many more. When it comes to education, the city has 12 elementary, 2 middle schools, and one high school. Even though there is no university here, you can access Stratford University pretty easily! So, make sure to purchase your ticket with the best movers Alexandria VA you can find and give yourself a chance to live in one of the best communities with waterfront views in Northern Virginia!

    Falls Church, Virginia

    • Population: 14,658
    • Costs of living: $2,843 (just rent for a family of 4)
    • Median home value: $697,800

    Looking into the best places with waterfront views can’t go past Falls Church. Even though this place is relatively small, it is the 5th most expensive place in the whole state of Virginia. The prime locations allow you to get to Washington D.C. in just a few minutes. Of course, we have to mention that school system here, which many people consider to be among the best ones in the whole state. Most people are highly educated and that certainly says a lot about this small community.

    Some of the most popular jobs here are usually the ones that can give people enough money to live well without any problems. Those are jobs like mechanical engineering, web development, information technology expert, accountant, doctor, and many more. It is really important to understand this before hiring movers Falls Church VA to help you with the move. You absolutely need to have a good income in order to live here. On the other hand, once you move to your dream home along Tripps Run stream, you’ll see all is worth it.

    McLean, Virginia

    • Population: 48,566
    • Costs of living: $3,486 (just rent for a family of 4)
    • Median home value: $1,142,500

    If you’re looking to live in an upscale place with high-end homes and beautiful Potomac River waterfront view, McLean should be your choice. As you can see, the median home value is pretty high and that can be a problem for many people. However, this is still one of the most desirable destinations for people with families. This is a very safe family community where you do not have to worry about crime. Many respectable residents, including diplomats live here, so the crime rate is among the lowest in the state of Virginia. Since we are talking about families, we have to mention its exceptional school system. From excelent public schools to the best private schools in the state, McLean is one of the best communities for exceptional education development of your children.

    Homes in one of the communities with waterfront views
    McLean is a perfect destination for those who want to live in a beautiful waterfront home

    Some of the most common jobs include manufacturing, financial activities, business services, health services, education services, hospitality, and government jobs. There is a variety of jobs for you to pick and there should not be too much trouble for you to find what you are good at. The good thing is that there are good movers in McLean VA that can help you start and achieve all of this. If you make up your mind and decide to come here, make sure to do it in the best way possible.

    Why are communities with waterfront views more expensive?

    Virginia has become a very popular destination in the last few years, and for more than one reason. People have realized that they want a place that is quiet but where you are still close to other major places if you need to go there. Northern Virginia as a whole is very close to Washington D.C. and that is the reason why many people here actually work there but live in Virginia. Also, the nature here is beautiful, so many people can realize their dream of waterfront home here. However, there are not that many properties for all the demand, so the prices have to rise.

    dollars on the floor
    Waterfront places are usually more expensive!

    And not just when it comes to housing. All the regular costs, like groceries and utilities, have gone up as well. So, the key thing is to understand all of this before you make the final decision. It is quite normal to think about moving here, but you have to be realistic as well. Making a budget and a plan is necessary here, so make sure you do it before making any kind of commitment!

    You have decided to move to one of the cities with waterfront views, what now?

    Once you get a good look at all the communities with waterfront views, you can make a decision to move here. But that is easier said than done because moving requires a lot of preparation, especially if you are moving alone. So, before taking any action, you want to take some time off so that you can create a strategy. There are two most important things that you need to keep in mind here: the moving budget and plans for how you want to move.

    Create the moving budget when moving to one of these places with waterfront views

    The first thing that you want to do when moving is make a budget. A moving budget is essential because it eliminates the possibility of overspending on the move.What you want to do here is include everything that you will have to pay for. For example, you may want to hire a moving company to handle the move. But how much does a moving company cost?

    There are a couple of things that go into this equation. First, everything depends on the distance of the move. If you have more miles to cover to get to these places in Northern Virginia with waterfront views, you are going to pay more. Also, if you have more items that you want to move, the weight is going to be higher, and that means more money that you are going to pay to your movers. Besides movers, there are other things you need to include in your budget. Obtaining legal documents, like finding the right moving supplies, can also be expensive. 

    a man calculating the costs of moving to communities with waterfront views
    Always be prepared in the financial plan when moving

    How do you want to move to your new place?

    Moving can be difficult to plan, especially if you don’t know how you want to relocate. This can be a particular problem if you are moving locally and you are living close to these communities with waterfront views. You may feel the urge to handle everything on your own and do it like this. However, our experience tells us that this can be a big problem, especially if you do not have prior moving experience.

    Our advice is to always go with professional local movers VA with enough moving experience. But how do you know that they are the right fit for you? First, you want to check their reputation. All good and reliable moving companies have a good reputation that precedes them, and that is always a good thing. You should also read about other people’s experiences with the specific moving company. Never commit until you are completely sure that you have the right people to back you up.

    Choose the right moving services from your moving company

    The last thing that you want to specify when moving to communities with waterfront views via a particular moving company is what you want them to do. Nowadays, you can pick and choose which moving services to use. You may want them just to pack your items and label them while you handle everything else. On the other hand, you may just want them to load and transfer your items to the designated place. No matter what it is, make sure to discuss this with your movers before the commitment so that you can make the best possible decision!

    man and woman working with boxes
    Leave the hard things to moving professionals

    Make your pick and choose among these great places with waterfront views

    Of course, Northern Virginia has much more to offer. However, we have made our pick on the best communities with waterfront views that will suit everybody’s needs. We have included both large and small areas so that everyone can choose what they want in their lives. So, make

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