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    Moving is a tough process that requires good preparation and organization. From finding the residential movers in Northern VA to settling in into your new home, many things need to be done. And somewhere in between that process comes packing. This is a time-consuming task since different items will need to be packed in different ways. For example, packing your clothes is easy, but when it comes to fragile and valuable items packing becomes a bit more challenging. But don’t worry, if you are extra careful those items will reach your new destination safely. Here are tips on packing and moving fragile items to Fairfax County.

    Fragile items include any items that can be easily broken, such as glassware, plates, antiques, etc. These items are usually made from very sensitive materials which is why they require extra care. Probably you haven’t been aware of how many fragile items you have in the house until you started preparing them for relocation. To avoid breaking any of your fragile items, whether it is your favorite mug or valuable painting, it is important to be extra cautious during the packing and moving process. 

    Prepare and categorize your fragile items

    Before you start packing your fragile items it is important to prepare and categorize them. Make an inventory list of your belongings and separate them according to what you want to take with you and what will you leave behind. For those fragile items that have sentimental value to you, but still for some reason you are not planning to take them with you, consider using moving and storage Northern Virginia providers. This way, you will know that your valuables are in a safe place.

    Cocktail glasses
    To successfully pack your fragile items make sure to categorize them

    On the other hand, make sure to categorize items that you will take with you and separate them into different groups. These groups should help you once you start packing them into the boxes. For example, don’t take all the plates that you have in your home and put them in one box. Try to separate them and combine them with other fragile items in a way that you will make a balance between the weight of the boxes. Also, make sure to separate heavier items to place each of those at the bottom of a different box.

    Use the right packing materials

    To pack and move your fragile items to Fairfax County properly you must have all the right packing materials and supplies. Fragile items can easily break so do not try to save money on these materials. Some of the supplies that you should consider using are:

    • Moving boxes- they are strong enough and can handle the weight of your plates or paintings
    • Bubble wrap- best material to wrap and protect your fragile items
    • Packaging peanuts- use them to fill the empty spaces in boxes to avoid any possible damages to your items
    • Box dividers- this will come in handy for your glasses
    • Sealing tape- you will need to secure boxes, especially the bottom

    For moving fragile items to Fairfax County wrap and secure them properly

    After organizing all the right materials it is time to start with packing. Since these items are valuable, both emotionally and financially, consider using packing services Northern Virginia, as they have all the right tools for sensitive materials. Not only that they have the right equipment, but hiring a professional packer will give you more time to focus on the other aspects of the relocation.

    A person wrapping an item in bubble wrap as the way of how to secure when moving fragile items to Fairfax County
    Protect your fragile items in order to get to your new home safely

    However, if you are on the budget or for some other reason you don’t want to hire professionals, you will have to do it yourself very carefully. Make sure to wrap each item separately. Before placing the fragile items into the boxes cover the bottom of the box with cushion materials. For example, if you are packing plates, place them carefully on top of each other making sure that each is individually secured. To pack glasses or vases it would be good to stuff them with packing paper to avoid possible breakage.

    When moving fragile items to Fairfax County don’t forget to label boxes

    Once you are done with packing it is time to prepare boxes with fragile items for the move. The most important thing to do is to secure the boxes for transportation. First, make sure that the boxes are not overfilled to avoid possible breaking. Still, even if you think that they are not overloaded it is good to be extra cautious. For that reason secure your moving boxes with sealing tape. Wrap the sealing tape around the boxes as many times as you think it’s necessary.

    A person writting fragile on the moving box
    When moving fragile items to Fairfax County make sure to label them

    Another thing that you should do is label all your moving boxes. By labeling moving boxes your Fairfax County movers will know which ones need to be handled with extra care. Also, make sure to draw an arrow that will show the direction of how to store and place the boxes. Lastly, having labeled boxes will make your unpacking process much easier and you will not have to go through each box separately to check what is inside.

    Communicate with your movers

    Moving day can be stressful, so consider making a moving day checklist to guide you through that day. Still, in order to have a successful move, communication with your movers on that day will be crucial. Make sure to walk them through all your boxes. Even though you have them labeled, show your movers the boxes with breakable items. Inform them to be extra careful with them, explain how to store them in the truck and where to unload them.

    It is true that are many things that you should organize for your relocation. However, take your time when it comes to packing and moving fragile items to Fairfax County since in most cases those are the items that give us the warmth in our home.

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