Packing Winter Clothes for Moving – 4 Steps You Should Take

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    When it comes to packing regular clothes, the process is quite simple. Roll it up, put it in a suitcase or plastic bag, and transport it without any trouble. However, winter clothes are a whole other story. Jackets, ski pants, sweaters, thick socks, scarves, hats, etc. Everything is bulky and heavy in order to protect you from the winter as efficiently as possible. You do not need to worry about the clothes arriving safely. Unlike other tricky items like some technology gadgets, or glass items, clothes do not break. The biggest problem here is the space winter clothes occupy. However, don’t get discouraged too soon. There are ways for packing winter clothes for moving without any stress. Follow our guide with four simple steps you should take and leave the rest to Movers Virginia to make sure everything is waiting for you in your new home.

    Packing winter clothes for moving

    It might seem impossible to transfer all your clothes at once, especially if you leave in a colder climate. But, there are ways to minimize the space your clothes take up. And this is something you can do by yourself. Movers Chantilly VA can take care of packing your furniture, fridge, washing machine, and other heavy and bulky stuff. For now, you can pack your clothes efficiently by following a few tips and tricks:

    1. Sort your clothes
    2. Roll your clothes
    3. Use vacuum bags
    4. Make use of garbage bags
    a woman packing winter sweaters for moving
    It can be a real hassle to pack all your winter clothes for moving.

    Step number one – sorting your clothes

    People usually tend to ignore this step. Throwing stuff away, giving them to someone, or recycling are hard to do when you don’t prioritize. However, moving can be the perfect opportunity to see what you really need and what you don’t. Grab all your winter clothes and place them in front of you. Decide what goes in which category:

    • Keep
    • Throw away
    • Give to someone/donate
    • Recycle

    This way, you are not only doing a good thing for yourself but for the environment as well. First of all, you are saving a lot of space and time by not packing and carrying clothes that you will never wear again. Second of all, you can donate your clothes to a charity or to someone who really needs it. And, of course, by recycling, you are thinking conscientiously about the planet. Actually, there are many other ways to stay green while moving. So it’s a win-win for everyone. 

    a recycle bin for winter clothes
    You can think about the environment even while moving!

    Think about it, do you really need so many Christmas sweaters? Or is the winter jacket you have worn for the last time three years ago worth keeping in your closet? Prioritize and do yourself and others a favor by sorting your winter clothes. 

    Step number two – rolling instead of folding

    This is an important hack when packing any type of clothes. However, when packing winter clothes for moving, this is especially useful. Try it out first – fold some sweaters, and then roll them. You will see just how much less space is taken up.

    This does not just save space, but it also saves time. Imagine how much time it would take to iron all your clothes. Then you would have to fold everything one by one, always making sure nothing gets wrinkles. The good thing with rolling is that it doesn’t make any wrinkles on your clothes! 

    With rolling, you can conveniently place your clothes in boxes to make sure they are safe. Fill up the boxes tightly so that nothing moves or unrolls. By using boxes, you can even store your clothes if you need time or space to move rest. Storage Lorton VA offers amazing storage services which can help you with your move.

    Step number three – use vacuum bags for packing winter clothes for moving

    Yes, winter clothes are very bulky, but they are also very practical when it comes to space. To clarify, the materials used for winter clothes make can make it really easy to compress them. They are bulky, but there is a lot of air in the materials as well, as they are not dense. That’s why winter clothes are perfect for vacuum bags because when you remove the air in the materials, you can get so much more free space.

    winter clothes on a rack
    Winter clothes have lots of air between the fibers.

    Vacuum bags are sometimes called compression bags and they do just that – compress clothes. They are a perfect choice for packing winter clothes for moving. They are also easy to use, and reusable, so investing in vacuum bags can be a good option. Your winter jackets or ski pants will become completely flat and you can pile them up in a suitcase much easier. But do not worry – when you take them out of the vacuum bag, they are just as good as new. The bags do no damage to the clothes.

    Step number four – place your clothes inside garbage bags

    Struggling to pack your coats, jackets, suits, or other long winter clothes? They can be tricky to pack, as you probably don’t want to wrinkle them or damage them in any way. Plastic garbage bags are very useful in many ways, but here they are an ideal solution. The trick is to place your clothes on a hanger, and then just slip a garbage bag over it. To secure it, use duck tape or a rubber band at the top where the hanger is. This is a very convenient and practical way, as it is both easy to pack and unpack. You do not have to use one bag for one item of clothing. It’s actually even better to put multiple items at once, in one bag. That way, they will not move around or fall off the hangers.

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