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    Finding a mover doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know that good movers have ethical business practices, transparent rates, and excellent customer service. However, identifying residential movers in Northern VA that have all these traits can take time and research. If you’re relocating and looking for a mover, here’s what you need to know what it takes to find a reputable company to help you with upcoming relocation.

    How easy is it to find a reliable moving company?

    Finding good and reputable Northern Virginia movers can be difficult at times, but only if you don’t know where and how to look. There are many ways to find a moving company. Just by looking online, you can get a clear picture of the number of companies around you. On the other hand, you have the option of asking your family, friends, and colleagues for advice. If any of them moved, they probably still have the contact information or at least the name of the company.

    Man overwellmed by moving
    Moving alone can at times be overwhelming. So finding a good moving company will be a lot of help.

    But be conscious that there are plenty of different scams you need to watch out for. For example, there are cases where the movers ask for a deposit and never get back to you. Or some even worse than that, where your items can be held hostage until you pay them more money. There are even instances of hidden costs appearing or overpricing. Although all of this is scary, at the same time it is easy to avoid. Just by following a couple of easy steps you can find a good company and have a successful move.

    Get Referrals

    Start by talking to people you know who have moved recently. This is probably the best way to find a good moving company like Fairfax County Movers. This is because you will be sure that they do the things they promise and that it is safe. Of course, at times we dont know anyone that moved, or maybe the company they used doesn’t have any time where we can fit in. But if you do know someone that moved recently, ask them about their movers, and find out if the experience was a good one. Ask specific questions such as:

    • Were the movers timely?
    • Did they break anything, and if so, how did they handle it?
    • Would you use this moving company again?
    • Would you refer this moving company to others?
    Women talking
    Ask the people you know for advice, as it will help you greatly to find a reputable company.

    If the people you speak with were happy with their movers, get the company’s contact information. If they weren’t happy, find out the name of the movers so you’ll know who to avoid. Either way, you will get some great advice.

    Do online research in order to find a reputable company

    Look online at different moving companies in your area. Keep in mind that in today’s day and age, it is quite easy to make fake companies or scams on the internet. So when looking at moving company websites, look for information such as:

    • Do they have a local address?
    • Does the website look professional?
    • Do they note any credentials, memberships, licenses, or certifications on their website?

    Look at customer testimonials and reviews. Pay attention to the critical reviews, not just the positive ones. Watch for patterns. If one person complains that the movers didn’t show up on time to start loading, this could be an anomaly. However, if many people complain about the same problem, this could be a sign of a chronic problem. Also, one particular tip you have to keep in mind is that not everyone can always be happy with the services provided. So if you see a company site with only five-star ratings, make sure to stay clear of it.

    Woman looking to find a reputable company online
    Look online for more information about the movers you are interested in.

    Meet with the mover in person

    To make your decision, you’ll likely need a bid from the mover. This bid should be based on how much stuff you wish to move and where you go. Some companies may give you a quote over the phone. However, for the quote to be accurate, the mover should see your possessions in person and ask questions. If the mover only wants to provide the quote over the phone, or if the mover insists they do not need to see your home, this is a red flag.

    A man talking over a phone
    There are many red flags you can notice with ease. One of them is poor communication, and companies avoiding face-to-face meetings.

    All moving companies Mount Vernon offers will agree that without an in-depth examination of your possessions, you have no way of knowing what your relocation will cost. When you do meet in person, the mover should spend time with you creating an accurate inventory of your possessions. If they don’t ask questions, or if they make little effort to create an inventory, this too could be a red flag. Moreover, this could be a sign that your mover has an arbitrary pricing method and could even be an indication of a scam. Of course, most companies have free estimates.

    Get multiple quotes in order to find a reputable company

    Meet with more than one mover, even if you’re happy with the first mover who comes to your home. Meeting with multiple professionals will give you a frame of reference that makes it easy to decide which mover is most reasonable and which makes you feel the most comfortable. Usually, when you contact moving companies Reston VA residents recommend, we also advise you to contact at least three of them. This way you can compare three different prices and see which are similar, more or less expensive. This is a nice way to avoid scams and overpricing. Especially if you don’t have any prior experience moving and don’t know what prices to expect.

    Read the contract

    Your mover should give a contract that lists their prices and fees, payment terms and due date, pick-up times and days, and delivery information. Read the contract thoroughly, and ask your mover any questions you may have. Do not sign a contract that isn’t thorough and detailed. Or even worse don’t sign any blank documents either. All contracts that are provided by long distance moving companies Northern VA residents trust are easy to read and understand. They will contain all needed information, such as services selected, their prices, and overall cost without any hidden billings. In order to find a reputable company all of their documentation has to be in order.

    Man signing a document after he find a reputable company
    It should be pretty obvious that you should never sign anything without reading it. And that is also the case when moving.

    Check Credentials

    Licensing and business registration requirements for moving companies can vary from one state to another. Find out what your state requires, and ensure that the mover you choose has those credentials. In the state of Virginia, movers must be certified, bonded, and insured. If you move out of state, your mover must have a federal Department of Transportation number, which they are required to post on their website. Check for this information when investigating movers. You are permitted and strongly advised to always ask for any documentation and credentials that a company must have. And if you ask they have to show them to you.

    Look at the services they  provide in order to find a reputable company

    Usually, the best and most reliable moving companies are family-owned businesses that have been working for generations. These types of companies have grown over the years and now also provide other types of moving services. Of course, those services are executed by professionals that have been working in the field for years. One of the services most commonly seen is the storage Lorton VA services. When a company has storage services then they probably have a couple of different storage options you can choose from as well. One more quite common service is packing. And this is probably the most used service in every company.

    Finally, you should contact your movers

    If you want a mover for an upcoming relocation, do your research. If you have questions about how to find a reputable company in your area, you can always contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about finding a reputable mover in your area. Of course, you can also inquire about our services and workers as well.

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