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    The best places to live in Virginia, even if you’re a local, aren’t always easy to find. In Virginia, the average house is worth $366,400. Many people may not be able to afford to buy and maintain a home if upkeep and property taxes are factored in. In order to present you with the best options, we sifted through the data to find the most affordable cities in Virginia, taking into account the median property prices, the cost of living, and other factors. Finding the cheapest apartments in Virginia is a fantastic place to start, but working with an experienced agent or Northern Virginia movers can save you a lot of money as well. Real estate agents in Virginia who excel know the market well and can point you in the direction of places in Northern Virginia with low living costs.

    Centreville VA

    Centreville, a suburb of Washington, D.C., has a population of 74,125 people. A town in Fairfax County is one of Virginia’s most desirable places to live. People who live in Centreville enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the vast majority of residents own their own residences. Within walking distance of downtown Centreville, you’ll find a variety of dining options, coffee shops, and green spaces. There are a lot of families and young professionals in Centreville, which is a liberal community. Those who want to move away from the city but don’t want to give up the city’s job opportunities can find a good balance in Centreville. There are even movers Centreville VA, who will gladly help if you decide to move there.

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    Fort Belvoir VA

    In addition to year-round access to year-round experiences in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland, residents of Fort Belvoir and the surrounding area have year-round access to the river, bay, and ocean excursions, cultural activities of all kinds, and athletic events, not to mention government and historic sites to explore. Washington, D.C., has much to keep you entertained! The attractions draw visitors from all around the world. Festivals, museums, food, wine, and sports are just a few of the many options available. The Marine Corps Marathon, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and the lighting of the National Christmas Tree all necessitate extensive planning. Facebook groups for military families are good sources of information. Movers Fort Belvoir VA are also on all social media and are fast to respond when somebody is moving there. There should be plenty of time to schedule a trip to the White House or the Pentagon.

    Falls Church VA

    Falls Church, Virginia, is one of Virginia’s smallest communities, with a total area of just 2.2 square miles. Despite its small size, this suburb has a lot to offer those looking for a calm place to call home near the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. Here, we’ll take a look at all of the activities that make Falls Church, Virginia, an attractive place to live. And knowing how easy it is to move there with movers Falls Church VA, can’t be a discouragement. With such an esteemed position comes a price. There is a 51.6 percent higher cost of living in Falls Church compared to its neighboring capital city of Washington, D.C. If you’re looking for a cheap apartment in Falls Church, you’ll find a few options, which are places in Northern Virginia with low living costs.

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    A beautiful urban neighborhood

    Reston VA

    The population of Reston, Virginia, is 61,147. One of Virginia’s most desirable neighborhoods is Reston, which is located in Fairfax County. That is why this may be a surprise to you, but Reston is undoubtedly one of the places in Northern Virginia with low living costs. Movers Reston VA also know that, which is why their prices are also one of the best. The majority of residents in Reston own their homes, which gives them a unique urban-suburban lifestyle. Several cafes, restaurants, and parks may be found in Reston, Virginia. Many families and young professionals reside in Reston, where political views tend to be more moderate.

    Bluefield VA

    Appalachian Bluefield, West Virginia is the twin city of Bluefield and is located on the West Virginia border. Tazewell County’s largest city, Bluefield, has a population of about 5,500. Nearly 110,000 individuals call the Bluefield micropolitan area home. There was a 2.8 percent increase in Bluefield’s median house price from the previous year to $89,200. Since the early 1990s, Bluefield has grown tremendously. Numerous strip malls, including one that houses an urgent care center, can be found in the area. Bluefield is the site of Bowen Field, the spring training home of the Bluefield Blue Jays of the independent Atlantic League. Also in the area is Bluefield College, which fields teams in sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

    Daleville VA

    Daleville is a little community nestled in the hills of western Virginia. If you’re looking for the most affordable area to live in the state of Virginia, Daleville is a good place to start. Living in such a small town means that the cost of living isn’t exactly cheap. However, the average one-bedroom rent is now $1,163, down 7.48 percent from last year! North of Roanoke, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the small town of Daleville. As a recent addition to the community, Daleville Town Center is a walkable place to live, work, and have fun. Daleville’s proximity to the natural world makes it a desirable place for new residents. In fact, it’s located near some of the best outdoor activities in the state, such as hiking and fishing.

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    Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge is a 3 288-person community within the city proper. Botetourt County’s Blue Ridge is one of the best places in Virginia to reside. The majority of residents in Blue Ridge own their homes, giving the community a rural feel. Moreover, many young professionals and retirees call Blue Ridge home, and the locals tend to lean conservative. There are many above-average schools in Blue Ridge. and definitely one of the best places in Northern Virginia with low living costs. The only thing you need to do for an easy move is to check on  Better Business Bureau for the exact moving company.

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