How to prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating?

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    Once you decide to move and choose where to, you start thinking about what you have to do. You will be well aware of how many tasks you have to do and also how many decisions you have to make. All that while you work and handle your family life. That can be a lot for the majority of people, so many experience meltdown. But this doesn’t have to be your story and we are here to help you take care of it. The first you should realize is that this is the right time to find and accept every help possible. And especially if that is professional help. So our first suggestion is to contact Fairfax Transfer and Storage, an experienced moving company that will know how to handle moving tasks. Movers will know how to answer all your questions, even how to prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating.

    How to choose the right movers for you?

    It is not so easy to find a reliable mover to partner up with. If you have friends who relocated recently, it will be easy to ask for a recommendation. But this often isn’t the case. You will need to take some time to research and here is how you can do it. You can start by looking for movers in your area. If you are living in Fairfax, search for moving companies Fairfax VA. You can easily approach their office for an initial interview and check all the equipment and certification their team posses.

    moving company men
    It is so important to choose the right movers.

    The other option is to look for the specific service you need from movers. If you are relocating, but still staying in the area, look for residential movers in Northern VA. You should know that the moving price will be different in accordance with the mileage movers have to pass with your stuff and also the weight of your load. So if you are moving within the state, your moving budget won’t need to be that huge.

    Let’s prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating

    Preparation is so important. And that is true for every event possible. Whatever you have to do, you know that great organization is half of it. So start with the things that are essential. Packing is one of those things. If you don’t have the time for it, or just don’t trust your packing skills enough, you have an option. Packing services Northern Virginia are just one of the additional services that a reliable moving company can offer you. They will handle packing with so much skill and you can be at peace that all your belongings will come safely to your new location. But have in mind that you will need to pay some more for this service.

    prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating
    Let’s prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating.

    Moving bigger appliances

    Among kitchen appliances, there are some really large pieces. And not only that, they will ask for some special care. They are often large and bulky so you have to take care to avoid injury. Having a friend will be so helpful. So you should take some time to think about the steps on how to move oversized items with ease. Find some helpful directions that can make your life easier.

    If you have to move an oven, start with disconnecting from the mains. Unplug it from the wall. Shut off the gas supply if you have a gas cooker. You can read the manual to find the safest way to turn off your oven. If you don’t feel safe doing it by yourself, call an electrician. The next thing is to start packing. Remove all the parts that can be detached. Pack them separately, because that is a safer thing to do. Protect every unit using wrapping materials, like bubble wraps, old towels, or moving blankets. Tape the door of an oven with durable tape and pack it in the old blanket.

    Moving fridge or freezer

    Moving incorrectly can make damage to your fridge or freezer. So you should take extra care of it. The first thing to do is to empty the unit. Remove all the food and shelves, drawers, whatever is in there. Then protect the separate parts of it. Wrap shelves and glass trays in towels or bubble wrap to protect them. Place them in labeled boxes. Unplug your fridge. Don’t forget to detach the ice maker from the water source. When it comes to your freezer, you should defrost it first. That will need 6-8 hours.

    Clean your refrigerator after you melt it down. That will prevent any mold while you don’t use it. And after you finish it, secure the refrigerator for transportation. After you move all those removable parts, coil it up and tape it. Close the fridge doors, wrap it with moving blankets and tie a bungee cord or a rope around for extra protection.

    Dealing with smaller appliances

    After you finish heavy lifting, prepare smaller kitchen appliances for moving. This will make like a piece of cake now. It will now be easy to prepare your kitchen appliances for relocation like coffee machines, toasters, blenders, and all other smaller appliances. Unplug and clean them, if they are not clean already. Remove all the small detachable parts from them and pack them separately. Use original packaging if you have them to have optimal protection. If you don’t have original boxes, use those of similar sizes.

    Smaller appliances are much easier to pack.

    You should be ready to prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating

    We tried to cover as much information as we could. You know by now that you are ready to prepare your kitchen appliances for relocating. As you could see, many principles are the same for all those appliances. It is always smart to clean it all up before you move them. That way you will have things that are ready to use after your relocation. And whether you are staying in Northern Virginia or not, it will be so much easier to unpack and place it all in their new space, after which you can use them with delight.

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