Proper lifting techniques for moving heavy furniture and boxes

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    There’s a reason why the home moving process is always associated with lifting and moving heavy items like furniture, electrical devices, and filled cardboard boxes. The best way to handle moving heavy furniture and boxes would be to hire moving companies Northern VA and their movers. However, if you want to do it on your own, here’s what you need to know about lifting heavy items without harming yourself or provoking any damage to the house itself.

    Why is it important to know proper lifting techniques?

    The most important thing to take note of before moving heavy furniture and boxes is that you cant speed up the process. This can’t be your main goal either. Instead, concentrate on preventing any type of injury, but especially back injuries.

    Moving heavy furniture and boxes is a part of every move
    Moving heavy furniture and boxes is something that happens with every move and can’t be avoided.

    Of course, once you learn the basics of carrying and lifting techniques, you’ll be able to avoid property damage as well. So, just by learning this, you will raise the overall safety of the whole move. Of course, you can also contact delivery service Northern Virginia offers and have them help. But before even trying moving heavy furniture and boxes there are things that you need to do!

    Things to do before lifting furniture

    First things first, make sure that the house exits are clear, and that there are no obstacles present. There should be no random clutter that can somehow pose a danger to you, and other people involved in the move. The paths in front of your home should also be clean, and free of any debris, dust, water, mud, snow, or even ice. That way, you won’t slip and fall when moving heavy furniture and boxes. Also, make sure you wear the comfiest shoes you own, and the ones that will provide you with the best protection. The best option is to wear closed shoes with rubber soles, or sports shoes.

    Friends helping out during the move
    People helping out are always welcomed during the moving process.

    Moving heavy furniture and boxes is also not something you should do completely on your own. Keeping that in mind, you should ask your friends and family for help. But if they can’t help out in time, they consider hiring one of the interstate movers Northern Virginia offers.

    Ways to properly lift heavy objects

    Even if you’re moving heavy office items with the help of commercial movers Northern VA, you should still know the basics. Do not underestimate the benefits of proper lifting techniques. And at the same time, do not overestimate your own abilities when moving heavy furniture and boxes. Think about whether you have the physical strength and the ability to lift and carry heavy objects. Eventually, your understanding of the proper lifting techniques will help you to keep everything operating smoothly and safely. Here’s what you can do to prevent damage and injury:

    Think before you lift

    Rash actions can be your demise when moving heavy furniture and boxes. Make sure you conduct an initial estimate of the task beforehand and determine whether or not you can manage the load safely. Finally, resist the urge to demonstrate it yourself or to brag to your pals just how muscular you are.

    Make sure you have a stable base and a proper back posture

    Inappropriate lifting methods usually result in some shape of back injury. To prevent this, always keep a broad and sturdy base with your feet before lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes. Make sure you hold your back straight and pull your shoulders back. And you should look straight. Also, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one of your feet narrowly forward. This way, the weight of the object you’re attempting to lift and move will be spread across your whole body without placing too much force on one area.

    Bend your knees and keep a good grip

    Speaking of the proper lifting methods, remember to constantly bend your knees and not your back. This easy yet essential detail cannot be emphasized enough! Bending your knees will permit you to use the powerful leg muscles to control the entire lifting process. At the same time, it will relieve tension from the much more vulnerable back muscles.

    two men moving a table
    Even with a proper method, you will not be able to move some things without help.

    Make sure you keep a tight hold when moving heavy furniture and boxes. It’s still a good idea to wear work gloves. They will significantly improve your grip and save your fingers and hands during the move. Also, whenever possible, use handles to lower the risk of mishaps.

    Carrying items close to your body will help you when moving heavy furniture and boxes

    While carrying heavy boxes, for instance, consistently keep them near your waist. This is an ideal way to maintain your stability, as the load will remain close to your center of gravity. Also, maintain your elbows folded in and your eyes up front at all times.

    It’s significant that you do not twist or bend your back when lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes. Instead of shifting with your hips at the abdomen, you should push your feet to turn with the cargo.  Moreover, you should avoid any rash and sharp movements that may put a huge strain on a particular part of your body. Always make slow, soft moves. letting the muscles and soft tissues in your body a moment to adapt to the additional efforts

    Keep the burden below waist level and push instead of pulling

    Whenever feasible, lift heavy objects up to your waist. When raising heavy items over your head, you will put additional stress on your arm and back muscles, which can lead to injury. If the weight you’re trying to raise over your head is more than you can manage safely and it’s not spread evenly, you may pull a muscle.

    If you’re using a furniture dolly or if you’ve just placed sliders beneath the legs of a heavy furniture piece, then be aware that it’s safer to force heavy objects forward than to drag them backward. This method requires less force to keep heavy objects moving, and you will also be able to see what’s happening while moving heavy furniture and boxes.

    Now that you know the proper ways of moving heavy furniture and boxes, you’ll be able to relocate to your new apartment safely. We are certain you can do it on your own successfully! However, to be on the safe side, it’s your best bet to hire experienced movers to help you out.

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