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    The reasons people move to Lorton are various. They have their own expectations of this middle-size city. Some are moving to this populous place due to the living affordability. Many young couples with children are attracted by its very low crime rate. And by the excellent schooling system. Also, it is an interesting place for many millennials. The retired people are finding the long-awaited peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. And the artists are attracted by the possibility to have their own studio for free. And to work together with other creatives in the Workhouse Arts Center. Whatever is your reason, hiring reliable movers, such as Fairfax Transfer and Storage is a wise decision.

    Ariel view from balloon at the suburban city.
    The city has a relaxed lifestyle, which is one of the reasons people move to Lorton

    Lorton, VA lifestyle and location could be your reasons to move

    Lorton, with about 21,000 residents is a densely populated area. It is one of many Washington DC suburbs. Thus, living in Lorton, you can enjoy a suburban lifestyle. Besides, you can easily afford to buy your own home. The median home price is $580,176. At the same time, the median annual income is $106,847. Such high income is the result of the rich job market of the Washington-Arlington metro area. The excellent transportations system is enabling them to easily commute. So, it is easy for Lorton residents to secure well-paid jobs in the capital. And to come back home to enjoy the relaxed Lorton lifestyle.

    One of the reasons people move to Lorton is the low crime rate

    Regarding the crime rate, the index is not the same in all parts of the city. In general, in Lorton VA, the crime rate is lower than the national average. However, when we compare the city parts, we are getting a more accurate picture. The safest part of the city is the southeast, where most of the homeowners are living. The higher crime rate is noted in the north part of the city. This is mostly because that area has more retail establishments and fewer residents. Also, many crimes occur in the areas frequently visited by tourists, such as parks. And the highest percentage of all crimes in Lorton are related to thefts.

    Many young families are moving to Lorton due to its highly rated school system

    Many young parents are moving to Lorton with help of Fairfax county movers due to their kids. Lorton is not only secure but is also known for its highly rated public schools. And this ranking is made by comparing the high number of parents’ and students’ reviews. Also, statistics are using data from the U.S. Department of Education. And one of the prevailing factors in ranking schools is the students’ test scores. The Lorton students are consistently achieving high scores. So, it means that they are receiving an excellent education. Which, on the other hand, is the base for further schooling. And also, for enrolling in some of the prestigious universities.

    An artist working on his paintings out of the studio, which is one of the reasons people move to Lorton.
    In Lorton, you can join the Workhouse Arts Center.

    Living in a smaller place like Lorton is much healthier

    The factors that make Lorton a healthier place for a living are

    • Small places are not so polluted as big cities
    • They have humorous places for outdoor activities
    • They have a lot of possibilities to exercise in nature
    • The citizens are enjoying the relaxed lifestyle
    • There is not so much stress that is causing a lot of health issues

    Also, they can get a lot of products straight from the farmers. Thus, their diet is also much healthier. And in their free time, they can enjoy numerous sports and recreational activities. Lorton has some big natural parks and also nice golf courses.

    Occoquan Regional Park could be one of the reasons to move to Lorton

    Occoquan Regional Park is one of many natural parks surrounding Lorton. The Occoquan River flowing through the park has attracted many kayakers. Some of them, therefore, decided to move to Lorton. In doing so, they used affordable services of long distance moving companies Northern VA. Besides, in Occoquan Regional Park people can rent boats and canoes. They can also enjoy walking, following the park’s hiking tracks. Or, they can simply seat in one of the numerous restaurants located at the waterfront.

    Some people decided to move to Lorton attracted by the beauty of the Pohick Bay Regional Park

    Pohick Bay Regional Park is located alongside the Potomac River. Here you can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating. This park also has numerous walking and biking tracks. If you like to stay closer to the river, no problem. You can easily find a place where you can seat and enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

    If you are an artist, Lorton is an excellent place for you

    There, you will find the Workhouse Arts Center is located in the former Lorton Reformatory. What once were the prison cells, are now amazing art studious. So, as an artist, you will easily find a place where you can work. Also, the center’s artists are frequently organizing expos at the open. Being a part of that creative and vibrant community, you can join by exhibiting your artwork. And the place is welcoming for beginners as well as for renowned artists. Visitors are also welcome. So, working there, you will have numerous possibilities to meet people. Being soaked with creative energy will help you to express yourself easier. And to create inspiring artwork.

    A woman in kayak at the river floating between trees.
    In Lorton, you can enjoy kayaking.

    Pohick Bay Golf Course is attractive to many golf lovers

    If you like golfing, you will find this place very attractive. Located on the Mason Neck Peninsula, the Pohick Bay Golf Course has a bit challenging terrain. Which, for many golfers, makes it even more attractive. If you enjoy terrains with hills, meadows, and groves, this is the right place for you. And, if you decide to move to Lorton, movers Lorton VA are always at your disposal.

    Laurel Hill Golf Club attracts many people to move to Lorton

    Having such a nice place like Laurel Hill Golf Club is also a reason to move to Lorton. Some golf lovers do. Living in Lorton, the club is close, and they can visit it often.

    Lorton has many historical landmarks

    Besides many interesting places that you can enjoy, Lorton also has interesting historical landmarks. One of the most famous landmarks is Mt. Vernon. An easy 10 miles drive will bring you to the famous home of Martha and George Washington.

    In Lorton, there is something for everyone

    Lorton VA is a good place for living. And it has many things to offer to various people. From affordable housing, excellent schools, to rich entertainment possibilities. It is also not polluted, so this is one additional reason people move to Lorton. And besides a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, you will be moving to a safe area.

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