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    Whether you are coming to Northern Virginia from another state or different part of Virginia, you’ll make the right decision! There are so many reasons why this part of the Commonwealth of Virginia has the most residents. If you plan to become of them, this article will help you choose among the most desirable cities and places in Northern Virginia to settle down. However, even if you know where you want to live, there’s still one more thing to decide on. Namely, you must choose between renting vs buying a home in Northern Virginia. Meanwhile, contact local movers VA, and  consider the services you’ll need to move to a new home. Soon you’ll find out which solution is better for you!

    Get to know Northern Virginia before your get to decide on renting vs buying

    Whether you need to move to NOVA for work or you are in the process of researching where to move, you are welcome. Still, before hiring one of the top-rated Northern Virginia movers to help you relocate here, make sure you know the benefits of moving to this part of the country. Firstly, you should know that this region consists of several independent cities and counties. This region is bordered by Maryland to the north, Washington, D.C., to the west and south, and the Appalachian Mountains and West Virginia to the east. Northern Virginia is home to over two million residents and is the most populous region in the state and in the Washington metropolitan area.

    A person thinking about renting vs Buying while looking at a university chapel in VA.
    Learn more about NOVA before you decide between renting vs buying a home in this region.

    Northern Virginia has both great suburbs and vibrant urban areas, so you can choose where you want to live. Many of those places are even considered to be suburbs of DC, because of their proximity to the capital city of the USA. For this reason, Northern VA is popular among condo and townhome buyers. Another good thing to know about Northern Virginia is that this region is wonderfully diverse when it comes to its population. Keeping that in mind, after moving with residential movers Northern VA, expect to meet many nice people from different countries.  Since the area is experiencing a constant population growth, many people from around the world are moving here. This is what makes the area culturally unique and diverse in activities, cuisine, and opinions. Therefore, it’s a great place for young people, seniors, singles, professionals, and families alike.

    Many places in Northern Virginia have advantages that make both renting and buying a home worthwhile

    When you are thinking about the costs of living in a certain place or state, you need to consider many factors. After you calculate your median income and your monthly expenses and compare them with your quality of life, you can tell if a certain place is expensive or not. Some states have higher costs of living due to the many amenities they offer. To be honest, Virginia is one of them. Yes, you can expect endless business opportunities in this state, but you will need to pay more for your rent or home purchase. Despite the higher costs of housing and other expenses, VA is known for excellent educational institutions, amazing nature, vast green space, and plenty of outdoor activities. It is home to many families and nature lovers, as well as top-notch professionals from many different countries.

     Blooming trees in spring
    Mild springs and falls in this area are quite enjoyable for all generations.

    Many counties and independent cities in Northern VA are consistently among the wealthiest in the US. If you are a job seeker, you will notice tons of positions with both private companies and the government. Also, the local economy in this area is very strong and still developing. Moreover, yet another factor that make moving to this part of the country worthwhile is the fact you can expect to experience all four seasons. For this reason, movers Manassas VA advise you to prepare for hot and humid summers in advance. Moving to one of the places in Northern Virginia means you should get used to cold and dry winters as well as many rainy days, too. With an ideal climate and plenty of job opportunities and wealth, Northern Virginia should be on your list while comparing renting vs buying a home in this area of the country.

    If you opt for Burke, consider renting vs buying a home

    If you are looking for a beautiful community in Fairfax County, you should consider Burke. Living in this city means being just a short drive away from all the excitement of Washington, D.C., while you can enjoy the peace and quiet of suburbia. Burke is known for its abundance of parks and green spaces. That’s why many nature consider hiring our movers Burke VA after finding a suitable home in this place. Currently, Burke is home to over 44,000 people, and is an ideal place active people, families, and seniors.

    A woman who considering renting vs buying home looking outside the window.
    Burke is a magnificent place to live, so consider renting vs buying a home before you move to this place.

    Consider your needs and choose the right housing option in Burke

    In case you want to be a part of a small town with a big personality, Burke is a phenomenal place for you. Since there are many events and festivals throughout the year in Burke, there will always be something to do here. Now let’s see renting vs buying a home in Burke. This town is known for its strong housing market with a lot of different options. Although about half of the properties here are spacious single-family homes, you can also find townhomes and cozy condos.

    If you are looking to buy your first home, Burke can be an appealing place for you. However, keep in mind that real estate here is pricey, so you could pay around $626,500 for a house. That’s more than double the average property value in Virginia! If you don’t have that much money, it’d be a better idea to rent an apartment. The median rent in Burke is approximately $2,143 for a 3-bedroom home, while studios cost $1,459 per month.

    Chantilly is a phenomenal small city in Northern Virginia

    If you want to start over in a small town in Virginia, Chantilly is an excellent option. This is a quiet, suburban place with low crime rates. Chantilly is the perfect place for families and couples who plan to raise their kids in proximity to good educational institutions. With a population of about 24,559 residents, this is a very small city. Nevertheless, living in this city means being close to the shopping, dining, and entertainment options that you need for everyday life. Also, here you will have plenty of recreational options due to the many walkable areas all around.

    Lovely house in nature
    Start your search for a fairytale home in a small place such as Chantilly.

    When it comes to housing options, you can choose between townhomes or single-family detached houses. The median home price in Chantilly is about $752,569. If you are in doubt about renting vs buying a home in Chantilly, better opt for buying. The median rent in Chantilly is approximately $2,790, which is not that affordable in the long run if you have a large family. Once you find your perfect home in this small place, our movers Chantilly VA will help you conduct your move smoothly. Maybe this is a place where you will make your dreams come true!

    Mount Vernon offers beautiful homes for sale

    If you are thinking about leaving life in big cities, Mount Vernon should be your next destination. This suburb of Washinton DC has a population of 13,490 residents. Due to its perfect location, this place offers plenty of opportunities for fun. Also, wooded and spacious landscapes give a sense of connection to nature that you are searching for.

    The road in Mount Vernon during the night
    Mount Vernon is popular among future homebuyers who love nature.

    Here you will find a wide range of housing options. Although the median rent in Mount Vernon is about $1,364, almost 80% of the population owns their homes. We believe that unique homes in nature are irresistible to homebuyers who are looking for something functional and special. The median home price in this small place is about $641,700, which is good to know when comparing renting vs buying a home in Mount Vernon. If you are lucky enough to find a home that you like in this place, our movers Mount Vernon VA will be glad to help you relocate. This is an ideal place to change your lifestyle completely. So, take a break from the stress, hustle, and bustle in cities and come to Mount Vernon.

    Will you pick Annandale to move to

    If you are ready to find a home in a small town in Northern Virginia, Annandale can be the place you are looking for. With over 42,220 residents, this small suburb of Washington, D.C., is a good place for families. Here you can enjoy a safe, well-kept, and beautiful environment. With low crime rates and top-rated schools, Annandale is a certain choice for parents who want only the best for their children. Many of your potential neighbors in this place will tell you Annandale is a place that has diversity, different job opportunities, and a strong community. People here are nice and welcoming, which is one of the reasons why you should not hesitate to hire our experts from one of the top moving companies Annandale VA. When it comes to your housing options in this place, you should know that buying is a better option. The median rent here is about $1,673, which is more than the Northern VA average rent of $1,231. You can find a home for sale in Annandale for about $502,900. So, opt for buying a home if you decide on moving to Annandale.

    Choose Centreville and you will not regret it!

    If you would like to be a resident of a mid-sized historic city, you should get to know Centreville. This interesting city in Northern Virginia is one of those places where families keep coming. With a population of 74,230 residents, this is an ideal place for people who want to be close to all the needed amenities. Without the hustle and bustle of giant cities, this city will offer you excellent schools, restaurants, bars, and shops. If you have kids, you can count on many nearby playgrounds, parks, and daycare centers, as well as highly-rated preschools. This is a walkable place suitable for seniors and retirees, too. If you decide on moving to this magnificent city, our movers Centreville VA will be at your disposal. So, let’s see which housing option you should opt for.

    A person considering renting vs buying while looking at a colorful building
    Moving to Centreville is a perfect chance for purchasing a home.

    Not sure whether you will rent or buy a home in Centreville? We recommend you consider your needs. Although the median rent of $1,875 is more affordable than in many other cities in the country, it is still not cheap in the long run. On the other hand, the median home price in Centreville is about $447,000, which is optimal for many first-time home buyers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Could you resist the unique and small units in charming condominium buildings in Centreville? Or will you consider housing options such as quaint townhouses and massive country estates? We suggest you calculate your budget and consider your long-term plans to decide on renting vs. buying. One thing is for sure: Centreville is a place where you can stay forever. Many future neighbors will convince you this claim is true. Come and check if they are right!

    In conclusion

    Now that you know this information, we hope making a decision on renting vs buying a home in Northern Virginia will be much easier. One thing is for sure: Northern Virginia is a good choice for you if you need to start a new chapter in life. You will not make a mistake no matter what you choose! However, depending on your preferences and needs, you will need to be careful when choosing an ideal place in Northern Virginia to settle down. Good luck with your upcoming relocation, and make the most of it!

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