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    Considering the fact that an average American is said to move as many as eleven times in his or her life, the relocation process is still a nightmare for many people. So when faced with the prospect of relocation, many people start to experience stress and restless nights. But with Fairfax Transfer and Storage and our residential movers in Northern VA, you will get a chance to relax and enjoy every aspect of your move. We are a licensed and insured relocation professional that was established in 1959. Since then, we have handled more than 40 000 damage-free moves, and we keep adding to that number every day. Contact our team for support, request a free moving estimate, and experience a delay-free household relocation.

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    Your residence, as well as all of your items inside, is deserving of professional treatment.

    Fairfax Transfer & Storage provides you with a devoted team of movers

    When it comes to our company, everything that we do, we do with devotion. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we are as successful as we are today. All of the movers on our residential moving team are completely devoted to the job. We know this because we have hired our movers long-term – that’s how much trust we have in every individual that is on our team. Together, our residential movers in Northern Virginia make a perfect whole that is responsible for thousands of successful moving endeavors.

    While there are many secrets to our success, we firmly believe that one of the main reasons for our good reputation is our range of moving services in VA. All of our moving assistance options are geared towards our customers, as they aim to satisfy diverse moving needs. For a while now, we have been offering the following moving services:

    Our residential movers from Northern VA can pack all of your belongings, certain groups of items, or no items at all. Likewise, we can provide you with spacious and monitored storage solutions that will be the perfect temporary house for your items. How involved we are in your relocation depends only on you, your finances, and your wishes. We believe that you are capable of making the best decision for your local or long-distance household relocation. Of course, we are available for any type of consultation.

    Request an online or on-site moving estimate

    Fairfax Transfer & Storage is a relocation professional that has your best interest in mind. Therefore, we give you the option of obtaining a free moving estimate in one of two ways. For starters, you can visit our website and find a free online moving quote. Secondly, you can contact us to schedule an on-site moving estimate where we will come to your premises. No matter which option you choose, our moving representatives will aim to be as accurate and as quick as possible. That’s one of the best ways to describe us.

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    High-quality and cost-effective services are waiting for you with Fairfax Transfer & Storage.

    A personal approach is guaranteed with our residential movers in Northern VA

    The problem with many different businesses is the fact that they don’t adjust their services to their customers. Of course, it’s impossible to come up with a brand new set of services for every person, but it is more than possible to pay more attention to each person’s individual needs. With Fairfax Transfer & Storage, you won’ have to worry about being neglected. We provide each of our customers with a personal approach and a tailored moving plan. 

    Our Northern VA residential movers agree – your relocation is going to be different than everyone else’s. Therefore, a good plan needs to be made based on the circumstances surrounding your move. Rely on our experienced team to help you create the optimal plan that will precede a delay-free move. Our experts know all the pitfalls of an average moving day, which is why they will be successful in preventing all problems. Even if some problems do arise, our residential moving team will be able to solve them quickly and effectively.

    We have all the necessary resources for relocating different types of belongings

    When it comes to the relocation of your items, you need two things before anything else – safety and efficiency. You will be happy to know that we can provide you with both. Our residential moving team in Northern VA is fully equipped with well-maintained moving trucks, as well as moving straps and furniture dollies. The equipment we have in pair with the experience of our movers makes it easy for us to move your belongings in a safe and secure manner.

    A crew of residential movers from Northern VA packing a carpet
    Make sure all of your items survive the transport with our residential movers from Northern VA.

    Moreover, the list of the items that we can move is a long one. Due to our rich experience in the industry, we have successfully relocated different types of items. We excel in the relocation of fragile items, common household furniture, household appliances, as well as robust items. You can be certain that we will be the muscle behind your move, saving you from a day of heavy lifting. At the same time, we will also treat your items with a gentle touch that ensures they get the care that they deserve. With our Northern VA residential movers, you get nothing short of excellence every step of the way.

    Don’t worry about what’s to come – we got your back

    The majority of our past customers are more than happy to recommend Fairfax Transfer & Storage to their family and friends. To find out why our past customers have a positive opinion about us, all you have to do is contact us. It will be our pleasure to ensure you have a team of residential movers in Northern VA that you can fully trust. Let us do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy your household relocation’s positive aspects. You certainly deserve to enjoy the process.

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      Movers showed up on time and did an exceptional job! They were careful with our furniture, wrapping everything to make sure it moved without damage. Staff were polite and hard-working. We were impressed with the service overall. Great job!

      - Michael Kunzler

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