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    Moving with professional assistance is a great relief! Having trained movers take care of packing, loading the truck, and moving all your belongings to your new location significantly reduces the stress that relocating often causes. If you already booked services by moving companies DC area offers, you did the right thing. But, considering that relocation services are not always cheap, it is only logical to wonder if you should tip your Arlington movers. Or better yet, how much to tip. Since the usual 20% tip could be a bit too much for you, we’ve come up with some things you should consider when deciding how much to tip your moving crew.

    Should you tip your Arlington movers?

    The short answer is: yes. Tipping your moving crew is a way to reward them for their hard work. Movers’ pays are not always great, so showing them your appreciation for their help is nice. For your relocation with local movers Northern VA offers to be the best possible, consider these things when deciding how much to tip your movers:

    • are you happy with their service
    • are the movers on time and efficient
    • the weather on moving day
    • the complexity of your relocation
    using a jar to tip your Arlington movers
    You should definitely tip your Arlington movers.

    How happy are you with the service?

    When you decide how much you should tip your moving crew, think about how satisfied you are. Moving companies Arlington VA has at its disposal usually offer premium relocation services. If you are happy with the service you got, tip your moving crew accordingly. If everything went by perfectly, make sure to show your appreciation. You don’t have to tip the usual 20% if you are moving on a budget. Tipping 20$ per mover is alright for short-distance moves. However, if you are willing, you can always tip more.

    Are they punctual and efficient?

    If your moving crew arrived on time and got the job done quickly and efficiently, make sure to thank them with a tip. Finding good residential movers Arlington is not always easy, so when you come across them, appreciate them. Relocation is no easy job. There is a lot of heavy lifting involved, including carrying furniture up or down the stairs. Just imagine how tired you would be after a day of carrying your own boxes. Then remember that your moving crew has several such moves in one day. So, when they show up on time and do their job efficiently and with smiles on their faces- that surely deserves a tip.

    What’s the weather like on moving day?

    Working in various conditions is implied when you’re a mover. However, we all know how hard it is to do anything when it’s hot or freezing cold outside. Let alone doing a move. The weather is something we can’t ever fully trust, and although the forecast said it would be sunny on your moving day, that can change in a matter of days. Moving in bad weather is additionally complicated. Your moving crew has to work even faster to avoid any of your things being ruined by the rain or snow. If you happen to move on an extremely hot day, or in terrible weather, consider increasing your movers’ tips.

    red umbrella
    Carrying heavy boxes on a rainy day is nobody’s idea of fun.

    The complexity of the relocation

    No two relocations are the same. Your movers will have to work harder if you are moving long-distance, or you have a lot of bulky furniture and fragile items. If they spend the entire day on your move, consider giving your moving crew a more generous tip. This, of course, depends on your budget. But, if you have the means, it is always nice to reward the hard work someone put into making your relocation seamless and stress-free.

    When it’s ok not to tip your Arlington movers

    On the other hand, there are some cases when it is OK not to tip your movers. These cases are extremely rare if you choose a reputable moving company for your relocations. However, don’t feel obliged to give a tip if you got a bad moving service. It is fine not to tip your movers in the following cases:

    • your movers didn’t arrive on time
    • they were rude and unfriendly
    • they broke or damaged some of your items
    • if it took them significantly longer than what was promised to you to handle the move

    Things to do in addition to tipping your moving crew

    In addition to tipping, there are some more things you can do to make your movers feel appreciated. You can bring refreshments in a cooler, as well as snacks. Things like chips, fruits, protein bars can tide your crew over until it’s mealtime. Consider even providing some sandwiches or a meal even if the move is going to take several hours. You don’t want your moving crew to work hungry, don’t you? Another thing your moving company will appreciate is if you leave a good review. If you are happy with the moving service you got, take the time to write a short review online about the company.

    snacks in bowls
    Don’t forget to set up some snacks for your movers.

    In summary, as a general rule, you should tip your Arlington movers. Although there are some occasions when not tipping is justified, those are the exceptions, not the rule. Tipping your moving crew will show them that you think they did a good job. It is a good idea to ask how many members your moving crew will have in advance. That way you will know how much cash you will need to have on you. To ensure everyone gets their tip, hand the money to each member yourself. Happy relocation!

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