Tasks to Complete Before Putting Your Centreville Home on the Market

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    You have decided to leave Centreville for good, but you are not sure what are all the things you should do before selling your home. It is not only about a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. There are several things that you should focus on before even thinking of putting your Centreville home on the market. You should consider contacting movers Virginia as they offer plenty of services and can help you with all the difficult choices you have to make. For example, by using the Get Quote tool, you can easily get an estimate of your expenses and hire the best professional movers in your region. Let’s look at some other essentials you should consider doing before selling your place.

    Do research before putting your Centreville home on the market

    In order to be fully prepared for listing your home, you need to do some research. Make sure to check out what is happening in the real estate market. Perhaps your area is in high demand, and you should adjust your price accordingly. On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic has put everyone in danger and many people are cautious about moving. Many things can influence the market, so the best would be to check current trends. As this whole moving process can be tiring, the best thing you can do is hire movers Centreville VA. They are experienced, well organized, and they will make sure your moving goes smoothly.

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    Consider hiring some of the best Centreville movers on the market

    Hiring professional movers can be life-changing since you wouldn’t have to worry about all the heavy lifting and broken items. If they happen to break anything, they will pay for it! Take your time, as doing research is one of the most important steps before listing your home.

    Paint your walls

    Before putting your house on the market, you should make sure the interior (as well as the exterior) looks appropriate. Adding a fresh coat of paint is essential because it gives a new look to the space. Also, it can make your home look bigger and more welcoming. Moreover, it can hide all the little imperfections on the walls that were there for years.

    Perhaps you love your red kitchen wall or blue bedroom, but you should stick with neutral colors this time. Try to use beige and bright colors, as that gives an impression of a neat and tidy home. In the end, you have to help your potential buyers imagine living at your place in order for them to even consider buying it.

    paintings on a table
    Make sure you declutter before listing your Centreville property on the market

    Declutter your home

    After painting your home, it is also important to remove all the things that make it look messy. Pack all the furniture that you don’t need and as many personal items as possible. You may think that your family photos, toys, awards, etc. add a nice touch to your place, but overall you want to depersonalize your home, so everyone can picture themselves living there. You can use some of our delivery service Northern Virginia for packing all the fragile and valuable pieces. Our professionals will make sure to deliver all your items on time and free of damages.

    When it comes to things that you don’t want to keep, but also do not want to just throw them away, you can consider donating or selling. For sure, some of your friends and family will be happy to have something to remind them of you. Selling the items online has become usual and more and more people are choosing this way to get rid of unnecessary items.

    Hire a real estate agent before putting your Centreville home on the market

    You have done your market research, painted your walls, and reorganized the space. Congrats, you are ready for the next step! After that, finding a real estate agent can be really helpful as they are familiar with the current situation in the surrounding market. You can search for tips for finding a great real estate agent, so you are fully aware of all the things you should consider. Don’t forget, selling your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. On one side, you are leaving your Centreville home, but on the other, you are moving to another and, potentially better, place.

    real estate agent
    Find a realtor you can trust

    Little things that make a difference

    • Clean your entrance. People judge by first impressions. Make sure your curb is clean as this is the first thing buyers notice when they approach your home.
    • Add some plants. This will create a friendly and welcoming environment. You can also add a bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit.
    • Be aware of the smells. Perhaps you are a smoker, or you are living with a pet. Those things can be a deal-breaker, even if you don’t even notice the odor. Make sure to do some deep cleaning of your furniture and carpets.
    • Add more light. You would be surprised by the difference a lamp or two can make. Put them in strategic positions, so your rooms look brighter and bigger. You can even hide some damages by creating shadows!
    • Remove all non-essential items. Pack away all the big and small things that just create a messy look. If you need help with packing, you can always use the best packing services Northern Virginia has to offer and be worry-free about your belongings.
    • Fix the little things. Make sure that the doorknobs are not loose, that the toilets are running, and that the faucet is not leaking. All those things can give the impression that you didn’t take care of your home.  You should definitely take care of that before putting your Centreville home on the market.

    Double-check if you successfully completed all of these tasks before putting your Centreville home on the market. After that, the only thing left is to wait for the potential buyers to admire your home and put an offer on your house. Best of luck!

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