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    Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming experience. Leaving your current home and loved ones can cause different and mixed emotions. It is normal to feel excited and sad at the same time. But if you choose the right city for you all this will be much easier. Choosing a city like Burke should make you happy since it is the place that has so much to offer. Keep reading and find out what is the appeal of moving to Burke.

    Burke, located in Virginia, is a section of Fairfax County. Located only 20ml from Washington DC is the perfect to live in. It offers comfort and peace of suburbia, but on the other hand, it has the excitement of the big city. Because of that average housing prices have been increasing over the years. But it is definitely worth paying a little extra for the lifestyle that Burke can offer you. Proof of that is that more and more people located in the Washington DC area are deciding to buy homes here. Since it is such an amazing place to live in do not hesitate and find a reliable moving company that will relocate you to your new home in Burke.

    Education is the main benefit when moving to Burke

    If you are planning on moving to Burke with your family education is something that you should think about. It is known that Virginia has to offer excellent schools and schools in Burke are one of those. They are known for the academic excellence and great sports programs that they have to offer.  Also, what people appreciate in schools in Burke is the involvement of parents. The reason for such a good education that schools in Burke have to offer is the ratio of students per teacher. In Burke, this ratio is 4 to 1, while Virginia’s average is 14 to 1. This means that students get more individual attention.

    Teacher and kids in the classroom
    Burke is known for its academic excellence and great education system

    Also, some of the proofs of Burke’s excellent education system are:

    • math proficiency- Virginia public school has 72% on average while Burke’s 81%
    • reading proficiency- Virginia public school has 80% on average while Burke’s 91%
    • schools in Burke rank in the top 20% of Virginia public schools
    • 91% of teachers in Burke have three or more years of experience

    Natural beauty

    One of the appeals of moving to Burke is the natural beauty that this place has to offer. If you are looking for a town that has the benefits from the big city but it has clean air Burke is definitely a place for you. Burke has mountains up to 4000 feet where you can enjoy a walk or go hiking. Also, there is Burke Lake Park will take your breath away. It entertains anyone whether you like fishing, boating, biking, or camping.

    Trees and lake as one of the reasons for moving to Burke
    The appeal of moving to Burke means enjoying its natural beauty

    If you are fun of outdoor sports and recreation Burke can offer you that as well. Burke is equipped with sports equipment to exercise and do fitness outdoors. Also, if you like mountain biking and backpacking Pohick Creek Stream is the place for you. The benefit of living in a place that has such natural beauty is the playgrounds that you can find for your kids. Natural beauty is something that makes this place unique so contact movers Burke VA to help you to relocate and start enjoying its nature.


    When choosing a city to move one of the important aspects is what that city can offer you in your free time. The benefit of relocating to Burke is that you will not have to worry about activities that you can do. This town lets you enjoy all the entertainment that a big city has to offer without giving up the advantages of living in a less crowded city. This place has so much entertainment from cultural events, festivals, dining options to shopping. To start enjoying Burke right after relocation use moving services Northern VA and don’t worry about unloading and unpacking. Just go out and experience the vibe that city has.

    Moving to Burke because of art

    If you are an art and poetry lover Burke is the place for you. From Burke Art Gallery to Fairfax Station Railroad Museum there is just enough for anybody who appreciates art. Also, the Fairfax, known as a host of many cultural events, is just 5ml away from Burke. Go there and give support to their local artists and musicians.

    Moving to Burke because of shopping

    On the other hand, if you prefer more shopping than cultural events, Burke is still a place for you. The appeal of having great shopping malls and shops that this place has to offer is one of the reasons to relocate to Burke. Whether you like to shop in the mall or the small shops, Burke will offer both exclusive stores and affordable ones.

    Moving to Burke because of dining

    When it comes to dining Burke has plenty of choices from fresh food to fast food chains. In Burke, you will find a lot of winery boutiques to enjoy wine and diner. Also, there are breweries and distilleries that are slowly standing out regionally and nationally. But certainly, you will have a chance to try authentic cuisines from different parts of the world.

    Two girls having food and drinks in the restaurant
    Burke has to offer a variety of dining options

    Climate in Burke

    If you are using local movers Northern VA, you already know about the amazing climate that Burke has. It has a four-seasons climate so anyone can enjoy it. What is important is that there are no extremes in the temperatures. So you can enjoy it whether you are a summer person or a winter person. Use this climate to go ice-skating in winter, picnics in summer, and romantic walks in parks in autumn.

    To sum up, Burke is a very charming place where anybody can fit in. From picturesque parks, lakes, and waterfronts to charming restaurants and bars it offers a little bit for anyone. So if you are hesitating even a little bit, you shouldn’t. Moving to Burke will not be a mistake, it will be the time of your life.

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