The best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia

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    After the wedding, a new life begins for the newlyweds. More precisely, they start a new, join chapter in their lives. And a new beginning often means a new place to live. That being said, North Virginia was declared one of the best states in the U.S. for newlyweds. And if you were wondering which are the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia itself, Fairfax Transfer and Storage has an answer to your questions.

    Why is North Virginia the best place for newlyweds?

    We can say that Northern Virginia is one of the best places to live in the USA, and 3.16 million people who live here can confirm this. If you are planning to move to another state, Northern Virginia is a place to consider. All those who are looking for a small and quiet places, that still have many interesting things to do, are welcome here. Moreover, our local movers Northern VA revealed to us that this state is a favorite of all those who love to shop, because it has a large number of shopping malls, luxury stores, country markets.

    Any part of Virginia can be a good choice for newlyweds, just choose the right one for you!

    What Northern Virginia can still offer you is an affordable cost of living, good schools, many opportunities for work and a career, as well as many other things that make this place ideal for newlyweds, young people, and young professionals. Although the cost of living index in Virginia is over 104.9, Virginia is still one of the most affordable places to live. Also, monthly living expenses are around $2,390. While real estate prices are 10% higher than the national average, they also average around $450,000, and rental prices range from $1,190 to $2,500. But costs of living are not the only advantage of living here, as Northern Virginia also has many interesting and romantic places to visit. By now, you’ve seen several reasons why Northern Virginia is a good place for newlyweds. And now we will introduce you to some of the best places to live here.

    Lorton is one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia

    If you and your partner have decided to start your life together in a quiet place that is at the same time an ideal place to raise your family, then consider moving to Lorton. If you are planning to start a family, then you must think about the safety of your children and their upbringing. And Lorton is exactly the place for newlyweds who want to start a family. If you decide to move, call moving companies Lorton VA. So, Lorton is a place with 20,950 inhabitants, and it offers many options for housing, as well as several housing options for seniors. When it comes to housing, you can find houses in Lorton for a price of $450,000. But there are also apartments for rent at a price of $2,000 per month.

    Young newlyweds and cat
    Lorton is an ideal place for newlyweds who want to start a family right away.

    What makes Lorton special is that it can offer you everything. Not only it has 28 highly rated public schools, but there are also some great career options. You can work your way up to good business opportunities where you can earn up to $107,000 per month. Also, Lorton is a very romantic place, which is another reason why it is a good choice for newlyweds. Here you can visit Manson Neck State Park, an ideal place for picnics and romantic walks, and Occoquan Regional Park, where you can enjoy long walks, boat trips, and many other activities.

    Alexandria – The most romantic place for newlyweds in Northern Virginia

    If you are newlyweds who want to enjoy themselves, then Alexandria is the place for you. This is a little paradise for young couples and also one of the most romantic places in all of Virginia. What makes this place so special is Old Town Alexandria. This is one of the most beautiful historic districts in the city, as well as the most romantic. It’s located right on the edge of the Potomac River and in close proximity to Washington. This place is a perfect choice for honeymooners, romantic dinners, and evening outings. And movers Alexandria VA recommend stopping by Bertucci’s for delicious Italian cuisine in a romantic setting.

    newlyweds in Alexandria, Northern Virginia
    Alexandria is one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia.

    Alexandria is also one of the ideal places to live, with many options for work and life. If you’re looking for a place where you and your partner can both enjoy and work, Alexandria is the place to be. In addition, Alexandria offers you many more romantic places that you must visit. These are Captain’s Row, The Waterfront at Founders Park, the observation deck at the Masonic Memorial, the lighthouse at Jones Point Park, and many others.

    Arlington – A place you can call home!

    Arlington is often listed as the best place for a younger population. The proximity to the DC metro area and the location of this small town are the main reasons to move here. And you’ll often wonder if you live in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia because all three places are in close proximity. When it comes to newlyweds, what makes Arlington the ideal place is all the possibilities this city offers when it comes to life, entertainment, and business.

    dinner for newlyweds in Northern Virginia
    There are many restaurants in Arlington where you can enjoy romantic dinners for two and celebrate your important moments.

    If accessibility, open space, comfort, a good location, and business opportunities are at the top of your list, then feel free to contact movers Arlington VA right now and start the process of your move. Because Arlington has everything necessary for the start of a new life for newlyweds. Also, here are some of the most beautiful romantic places, where you can have fun every day. Try roller-skating at Arlington Skateium, roller coaster ride at Six Flags Over Texas, and finish the night with dinner for two at one of the most romantic restaurants, The Melting Pot.

    Burke is also one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia

    For all newlyweds looking for safe and affordable housing options, our movers Burke VA suggest you consider Burke. Namely, Burke is a perfectly landscaped residential area in Fairfax County and is one of the most affordable places to live. Here you can find a large selection of apartments and houses both for purchase and for living. The prices differ, so they can go up to $500,000 for large and luxurious houses, while the rental prices are around $2,340 per month. This place is known for its parks, which are one of the main tourist attractions in Northern Virginia. Also, Lake James State Park and South Mountains State Park are must-visit places.

    Residential area in Burke as one of best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia
    Burke is the ideal place for your first family home!

    What Burke can offer all newlyweds are comfort, luxury, and lots of fun. In addition to enjoying walks through some of the most beautiful parks in this place, you can also enjoy Lake Accotink Park and visit the Resort Town Center, as well as the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Burke will give all newlyweds a feeling of freedom and a peaceful life.

    Chantilly – A place that has something for everyone

    Chantilly is a place for all generations. What is characteristic of this city is that it’s small and offers you everything like a big city. Accessibility, cost of living, and a healthy economy may be deciding factors for newlyweds to choose this city. Safety and a low crime rate are other advantages of this small town. And that’s exactly what most newlyweds are looking for. So, if that’s all, then you can start considering your moving options, which movers Chantilly VA, can really help you with. Also, the real estate market is diverse, and we are sure that you will find the perfect home for you!

    newlyweds in Museum in Northern Virginia
    For art lovers, this can be one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia.

    Also, Chantilly is a very interesting town, and you can really have fun there. This town can be an ideal place for family life. And as for entertainment, there is a rich nightlife with many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

    Manassas – Ideal place for newlyweds who love nature

    Manassas is a small suburb in Northern Virginia and is located at the intersection of two greenways that connect Washington and Evergreen. In addition, this is a place with lots of green space and many opportunities to enjoy nature in the Shenandoah and Richmond valleys. If you, as newlyweds, want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can consider moving to this place. Movers Manassas VA will be in charge of your move, and it’s up to you to enjoy your new beginning. Also, real estate prices are around $330,000, and rents are $1,300. which is the reason why people often move to this town.

    Couple doing yoga in nature
    Healthy life, nature, and yoga – The perfect combination for the beginning of a life together.

    So, what might be interesting for newlyweds are some of the best dating spots in Manassas. Big Xscape, Sky Zone, and Muse Paintbar are three of those places where you can enjoy yourself as much as you want. Whether you want to watch a movie, get away to nature, or eat a delicious meal and sample some of the best wines in town, Manassas is a place to be!

    Mount Vernon is also great for newlyweds

    We can say that Mount Vernon is a political place, but also one of the best if you want to live in nature and do agriculture. Many young couples move to Mount Vernon because they want to live a different life away from modern technology. And most often, they try to find farms and backpackers. And also, what is crucial for starting life in Mount Vernon is the very favorable cost of living. Real estate costs up to $300,000, while the cost of living for one person without a lease is around $650.

    Young couple at the ranch
    More and more young couples decide on a different way of life.

    In addition, Mount Vernon can be a good choice if you want to work in the tourism, forestry, construction, or manufacturing industries. Finally, Movers Mount Vernon VA has revealed to us that there are some of the best restaurants and cafes in the county are located here, as well as the historic home of George and Martha Washington.

    Annandale is a place with good business opportunities

    Annandale is Virginia’s fourth best city to live in. And that was judged by amenities, cost of living, crime, education, median household income, and diversity. What’s interesting about this place is that it’s also known as the “Korean Quarter,” where there are many bakeries, restaurants, and other businesses owned by Koreans. And also, Annandale is the most diverse town in Virginia. What can be attractive for newlyweds are the business opportunities that this town offers, as well as the good lifestyle and the fact that the cost of living is lower than the national average and lower than most cities in the same state.

    Young newlyweds working from home
    Annandale can be a great place for newlyweds looking for good business opportunities.

    The labor market in Annandale experienced an increase of 2%, and thus the income per household is about $80,000. The manufacturing industry is the primary activity. Annandale is more of a business town and doesn’t have many attractions. But there’s Montgomery Place, as well as the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. So, Annandale can be one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia, and if this place is your choice, moving companies Annandale VA are at your disposal. Choosing a place for a new beginning depends exclusively on interests, wishes, and possibilities.

    In the end, Fairfax County is the best place for newlyweds in Northern Virginia

    Almost all the places you’ve met so far are in Fairfax County. What you could conclude is that each of these places is different and offers different life possibilities. Also, as we said, the final choice depends exclusively on your interests and wishes. Also, the city of Fairfax itself is one of the best places for newlyweds in Northern Virginia, offering them various life opportunities. from business opportunities to entertainment and plenty of cafes and restaurants. So, whatever you decide and whatever city you choose, movers Fairfax VA can help you out. And finally, good luck in your married life!

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