The best VA cities for a millennial

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    Moving is difficult, even more so if you have decided to move to Virginia.  This beautiful state has so many great cities that it will be quite a challenge to decide which city to call home. However, Virginia has something for everyone. The cities in this amazing state are beautiful and diverse. Some cities are right on the cost, so you can go for a walk along the seaside anytime you want. Others are hidden gems and in the heart of the state. It doesn’t matter what is your idea of a perfect city, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in Virginia. So, here are some of the best VA cities for a millennial.

    A bridge over the James River
    Richmond is a unique and exquisite city with a lot to offer and that is why it is one of the best VA cities for millennial

    Richmond is a hidden gem in Virginia

    Even though it is a smaller and less-known city, Richmond has a lot to offer. Richmond is one of those places that we would gladly call home because of its abundance of opportunity, affordability, rich culture, and entertainment. The exquisite James River runs through the city, so the residents can enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Richmond is a very pretty city with four mild seasons, so you can enjoy the city’s beauty all year long. Due to everything that Richmond has to offer, it is no wonder that it has become one of the best VA cities for a millennial. If you want to escape big city life, without missing out on the big city opportunity, contact moving and storage northern Virginia and move to Richmond. Affordable living and carries opportunities are the things that appeal to young professionals to come and stay in Richmond.

    Richmond is a great city for those who pursue their dreams and won’t settle for less. It is a city for creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs who want to escape the bustle of a big city and settle in a hidden gem with a historic charm. Young professionals will find in Richmond whatever they are looking for given that the opportunity for career growth is endless.

    Enjoy sunny beaches in Virginia Beach

    If you go Southeast of Richmond you will come to Virginia Beach, another great city in Virginia. Virginia Beach is both – the vacation hot spot, but is also a wonderful place to call home. A stunning coastline is the first thing that attracts millennials to this VA city. Even though there is plenty of tourists on the beaches, locals know some amazing quiet spots where you won’t see a tourist. Besides the beaches, the city of Virginia Beach has impressive sport outdoor culture. During the fall, spring, and summer months residents and tourists enjoy rollerblading, skimboarding, kayaking or just walking their dogs. Virginia Beach is the perfect place for all millennials who are beach lovers. If you are one of them, wait no more, contact long distance moving companies northern VA, and start with moving preparations.

    Virginia Beach shoreline
    Virginia Beach is a fun city, ideal for people who love to spend time on the beach

    Norfolk is one of the best VA cities for a millennial

    West of the Virginia Beach, the state’s second-largest city is located – Norfolk. Once your packing service moves you here, you will see how many benefits this amazing city has. One of them is the fact that you can live in Norfolk while also being just a 30-minute drive away from Virginia Beach. Norfolk is a city full of friendly young people. Maybe that is because life in Norfolk costs almost half of what it costs to live in Washington D.C. Norfolk is also a city with impressive art and food scene. If you are looking for the best VA cities for millennials, Norfolk is a place for you. Young professionals who want to raise a family among friendly people should choose Norfolk to settle down. Life in Norfolk is affordable for families with kids. Plus, Virginia Beach and Washington are just a short drive away, so you will always have fun things to do with kids.

    Alexandria – a city you will love

    Situated just several miles south of Washington DC, Alexandria is a perfect city for young professionals. The economic growth over the past several years shows that the city has a bright future. What makes Alexandria one of the best VA cities for millennials is the job opportunity. Several high-tech corporations employ many people here. In addition, in Alexandria, you have diverse housing options, beautiful parks to spend time with family and friends, and many theaters and restaurants. If you are searching moving companies Annandale VA and moving to Alexandria with kids, you will be happy to know that the schools are highly rated. Alexandria is an amazing city with a lot of opportunities, and you should take it into consideration if you are looking for the best city in VA.

    University of Virginia
    In Virginia, you will find some great cities perfect for young professionals and families with kids

    The best of the best cities in Virginia

    There are so many great cities in Virginia. That’s why it is so hard to make a decision and choose one city in VA. Every city has something different to offer. Richmond is unique, Norfolk is for families, Virginia Beach has… well the beaches, and Alexandria offers many job opportunities. We have made presented you with some of the best VA cities for a millennial. Now, it is up to you to pick the one you prefer. However, it doesn’t matter which city you will choose, we know you will love it and be happy there.

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