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    It comes as no surprise that every place has its good and bad sides. Of course, people want to live in a place where good things outweigh the negative ones. And as such, people tend to use those pros and cons like an outline in order to know approximately what to expect from their new home. If you are moving to Springfield, VA, with the help of the local movers VA has to offer, here are some of the pros and cons of living in Springfield, VA.

    What is Springfield like?

    If you are interested in living in Springfield VA then you should first know some basic things about the city. This beautiful city is located in Virginia and is home to 31,339 residents (as of the 2020 census). It was founded back in 1847 and at first it was known as the “Springfield Farm”. Since then, the city has grown by leaps and bounds to become what it is today. It is home to many people of all demographics, making it quite diverse and rich in culture. The education in this city is also quite good, with public schools having quite high marks.

    A group of friends in a bar
    If you decide on living in Springfield VA, you’ll love meeting your friends in some of the many bars in this city

    And if that wasn’t enough, Springfield also boasts a long list of good-quality cafes and restaurants. So one could easily agree that living in Springfield, VA, is quite nice. As such, it comes as no surprise that residential movers in Northern VA have a lot of work and full schedules moving people here.

    Main pros of living in Springfield VA

    First, let’s start with the pros of living in Springfield VA. Although there are many things people think of as pros here we will mention only some that are more or less universal. In order to pick these advantages, we took into consideration the things most people who hire movers Springfield VA look for. Of course, not everyone will agree with us due to personal preferences. However, for people who like smaller cities and tight communities, this is a good location.

    Cost of living

    When people decide on a new place to live, one of the first things they look into is the cost of living. And as such, in most cases, this becomes one of the most important aspects! The cost of living in Springfield, VA, is lower than the national average. as well as lower than most cities in the state. While, of course, you can always find some areas that will be higher than others, it is not the case for the whole city. The overall average for housing costs, utilities, groceries, transportation in the city, average health care, goods, and services is lower. Driven by lower living costs, many people contact the movers DC area has to offer with moving as their ultimate goal.

    A woman counting money
    Costs of living have a big influence on people when deciding where they will move.

    The city is very safe

    If you are thinking about living in Springfield VA, one of your primary concerns would be overall safety. So, is zou were wondering whether Springfield is a safe place to live, the answer is yes! Springfield is actually considered a very safe place. When comparing the overall crime rate with the other cities of its size, it is significantly lower. On top of that, there are many other things and activities that are family-friendly.

    Of course, like any other city, some places are a little bit more dangerous than others. There is no such thing as a crime-free zone. But overall, Springfield is a great place place to live, work, and raise a family. If you look at the crime numbers in Springfield, it will be perfectly clear how secure you’ll feel here.

    Great educational system

    Education and the schools in Springfield are something every parent should seriously look into. The overall score for schools here is a “C.” For those parents who have decided that living in Springfield, VA, is something they want, that is a good sign. A “C” may not sound nice, but this score is actually considered pretty good on a state and national level. This is still above the average, and these school districts are constantly making improvements and finding ways to become better. After moving, the only thing you need to do is help your kid adapt to their new school life as best you can.

    Teacher living in Springfield VA writing on the board
    All parents want a good education for their kids, and take it as a big concern when moving.

    Cons of living in Springfield VA

    Of course, where there are good things there will also be some that are bad. And that also applies to cities. If you ask anyone who lives in Springfield, movers, cafe employees, restaurant owners, people from delivery service Northern Virginia, and so on, many will agree that there are not many bad things to say. But there is one con that has to be mentioned, and that is declining population growth.

    If you are living in Springfield VA you probably noticed that the population number has seen a steady decline in the past couple of years. However, a population decline can be influenced by a variety of reasons. Therefore, this issue is not always a cause for concern.

    Final conclusion on living in Springfield

    As you can see, living in Springfield VA is actually pretty nice. Crime is low, education is good, chances for employment are everywhere, and the costs of living are quite low. For people who are considering moving here, this is a good chance! The city is big but not too noisy, and at the same time, it has a lot of greenery. The nature around it is splendid, offering many outdoor activities. Families, especially those with young kids, will have a lot of family activities in the city and around it.

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