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    Statistics say that an average person will move 11.7 times in their entire life. However, whether you are a seasoned or a first-time mover, moving always takes a lot of planning and time to execute properly. Having in mind that moving is a stressful activity, we should do our best to organize a successful move. Most people presume that a local move is a lot easier to handle than a long-distance one, but that may not necessarily be true. So, to help you organize a successful local move in Virginia, the best movers Virginia has to offer have created this useful list of tips. But first, let’s see where people usually move to when moving locally in Virginia.

    Where do people move locally in Virginia?

    A local move is defined by professional movers as relocation with a distance that is no greater than 50 miles. Any relocation over 50 miles is seen as long-distance, whether or not you are leaving the state. Most people move locally to change the size of their homes, or they move because of work or school. Moving is a pretty common occurrence in Virginia, with around 300,000 people moving here locally with the help of the best local movers VA.

    People carrying boxes when moving
    There are many popular locations for moving locally in Virginia

    But, where do they go? Usually, people just move within the same city to a different neighborhood. Alternatively, they might move from the suburbs to the city or vice versa. Of course, some places are more popular than others when it comes to moving in the Old Dominion State. Here are some of the best places in Virginia people usually move to:

    Arlington is a popular destination for a local move in Virginia

    Arlington is one of the best places to live in Virginia, so it’s no surprise that many people relocate here annually. With a population of 236,000 residents, Arlington has a great urban feel and a diverse community. It is a safe city with excellent schools and great nightlife. Therefore, many people from both Virginia and other states decide to settle down here. Namely, people from smaller towns in Virginia, like Mount Vernon often move to Arlington in search of a change of scenery or new career. That is why the best movers Mount Vernon VA has to offer are usually very busy helping people with their local move to Arlington.

    Richmond, VA is another common choice for relocation

    Richmond is the capital city of Virginia, which makes it a popular choice for relocation within the state’s limits. Its job market is getting better and better, and the quality of education is improving as well. Besides, Richmond offers plenty of amenities to residents, and it is great for both families and young professionals alike. Therefore, people from West Point, Petersburg, and many other small towns in the vicinity prefer to relocate to the larger urban areas like Richmond.

    Richmond, VA
    Richmond is a popular destination for a local move in Virginia

    How can you conduct a successful local move in Virginia?

    After taking a look at where people usually move in Virginia, let’s now find out how they do it successfully. Organizing a local move should not be taken lightly just because the distance is not as great as with a long-distance move. Every relocation poses a different challenge, but there are some tips you can follow to make sure you have a successful local move in Virginia.

    Start preparing for your local move as soon as you can

    Before you start feeling overwhelmed trying to pack everything, take the time to make a moving plan. A proper moving plan should include all the moving dates and everything that you will need to accomplish before moving day. Remember to secure packing supplies and cancel all your subscriptions. Also, create a moving folder where you will keep all the necessary documentation. Finally, you can also make checklists to keep you on track while organizing the move.

    Declutter as much as you can before you start packing for your move

    Moving can be a costly endeavor, so there is no point in moving everything with you, especially if you do not need or want the things you will be moving. If you move unnecessary items, it will just add extra stress and it will increase the final bill of the move. You will also need much more time to pack (and then unpack) everything. So, try to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and declutter your apartment as much as you can before the move. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, and any other items that you no longer use. There are many thrift stores in Virginia, and you can take old clothes and books to one of the many Salvation Army locations.

    Hire a professional mover for a successful local move in Virginia

    Some people prefer to organize a DIY move, while others like to hire professional movers to help them with the relocation. If you choose to enlist the help of a professional local mover in Virginia, make sure to find the best movers for you. Get a few quotes from different movers and compare what services they offer for the same price. Also, make sure you are not getting scammed by doing thorough research on the company. You can also ask different movers for a free moving estimate before you decide on a company you’ll hire.

    Hire professional movers for a successful local move in Virginia
    Consider hiring a professional moving company for a successful local move in Virginia

    To sum it up, moving locally is usually no different than moving long-distance when it comes to planning and preparation. Moving locally may be cheaper simply because you are covering a shorter distance between locations. Still, it should not be taken lightly and you should prepare well if you want to have a successful local move in Virginia. Make moving checklists, declutter as much as you can, and remember to do a lot of research on the moving company you plan to hire. Hopefully, you will have a successful move by following our tips.

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