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    You are finally moving from Chantilly to Lorton and as may already know, there are quite a few moving-related tasks you must cover before you can settle in. You should organize, create a moving plan, search for one of the moving companies Northern VA, sort out legalities, and prepare an adequate budget. It will take a lot of time and energy to complete everything before the moving date. So, today we will cover the basic steps you must take before you can start unpacking in your new home. Let’s take a look.

    Moving from Chantilly to Lorton and the logistics behind it

    The first step is to create your moving plan. The logistics behind moving from Chantilly to Lorton can be a bit complicated if you rush into it without a plan. Hence, you must create an inventory list and a moving checklist. Use them as a personalized guide toward a safe and efficient relocation. Start by inspecting your home. You want to be sure there are no obstacles that might slow you or your movers down. Then, check your attic, basement, garage, and all rooms inside your house. Gather all belongings and furniture and add them to your inventory list. You’ll need the correct numbers if you want to prepare enough packing supplies.

    a woman creating a plan for moving from Chantilly to Lorton
    Inspect your belongings and your home and list everything down on your checklist.

    Moreover, your movers Chantilly VA must know all about it. If there are any items that require special attention, your movers will take care of them. The same goes for the number of random household items. If you gather all the necessary information, your movers can create a better and safer relocation plan. Therefore, inspect everything, crunch your numbers, and call your movers to provide them with your finding.

    Search for a professional moving company

    There is only one way to secure a successful relocation. Yes, by hiring professional movers Lorton VA. Although, you can always make this a DIY project. But to relocate everything by yourself, you must rent a moving truck, pack everything alone, and drive the distance. The hardest part is knowing how to load a truck and drive it in the first place. Because of this barrier, people hire professional moving companies. And simply because it is affordable, time-saving, faster, and safer. So, when moving from Chantilly to Lorton you must find a reputable moving company. Find one on the internet and compare reviews, prices, and services. After implementing your search criteria, you will have the company you deserve.

    Remember, your movers must be licensed, knowledgeable, reputable, and with all the tools and means to operate. So, after you find a moving company you like, you should confirm their legitimacy and give them a call when ready. Communicate the details about your project and together decide if you can use their services or not. It depends on the price, location, availability, and more. Just call your movers and they will explain everything.

    Moving services

    Your moving package can be simple and affordable. But if there is a need for any of the exceptional moving services Northern VA then you should consider investing in the safety of your moving project. Moving services are quite useful to those who have robust furniture, unique items, or expensive ones. Therefore, check out the following and figure out if you can apply one of them to your moving situation:

    • Local and long-distance relocations.
    • Residential moves.
    • Commercial relocations.
    • Packing services.
    • Storage solution.
    mother and a daughter packing
    You can pack by yourself or utilize moving services to skip the entire thing.

    Some services are more viable than others. You’ll find amazing services at affordable prices but more importantly, most of the services will make your relocation easier and more comfortable. That is the purpose of it so please check with your local movers if they provide all the moving services you require.

    Packing safely for moving from Chantilly to Lorton

    The packing process was always the biggest problem when relocating home. The bigger the home, the harder it gets. So, you should decide right from the beginning if you are covering this task yourself or enlist movers to do it instead. You can purchase packing services and let your movers pack and unpack in a matter of hours. Despite being affordable, not all of us can utilize packing services. So, this means you must get ready to pack by yourself. Begin by purchasing all the moving supplies you need. There are cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and labels. Those are the basic materials that should cover all your packing needs.

    You can order everything online, purchase from your movers, or buy at the local hardware store. Do it as you like as long as your materials are delivered on time. Once they are delivered, start packing room by room in any order you feel like it. Usually, the easiest way is to pack the most complicated rooms such as the kitchen, attic, basement, garage, and more. Basically, get out of the way of all areas that have many small items to pack. Or cover the heavy furniture first. All in all, you should pack at the pace you are most comfortable with and pack those areas that you think are important to be covered first.

    Keep your moving budget healthy

    At some point, you must think about your moving budget and its size. This can be a large investment if you are moving long-distance with a big family and many items. Large-scale relocations are obviously more expensive than small ones. So, once you evaluate your relocation plan and consult with your movers, you’ll have the moving quote and price of all moving services included. From that point, you can decide whether you want to invest more or save up a bit. You can add more moving services and enjoy the entire process without stress. Or focus on saving where is possible.

    man counting dollar bills
    Realize the moving costs, lower them where you can, and prepare an adequate moving budget.

    Firstly, you can save a lot if you pack by yourself. Then, you can use reusable packing materials that you can easily find online. And you can declutter and downsize. The last option will save you quite a bit. Simply set aside all unused, broken, old, or not-needed items. Decide if you want to sell them online, sell in the garage sale, recycle, give away, donate to charities, or something else. Whatever you do, it will result in easier and cheaper packing. Moreover, you will have more space in the moving truck and in your new apartment.

    Welcome to Lorton!

    Welcome to Lorton, a place that was home to one of the greatest US presidents, George Washington. This place is diverse, welcoming, family-friendly, and rich with history. You’ll find many historical landmarks, outdoor things to do, amazing shopping opportunities, some of the best restaurants in the country, and rich nightlife. All in one to be honest. Lorton, with around 20k residents, is full of job opportunities and great career moves.

    Schools are amazing as well because Fairfax County School system is one of the best in the entire US. As for the income, you’ll sit at around $105K per year which is above the national average. And you will be able to afford a new home for $450k and above. The cost of living is exactly in the middle when compared to the national average. So, when we draw the line, you’ll get a better paycheck, affordable homes, and fairly cheap costs of living. A great place to live and raise a family in.

    You are ready for moving from Chantilly to Lorton. Now you know more about the place and you know how to pack and prepare for the upcoming relocation. Focus on finding a good moving company and nothing will stand in your way. Good luck and have a great time in Lorton VA.

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