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    You just finished your college education and are ready to begin a new chapter of your life. It’s time to start working full-time and start a family! After carefully picking out the best places for you to live, you choose a town in Virginia called Chantilly. It might be a completely new place for you, or it might not! Nevertheless, movers Virginia suggest doing a little research before moving to Chantilly. It is best to know exactly where you are headed and what opportunities might arise. Therefore, here are some tips for moving to Chantilly after college!

    Get to know Chantilly before moving

    Chantilly is a town in Northern Virginia, located in the County of Fairfax. It is named after an early-19th-century french mansion and farm Château de Chantilly. Additionally, it is located near the capital of the US, Washington, D. C. Chantilly has a population of 23,375 and is classified as a small-to-medium-sized city. If you are not a fan of bigger cities, Chantilly is a great option for you! Before moving to Chantilly after college via local movers VA, you should get to know it a bit more. Other than the basic information regarding this town, you should also research its:

    • Weather
    • Costs of living
    • Schools
    • Nature
    • Nightlife, etc
    Château de Chantilly
    Chantilly got its name from the Château de Chantilly mansion.

    Weather- consider it before moving to Chantilly after college

    The weather in Chantilly is not for everyone, but can be quite nice! After residential movers in Northern VA drop you off, you will realize Chantilly has a continental climate, because it is located northwest. This means there are 4 distinct seasons. Summers can be a bit humid, and this also means summers aren’t too hot. However, winters can get quite cold, but not as cold as some other places. You need to be prepared for all types of weather: snowy, rainy, and sunny! You can say, Chantilly has pretty balanced weather.

    The cost of living

    Surprising to some, but the cost of living in Chantilly is not the greatest. The median home value is a little over $500.000 and The median household income is around $120.000. The tax rate is a bit lower, around 6% which compensates for the more expensive cost of living. Homes are usually owned and not rented and the prices are pretty standard.

    A person holding money
    The cost of living might be one of the most important things when choosing where to live.

    Top-quality schools in Chantilly

    Chantilly is not famous for its schools, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t top-notch. Although you have just finished college and movers Chantilly VA has just helped you set down, you would still want the best education for your kids. There are a few schools in Chantilly, but most of them are ranked pretty highly. Kids are usually pretty eloquent and the schools also focus on IT. If you are a parent with kids, getting the right education can mean a lot in the long run. So choosing a state with a good education will be detrimental.

    Nature and a lot of outdoor activities

    If you are an indoor person, you might want to sit this one out. Chantilly is known for a lot of parks and nature reserves which are great for adrenaline-driven activities such as hiking and camping. You can enjoy some beautiful scenery and explore nature completely. Moreover, there are a lot of sports activities for high schoolers, as some of the most famous teams in the US are from Chantilly High School Varsity.

    Expect less nightlife when moving to Chantilly after college

    We have previously mentioned that Chantilly has a population of  23,375, meaning it is far from being the biggest city in the US. People describe Chantilly as a family-friendly city with lower crime rates. Chantilly is also famous for its diversity! There are a lot of different and unique people living in Chantilly, and meeting them can be fun! For being such a small town, Chantilly has pretty decent nightlife. There are a few places you can go to on Friday nights with your friends. Additionally, there are also good restaurants and diners you can go out to eat. However, don’t expect a booming nightlife with many tourists. Chantilly is overall a pretty chill place.

    2 choice signs
    It is important to mention the negative sides, not only the positives. That way, you can be completely prepared when moving to Chantilly after college!

    Cons of living in Chantilly

    • The traffic- if you don’t want to be late everywhere, make sure to leave earlier than planned. The traffic can get pretty bad, so find the best routes and avoid getting stuck in the traffic.
    • Property prices are pretty high. If you are moving to Chantilly and are already in debt, you might not be able to get your dream home that soon.
    • Severe storms can occur. Since the weather is pretty balanced, that means there is rain occasionally. However, sometimes instead of rain, big storms can occur, especially during fall. Rain will not harm your property that much. But if you get easily scared of thunder, good luck!
    • You can get bored pretty easily. As it is pretty common for smaller towns, there aren’t a lot of exciting and adventurous things happening. You quickly get used to living in Chantilly. If you are moving with your family, it might not be a big deal. However, if you are moving by yourself, that can be important, especially for younger people.

    Moving to Chantilly- the conclusion

    If you choose Chantilly, these are some of the basic things you need to know before moving here. Chantilly is a family-friendly city. So, if you are moving to Chantilly after college and starting your family, you have chosen correctly. It is affordable to live in, has nice schools and beautiful nature. In Chantilly, you can have a decent and content life, whether you move alone or with your family. Good luck, and we welcome you to the State of Virginia!

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