Tips for moving to Woodbridge as a single parent

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    Moving is too complicated and demanding without additional complexities. Families have more concerns when relocating with their kids. Then think about moving to Woodbridge as a single parent. You are to handle every chore and take care of the kids simultaneously with no spouse to help you. That has to be quite difficult. Hence, you are expected to pay attention to more things. With this in mind, discard the idea of moving on your own. As a matter of fact, movers in Virginia can facilitate the whole process to a great extent. Therefore, find yourself a reliable ally and make sure you end up completely satisfied with your move.

    Are you ready to make decisions on your own when moving to Woodbridge as a single parent?

    Let’s be realistic, being a single parent is already strenuous in everyday life. Responsibility is huge. When it comes to moving, the obligation grows even more. So many things to think of. One less head for thinking and one less set of hands for packing. Therefore, what we can advise you is to start preparing at once. Use every help you can get. Movers Woodbridge VA are an excellent solution in every possible manner. Moreover, make a list of tasks you are left to do. Most importantly, pay special attention to your children.

    • plan
    • do the research
    • sort your belongings and pack
    • prepare your kids

    As you have already been accustomed to, start with a plan

    First of all, start thinking fast and write down the important tasks you must do. Find the best residential movers in Northern VA and make arrangements concerning your move. Decide on the best time to complete the relocation. Maybe the summer break is perfect for the kids. Still, be aware of the costs. We all know that moving at the peak of the season is really expensive. Thus, you must decide what is most suitable for you in terms of time and budget. After all, it’s hard to think of moving with just one source of income. Hence, you are to consider the possibilities of lowering the costs.

    a wallety with coins and credit card
    Saving money is one of the most important things when you are a single parent. Thus, plan well your move.

    How to reduce the costs of relocation?

    Relocating to Woodbridge as a single parent definitely demands careful analysis of the best possible ways to save money. We have thought of several that can be used well.

    • Use reused boxes from bookstores, liquor stores…
    • Instead of cushioning materials use newspapers. (Save newspapers ahead of time or ask neighbors to save them for you.)
    • If possible move out of the peak of the season.
    • Get rid of extra junk. Take only what is truly necessary.
    • Pack sandwiches or snacks for the trip.

    What is there to research?

    Well, let’s start from a new place. Research the hospitals, schools, parks, and neighborhoods, among many other things. In this case, your goal is Woodbridge, a family-friendly city with a population of around 52,000 people. It has excellent access to public schools. Thus you can choose from several excellent schools.

    • Pennington School
    • Occoquan Elementary School
    • Mary G. Porter Traditional School
    • Woodbridge High School

    Furthermore, your kids and yourself will be able to enjoy a variety of amenities and outdoor activities. A large number of shopping centers and restaurants are at your disposal. Though we could describe it as a busy city, we can also say that it has peaceful parks and countryside settings. Moreover, you can visit and enjoy several lovely places.

    • The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge
    • Prince William Forest Park
    • Leesylvania State Park

    As for the costs of living, the overall costs are approximately 20% higher than the average. A much bigger problem is the housing costs which are almost 40% higher than the national average. In case you plan to buy a home you should know the median home value is about $408,000.

    Take care of your belongings

    As we have mentioned earlier, put aside the items you no longer need or are damaged. You can always donate them, sell them if in good condition, or give them away to some friend. Believe us, this is an excellent way of smart money saving moving tips. Then, you can start packing. If your kids are teens make sure to use their help since packing can be quite tiresome. On the other hand, you can rely on professional packers as well.

    a boy carry a box while going down the stairs
    Additional help from your kids is always welcome. After all, moving to Woodbridge as a single parent is really strenuous.

    Talk to your children

    Be aware that your move to Woodbridge as a single parent isn’t difficult just for you. Your kids will feel the stress intensely. Thus, you are to talk to them and prepare them on time to make the transition as seamless as possible. One of the most difficult things is leaving friends and school. Smaller children tend to accept changes easier. Hence, what are your obligations with your school-aged kids?

    • Research the schools in Woodbridge. – Is the school in question close to your new home? Will your child like it?
    • Find out if you must enroll your kids earlier in some of the after-school activities.
    • Try to visit the school prior to the move to ease up the children’s anxiety.
    • Get copies of the medical and school records of your children.
    • Encourage your kids and show them confidence. Fear and worries are something they shouldn’t notice on your face.
    • Throw a farewell party for their friends. Let them know that they will stay in touch with them.
    teacher and kids in the classroom
    Give your children time to adapt to a new school and new environment.

    Do your best to diminish the stress of the relocation

    Altogether, moving to Woodbridge as a single parent can be quite stressful. Everything should be under your control. Not only will you handle the relocation process but also prepare your kids for the upcoming changes. Hence, being a single parent is demanding in every possible way. Thus, make sure to have a professional partner by your side to have more time to devote to your kids.

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