Tips for packing your shoe collection when moving

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    Did you know that the average man owns around 12 pairs of shoes? And, even more surprisingly, the average woman has about 21 pairs of shoes in her collection. Even though shoes make up only a small portion of all the moveable items in a household, they are important to us and should be packed properly. Still, how can we do that? There are so many different types of shoes, some of which are sturdy and durable, while others are more fragile. Keeping in mind that the average person moves more than ten times in their life, we should know how to pack all items safely, including shoes. To help you, some of the best Northern Virginia movers have created this useful list of tips for packing your shoe collection when moving!

    Know where you’ll be moving your shoe collection to

    Before you start packing your shoe collection for relocation, you shoould know where do all those shoes (and people) in Virginia go. Many people move in and out of Fairfax County annually. In recent years, there have been more people leaving the county than moving in. Around 88,000 people leave Northern Virginia per year, but about 75,000 new people come. Most people who move away from Virginia go to the District of Columbia or Tennessee. However, new arrivals to Virginia usually come from the same places, with DC and Tennessee being the top areas. So, it is no surprise that some of the best moving companies Fairfax VA has to offer conduct most of their moves between these areas.

    Woman in hiking shoes
    Virginia is home to beautiful nature, so make sure to pack your hiking shoes

    There are many reasons people choose to move to Virginia. First of all, Virginia is Wine Country, and it is a dream destination for any and all wine lovers. It also offers beautiful scenery for nature lovers. Keeping that in mind, don’t forget to pack your best hiking shoes when you move there! What is more, Virginia is home to some excellent schools, both for lower and higher education. That is why many people who wish to pursue a higher degree move to Virginia. In addition to moving in and out of Fairfax County, there are many people who simply move within the same state or county, just to a different city or town. In fact, most of the moves that the residential movers in Northern VA conduct are local moves.

    Essential tips for packing your shoe collection when moving

    As we have already mentioned, shoes are important to us. Still, there are many different kinds and types of shoes, and they are made of different materials. So, they all require different care and they have different storage needs. We should know how to protect them when moving. And, packing them properly will help them get to their destination unharmed. Having conducted so many relocations, we have picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are some tips for packing your shoes when moving, and they work well for both local and long-distance moves.

    Get rid of unwanted shoes before packing

    When getting ready to move, it is a good idea to declutter. Getting rid of unwanted things will help you get organized better. It will also reduce the number of things you have to move, which will help keep the cost of moving low. Before you start packing, start off by sorting your shoe collection. Make sure to go through your shoes and set aside the pairs you no longer use or want. Depending on their condition, you may wish to throw them away, sell them, or donate them to charity.

    Organize your shoes ebfore packing your shoe collection when moving
    Organize all your shoes and get rid of unwanted pairs

    Make sure you have enough boxes for every pair of shoes

    If you have a large shoe collection, you will need plenty of boxes to safely pack up all the pairs. When packing your shoe collection when moving, you should pack each pair separately. This will protect the shoes from getting damaged during transport. For more expensive and sensitive pairs, you may wish to consider packing each shoe individually. Also, you may want to wrap each shoe in packing paper. Avoid wrapping shoes in newspaper, though. Also, stuff the shoes with packing paper or socks. This will help them to keep their shape while moving. If you consider hiring one of the best packing service Northern Virginia has to offer, then you will not have to worry about securing the boxes as the professional packers will provide them.

    Take special care to protect your shoes while you are packing your shoe collection when moving

    As we have said, different shoes need different care. Running shoes are more resilient, and you will probably just need to wipe them clean and put them away in a box. On the other hand, shoes made of leather and suede are more delicate. When packing these types of shoes, make sure to clean them thoroughly. Also, leather shoes can get creased if pressed, so consider placing them in separate boxes while moving. Also, consider investing in shoe shapers. You can also continue using them after you finish relocating.

    Clean the shoes before you start packing them

    If you are planning on keeping your shoes in boxes for a longer period of time, then cleaning all your dirty shoes is essential. Shoes can easily get moldy, and this can cause long-term damage. Before placing the shoes in boxes, wipe them clean. Spray them with antibacterial spray and make sure they are dry before you start packing them.

    Person cleaning shoes before packing them
    Clean your shoes thoroughly before packing your shoe collection when moving

    Stay organized while packing your shoe collection for moving

    While you are packing the shoes, try to label all the boxes clearly. This will greatly help you when you are unpacking the shoes after you move. Also, it can help you while you are settling in. Instead of opening all the boxes to find the shoes you need, you can just check the labels.

    As we have seen, there are some useful tips to follow while you are packing your shoe collection when moving. No matter how many shoes you have, you will be able to pack all of them successfully by following our list of useful tips and tricks. Remember that good organization is key while you are moving and not just when packing your shoes.

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