Top 10 places in Northern Virginia for young families

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    Virginia is a great place to raise a family because of its outstanding education. Numerous employment options, and plenty of outdoor activities. Historic reenactors and cobblestoned pathways can be seen just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C., in the towns surrounding the capital. Go a bit further and you’ll see the Blue Ridge Mountains and be able to sip on unique cider made from local apples. An appealing way of life is luring more and more residents out from downtown Washington, DC. There is no need to worry about the rising costs of living when you can get it all over the river. Before showing you’re best options, we have to advise hiring Northern Virginia movers. It will make your move smoother. So here are some of the best places in Northern Virginia for young families.

    Rosslyn can be a place for you

    Rosslyn, a walkable hamlet in the heart of the District of Columbia, is the ideal urban getaway for families. Rosslyn’s restaurants, pubs, and schools are all top-notch, and it’s only a short drive into the heart of Washington, D.C. Such advantages, of course, come at a price. People who love the city, hate commuting, and want their children to grow up. With easy city access, should seriously consider making this their permanent home. Taking a boat out on the Potomac River is a popular pastime in Rosslyn, which is located on the river. And as such is one of the most attractive places in Northern Virginia for young families.

    the best places in Northern Virginia for young families
    With this post, you will find all the places in Northern Virginia for young families


    Are you contemplating a move to the Fairfax County, Virginia town of Centreville? Centreville is considered Virginia’s Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in 2021, Centreville, located about 20 miles west of Washington, DC, is ranked 37th. Parks and trails, a nice atmosphere, and a strong sense of community are all highly regarded by the locals. Shopping, entertainment, and dining options are all within a short distance of any community you choose for your family. Especially if you hire movers Centreville VA, your move will be awesome even for your kids.

    Fort Belvoir

    Fort Belvoir is the largest and most populous of the military bases in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., thanks to the 2005 BRAC amendments. More than 150 organizations from all levels of government and every branch of the military service as mission partners at Fort Belvoir, which is under Army command. There are 250,000 people that live and work at Fort Belvoir. Even though Fort Belvoir is situated on ground originally owned by indigenous settlers (the Douge Indians), its closeness to Washington, D.C., and Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Potomac River mansion, makes its location unusual in that it emphasizes the origins of American history (about 5 miles). Movers Fort Belvoir VA also work around the clock to help any in need of moving services. Be sure to contact them if you need their service.


    The population of Reston, Virginia, is 61,147. Fairfax County’s Reston is one of the most desirable places to call home in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The majority of residents in Reston own their homes, contributing to the community’s urbane suburban feel. Movers Reston VA can and will give you all the info on the city you plan to relocate to. Reston features a wide variety of eateries, coffee shops, and public spaces, including a number of public parks. When it comes to politics, the residents of Reston are more centrist than liberal. There is a lot of praise for Reston’s public schools.

    a house on green grass
    You can find a beautiful house for your new family

    Virginia Beach

    The citizens of Virginia Beach have the highest percentage of high school graduates in the United States. There are a few drawbacks to living in this city, like the high cost of beachfront homes, which may be to blame. In addition to the beach, Amerigroup, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Stihl are just a few of the businesses that call the area home. The Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon attracts tens of thousands of runners, and your family can visit Mount Trashmore while you’re there. You can also wander through the woods and marsh at First Landing State Park while you’re there. As you can see Virginia Beach is one of the best places in Northern Virginia for young families.


    Suffolk, despite having the longest travel time of our top 10 Hampton Roads cities. Has the lowest percentage of money spent on the housing of the whole top 10. It also has the highest number of residents who have been living in the same place for the past year. Which suggests that it is a great place to start a family. The city’s economy relies on industries like Planter’s Peanuts and Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation for technological advancement. Many of the area’s miles of trails are ideal for families who enjoy bicycling.


    Chantilly is a perfect location for house-hunting Goldilocks who can’t decide whether to live in the city or in the countryside. Dulles International Airport is about seven miles away. So residents may enjoy some exercise at the nearby hiking and golf facilities. There are no convenient train lines from Chantilly to Washington. So you’ll need to bring a car and be prepared for the ride.

    Falls Church

    “The Little City” is the nickname given to Falls Church. A town of just 2.2 square miles, because of its little size. In spite of this, the folks who reside here appear to maximize every square foot. Every month of the year, the town hosts a farmers’ market for foodies. And there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from, including several Vietnamese options. Commuters can get to the heart of Washington, D.C., throughout the week by taking the Orange line or one of the city’s numerous bus lines.

    Located just outside of downtown, families can choose from historic colonial homes as well as newer construction. It’s possible to enjoy small-town living in Falls Church while yet being close to the city’s conveniences. So consider hiring movers Falls Church VA for ease of transport. Of course, the cost of living in Falls Church, where the average home costs over $600,000, is not cheap.

    skyline with fields
    You will find yourself enjoying the scenery


    Another Hampton Roads region municipality, Chesapeake, tops our list as a well-rounded alternative for families with small children. HSBC Financial Services, Sentara Healthcare, Cox Communications, and Hewlett-Packard are just a few of the large corporations that provide jobs in the area. Visit the Chesapeake Arboretum for free, or take a boat tour on the Intracoastal Waterway’s Dismal Swamp Canal.

    In conclusion

    Young families in Virginia can choose from a wide range of fun activities that are conveniently located around the state. Whether you’re a long-term resident or just starting out, there is a slew of desirable places in Northern Virginia for young families. Just be sure to check on the Better Business Bureau before hiring any movers.

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