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    At Fairfax Transfer and Storage, our mission is to enhance our customers’ moving experience by providing them with all the necessary information. Once Certified Moving Consultant performs the telephonic or in-home survey of your household goods, he/she has already begun the discussion about Valuation Options with you. Since there is quite a bit of confusion regarding the term insurance and valuation, we believed it would be helpful to explain the term valuation, why we use it and what it means to you.

    Rules and regulations moving companies follow are regulated by the states and the federal government. State of Virginia and the Federal Government require that movers provide their clients with a minimum amount of compensation for the goods being moved or stored. The problem occurs when someone mistakenly interchanges the terms Insurance and Valuation. While the two concepts are similar, there are major differences. Valuation Options protect the Moving Company and the Customer but it is not the same thing as “insurance” in the legal sense. Valuation of goods establishes a level of compensation for the goods being moved or stored in the case they get lost or damaged. Furthermore, increased Valuation Options reflect an increase in the level of compensation provided by Mover for an additional fee. Moving Insurance, on the other hand, transfers the compensation provided by the moving company directly to the insurance company using an insurance contract, in exchange for a specific premium. Moving Insurance costs are typically higher because of the coverage provided and the paper processing necessary to put it into effect.

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    There are several Valuation Options to choose from, so you can select the one that suits your moving-related needs. Fairfax Transfer and Storage can either replace, repair, or offer a settlement for any item that is destroyed, damaged, or lost. If some of your goods are repaired, they will be restored to the same or similar appearance and condition as it was prior to transfer. We may also opt to replace an item with one the similar quality and kind, or pay you for the cost of the replacement or repair. Whether you choose a Full Replacement Value Option or some other solution, we will do our best to meet your expectations to the fullest. Give us a call and learn more about Valuations Options to consider, our representatives will be happy to help you select the best solution.

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