Ways to make your Lorton home more accessible

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    It doesn’t matter the reason why you are trying to make your home more accessible, what matters right now is to know how to do it properly. If you have some elderly guests arriving soon, or someone with a disability, then you would want them to have a lovely time at your home. That is why you should think about ways to make your Lorton home more accessible. Well, we know a lot about this topic, and we are ready to share it with you. Fairfax movers VA will now guide you through this process, so you can rest easy knowing that professionals are backing you up. Here are just some of the tips you can use.

    One way to make your Lorton home more accessible is to add grab bars to it

    Moving around your home as an elderly person, or someone with a disability can be hard. One small misstep can lead to injuries that can be bad. That is why you need to think about ways to prevent this. And what better way to do this than to add some grab bars around your home in key areas. They can make a big difference for anyone who is living in your home that needs help as well. Well, you can think about adding them to the bathroom, shower places that you could consider slippery, and stairs. This way anyone who needs help can move around your home more easily.

    making Lorton home more accessible
    Make your Lorton home more accessible by adding grab bars whenever you can

    Making your home more accessible can be a tiring process. Even more, if you have to move first. And if you have someone who needs assistance with it, it can be complicated to organize everything. This is exactly when you need to call Fairfax County Movers to help you out. They are more than experienced with these types of relocation, so you can rest easy knowing everything is under control. It means that you won’t have to worry about any possible moving issues. Because professionals are here to help you out. And that can mean a lot.

    Area rugs could be hazardous

    Did you know that these thick carpets can present a big challenge for anyone who is having trouble walking, or they are using a wheelchair? Yes, this can be a really bad obstacle they will have to overcome. If you truly wish to make your home a bit more accessible then these items need to go away. The last thing you want is to have tripping hazards in your home. Once you remove them, you will have a leveled surface that people can walk on without any problems. Remember, staying safe in your home should be on the top of the list of your priorities. That can mean a lot for anyone entering your home.

    These area rugs can make some huge problems even when you are moving your home. You can easily trip over them while carrying something heavy, and that can cause you a lot of issues. Once you get rid of them, you can easily move things around your home. Now, if you wish to make things easy for you then you can get professional movers to help you out. Especially when moving long-distance. The long distance moving companies Northern VA you hire for your move know exactly what needs to be done. They can organize everything without breaking a sweat, so you can rest assured everything will be OK.

    Door knobs can be an obstacle as well

    Did you know that these simple items can pose a challenge for people with dexterity issues? Or worse, for those with coordination impairment? In this situation, you should replace those door knobs with door handles. They are far easier to use for people with disabilities and are easy to hold. They will be able to open doors easier this way.

    a door handle
    Replace doorknobs with door handles

    Sometimes this can be a really good thing to do. Especially when moving. With one rubber band, you can hold the door open when you attach it to the door handles. That won’t let the doors close while you are carrying heavy items. And not only will that help you out, but your movers Lorton VA will be glad you remembered this. It can help you all if you are carrying some heavy and big items to the moving truck.

    Think about rearranging the furniture

    This is perhaps one of the most important things you should have in mind when arranging your home to be more accessible. When you are doing this, consider that you should make a clear path to every place in your home for anyone with moving impairments. That means that there shouldn’t be any furniture, rugs and other decorations laying around that could be an obstacle for anyone to walk around. This means that you need to think about this in advance. There are many ways you can arrange your home for people with disabilities, and you can follow these guides to the book. It will make sure that your home is safe and accessible for anyone.

    image of a living room
    Rearrange your furniture in your home

    Now that you know some of the best ways you can make your Lorton home more accessible, you can easily do it without any problems. This can mean a lot for anyone with a disability, or if you just want to make your new home more accessible for you as well. If you wish to learn more about this and find some good and interesting tips you can follow, then you can always visit our blog. We dedicated our time and expertise to write down some of the most interesting guidelines you can follow. It will help you organize everything without making any kind of moving mistake.

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