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    Moving locally or interstate? Want to hire a moving company to help you with your local or Interstate relocation? Are you searching the internet for the right moving company, and you constantly come across the phrase moving estimates? It may sound familiar to you, but you probably need further explanation. It is very important to get familiar with types of moving estimates since they will determine the overall price of your relocation. Moving estimate/quote is something that no relocation can go without. Every professional and licensed moving company offers different types of moving estimates, and the most common one is a binding estimate. In this article, our movers DC area will explain what a binding estimate really is. Stay with us and find out more.

    Why is it important to understand the definition of moving estimate

    Moving estimate, frequently called moving quote, is the term you will always find on every moving company’s website. But, what is it? Briefly defined, a moving estimate is a final price you’ll get after contacting your moving company. What is its aim? Well, its main purpose is to determine the overall cost of your relocation and each moving service you are about to use. You typically receive it after providing rough information about the number of belongings you want to move and the type of relocation service you need. 

    No contract should be signed without previously getting a moving quote. However, before signing the contract, you must get familiar with the types of moving estimates in order to decide what quote suits your requirements. When you understand its purpose, then you can easily plan your moving budget and calculate all the expenses. If you want to hire a reliable moving company, there are plenty of good residential movers in northern VA, get a free estimate, and plan your budget accordingly. 

    a couple planning budget
    Plan your moving budget accordingly

    Why do companies provide moving estimates and how to get one?

    Without estimates, neither you nor your moving company could calculate the expenses. The main point of moving estimates is to give both you and your movers an accurate and overall insight into budget outgoings. How to get one? Visit a company’s website, fill in the moving estimates form with some preliminary information about the size of your relocation, submit and get a quote. This is usually done via email or phone, and it’s almost always free. Also, this should only be a rough estimate. Moving companies prefer to inspect your home in person and then give you the final moving quote.

    Three types of moving estimates

    Before hiring a moving company, understand the types of moving estimates. Consider all their advantages and disadvantages and then contact a moving company to get a quote. Only if you understand the types of moving estimates, you’ll be able to determine what type to use and how to plan your budget. There are three types of moving estimates:

    • Binding moving estimate – a type of estimate that provides a fixed price based on the weight of your belongings. Read on the article to find out more. 
    • Non-binding moving estimate – this estimate, as its name indicates, is not bound to a contract, contrary to the binding estimate. This type is prone to changes. Use this type only to get rough information about the relocation price. Never accept it as a final estimate. If a company only offers this type of moving quote, then it’s probably a scam.
    • Binding no to exceed estimate – this type of estimate, as its name suggests, guarantees that your moving cost will not exceed the agreed amount. No matter whether you or your movers made a mistake in estimating the weight of your belongings, the price remains the same. However, this does not mean you can move a lot more things.

    If you want to calculate your moving expenses before contacting your moving company, use an online moving calculator. This calculator will give you a rough insight into what to expect. 

    Woman reading paperwork
    Get a binding estimate first and then calculate the expenses

    What is a binding estimate?

    A binging estimate is one of the best estimates you can get. Why? First of all, this type of estimate is bound by a contract, and there are no additional fees for using moving services. A company guarantees you a fixed price based on the weight of your items. If you agree to this estimate, you won’t pay a penny more than it’s stated in the contract. However, you won’t pay any less either, and even in the case when your inventory ends up weighing less. This type of moving estimate is mostly used for interstate relocation. However, keep in mind that you cannot put a lot more items than stated. In this case, the moving company has the right to require a new binding estimate.

    The advantages and disadvantages of a binding moving estimate

    The main benefit of this type of estimate is that customers won’t have to worry about the additional moving expenses. This makes it easier to plan the budget accordingly without stressing about being potentially overcharged. However, you may pay some extra money for such a service. Better that than getting additional fees. Fair enough. In the end, quality is what really matters. So, get a binding estimate from your local movers VA and ensure your peace of mind. 

    Binding estimate: What does it include?

    First of all, you should have a printed copy of your contract. The binding estimate must include the following things:

    • Company’s details
    • Type of relocation (local, interstate, residential, commercial, etc.)
    • Cost
    • Bill of lading
    • Information about the estimated weight
    • Moving service fees (packing, loading/unloading, storage, transportation, etc.)
    • Insurance fees
    • Discounts 
    • Fuel fees
    using calculator
    Calculate the expenses before signing the contract

    Contact us and get a free relocation quote

    Now that you got familiar with a binding estimate is, it’s time to contact a moving company. And whom better than Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Fill in the “get your free quote” form and let us contact you for the moving estimate. While you are waiting for our response check out our moving services. We offer different types of relocation services such as local, long-distance, interstate, residential, packing, and storage services. Our moving services Northern VA are at your disposal. Contact us today and have a safe and sound relocation at an affordable price. 

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