What is the average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month?

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    When people look for places they can move to they have to consider many different factors. Of course, among those things, one of the most important is the cost of living. After all, the cost of living is something that affects your whole lifestyle, so you should definitely look into it before settling down somewhere. Also, it is best to learn about it before you look for packing service northern Virginia movers offer. In order to help you out, here’s what you should know when it comes to the average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month.

    What is the cost of living?

    The cost of living is basically a specific amount of money you would need in order to cover basic expenses in one area. Those expenses need to cover accommodation, meals, taxes, and healthcare in that area for a selected time period. The cost of living actually shows the differences in living in different cities. As you compare the costs, you can easily see where it is cheaper to live.

    A man counting money for his living expences
    Living expenses need to be paid monthly and without them, we can’t live a normal life.

    It should come as no surprise that it is also connected to wages. There are cities with quite high living expenses, and to be able to afford that lifestyle, people need to earn more. So, it’s only logical you’d look into that before hiring some of the best movers in Virginia to relocate to Mount Vernon.

    Get to know Mount Vernon first

    If you go a little south of Alexandria, you will stumble upon the small city of Mount Vernon. This is where you’ll find many beautiful landscapes and attractions such as the George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate or Woodlawn Plantation. But even that’s not all, as this lovely city hosts a variety of different events throughout the year. Some of these events attract new residents, so currently, Mount Vernon has almost 14,000 inhabitants. The city’s growing popularity has also slightly affected the average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month. Although the effects aren’t quite noticeable at first glance they do exist!

    Accommodation prices

    There are always changes when it comes to the real estate market. And that’s not surprising, as the costs are easily affected by many outside factors. If you plan to rent an apartment in Mount Vernon, you could expect to pay from $1,387 to $2,445 per month, depending on the location and size of the apartment you choose. That’s above average for the state of Virginia, however, rent is still cheaper than in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metro area.

    Home in Mount Vernon
    The cost of living in Mount Vernon per month also depends on the type of accommodation you choose.

    If you’re looking to buy a home in Virginia, keep in mind that the typical house worth in the state is around $351,581 with a mortgage rate of $1,799 per month. However, buying an affordable property in Mount Vernon is a different story. Although it is a small city in Virginia, the home prices here are quite high in comparison to the state average! In fact, the average home in Mount Vernon is $520,625. Therefore, it seems that the movers Mount Vernon VA residents recommend are usually hired to help wealthier people move there.

    Utility costs

    When it comes to utility costs this is one of the rare things that are under the state average in Mount Vernon! In the state of Virginia, you would need around $392 per month in order to cover all of your utility expenses. A home cant is a real home if it doesn’t have electricity, gas, water, and internet. So those are the costs we need to cover every month in order to have a basic standard of living. In VA the average prices for them in a month should be around:

    • Electricity – $132
    • Gas – $105
    • Water – $36
    • Internet(and cable) – $119 

    That means the prices for those same utilities in Mount Vernon would be slightly less. Of course, this is something we need to know in order to pinpoint the average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month. As all of this information will leave us more relaxed while interstate movers Northern Virginia residents recommended are helping us move.

    The average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month when it comes to food expenses

    Virginia is a state known for its diverse and good food. But the prices of the said foods are not something everyone knows about. The average cost of food and drinks you buy in the supermarket in this state is around $3,538 in one year. In short, that price would mean that the monthly cost of food is around $295 per person. Of course, this is also something that depends on where you live.

    A family eating together
    The average cost of living in Mount Vernon per month also includes groceries and dining out.

    And for people living in Mount Vernon, this price may vary a little, as this beautiful city is slightly more expensive. But don’t worry; the difference is not big and likely won’t affect you much. Actually, if we hadn’t told you this, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed the slight price differences.

    Health Care

    One more important aspect of living costs is health care. On average, Virginia residents spend around $6,361 per year on healthcare services or $530 per month. Of course, this can be higher depending on the issue and the type of health insurance coverage that you have. But does the cost of living in Mount Vernon per month have the same health cost average? Actually, the average here is slightly lower that in the states. And sometimes even those small things can make a huge impact when it comes to health!



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