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    It is no secret that moving is quite a stressful and complicated project. It is also a well-known fact that doing it on your own can be even more difficult and time-consuming. That’s why hiring movers Burke VA is the right choice and the best way to go. Because reliable and trustworthy movers can help you with packing, loading, and unpacking tasks. However, people are often worried about whether they will make the right choice regarding the movers. But you don’t have to fear, because we’ve prepared a list of important questions you should ask your Burke movers. So, read this article and find out how to hire the best possible movers.

    Start with writing down all the essential questions you should ask your Burke movers

    As with many other moving-related tasks, our advice is to start by writing down every single question you want to ask your Burke moving company. By doing this simple task, you won’t have to fear that you’ve forgotten something important. Because often, when we fall under the pressure of moving, we can skip or forget an important question. So, write down everything that comes to your mind and then prioritize your questions. And one of the questions you should ask your movers should be if they are the best commercial movers Northern VA has.

    Person writing in a notebook
    Make sure to put all the questions you want to ask your Burke relocation experts onto a paper.

    One of the first questions to ask your movers is about license

    There is no doubt that experience is one of the most important qualities of your potential movers. But also, you shouldn’t forget about the reliability and legal part of the moving company. Hence, the first and the most important question to ask your Burke relocation pros is about their license. By asking this simple question in the beginning, you’ll avoid potential scams and frauds. Also, while asking this, you can ask the movers about their registration code, known as the USDOT number. If the movers you are considering handle only local relocations, you should check them with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Although you might think this step is unnecessary, we advise you to do it and avoid any worries afterward.

    Ask your Burke moving company about the experience they have in the business

    Another important question that can tell you a lot about a particular mover is about their experience in the business. Because by knowing their business history, you’ll know whom you are hiring and what you can expect. So, this should be another important question to ask your Burke movers. However, it can happen that the moving company you’re considering is avoiding the answer to this question. If that is the case, then it can be a sign that they are hiding something about their moving business. Furthermore, continue and ask even more questions, even though they aren’t quite as important. That will give you more information about them and help you to avoid fraudulent movers in VA.

    Ask your movers about the moving services they provide

    After you’ve checked the liability of the moving company, the next question you should ask your movers is about their moving services. That means that you should check if they can provide services such as moving and storage Nothern Virginia. Or any other moving service that you think you’ll need for your relocation. Also, you should ask them if they have enough experience with your type of relocation. Finally, you can ask them to recommend some of their moving services, depending on your type of relocation. Any reliable mover will be happy to do it for their potential customers. Even more, if you have some special items like a piano, antique furniture, or pool table.

    Person writing during a meeting
    Don’t hesitate to bring your list of questions to a meeting with your potential movers.

    Remember to ask about a moving quote

    Another essential question you should ask your movers is about a moving quote. And that is the question you should ask after you find your ideal moving company. By asking this particular question, you will find out whether it is a binding or a non-binding estimate. But first of all, you will need to know a moving quote so you can plan your moving budget accordingly. However, if you aren’t sure what are the differences between moving quotes, here’s a little help.

    What’s the difference between binding and non-binding estimates?

    • A binding estimate is a type of estimate that ensures how much you’ll have to pay in the end. This kind of estimate will ensure you avoid additional charges along the way. Because the price that you got originally will be the price you’ll be paying after the work is done.
    • A non-binding estimate is the kind of estimate that is the most common when it comes to relocations. It means that the estimated price you got at the beginning will change depending on some factors. However, this type of estimate has its challenges. Because, for instance, if your movers need more time to move your items, you will pay more than arranged.

    Don’t forget to ask about the movers’ references

    Another important question to ask your Burke moving pros is about their references. However, you should do your work as well and do your online research about them. Also, you should check their online reviews and make sure they are true. But if the movers can provide you with credible references, then it is a big plus for them.

    Man reading a paper with a laptop in front of him, preparing questions to ask the movers.
    Do a thorough research of the movers you plan on hiring.

    Final questions for your movers

    After you’ve gathered all the right information, your last question to your movers should be direct. And it should contain the question about how much you’ll pay for your relocation. After they give you a final price, ask them all the additional questions you might have. And those questions can be about the possible additional costs or what type of insurance they can provide you with. All these questions are important and worthy to ask your Burke movers about.

    Now that you’ve read our list of important questions, you are ready to make the best possible choice regarding your movers.

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