What Should You Do Immediately After Your Move? Questions to Ask

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    The boxes are stacked neatly in your new house and the movers are carrying the big-ticket items in. Now what? Before you do anything else, take a look at the questions to ask immediately after you move.
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    What should you do right after your move? Unpack your belongings!

    Is Everything Here?

    If you started your move off with an inventory, the first step is easy. Consult your spreadsheet, list, or app, and check off each item, box, bin, or piece of furniture.

    Ideally your home inventory will include rank by importance or value. This allows you to quickly and accurately search for important or pricey items and sure all your valuables made it to your new house.

    Is Everything in Acceptable Condition?

    Now that you know your boxes and bins are in your new home, make sure nothing is broken or damaged. Whether you pack up your car, use a moving company, or try a combination of the two, accidents can happen.

    A bumpy road, a car swerving in front of the moving truck, or other road hazards can cause your belongings to bump together — potentially resulting in breakage.

    Open your boxes/bins and inspect breakable items immediately after the move is complete. If you purchase moving insurance beforehand, it can help to offset the costs of replacing or repairing damaged items. Even though this coverage offers basic protection, it may not pay for all types of damage. If you choose to add this option, carefully review what’s excluded before the move.

    Is Everything in the Right Place?

    You hired a mover to do the heavy lifting. From start to finish, the movers were there to help you. This includes after they carry your boxes and furniture off the truck. While reorganizing smaller boxes and bins isn’t a major issue for you to do on your own, moving heavy items and furniture is.

    Instead of asking the movers to place everything in one central location, help them to understand where everything goes. This means directing the movers to the not-so-obvious rooms in the house. Bringing a box labeled kitchen into the room with the sink, stove, and fridge is easy. But finding the home office, spare bedroom, or second bathroom isn’t always as straightforward.

    Is Everything You Need Right Now With You?

    Packing an essentials bag is an easy way to keep what you’ll need immediately within arm’s reach. This bag could include anything from your toothbrush, towel, and shampoo to your child’s favorite toy or bed sheets.

    Make sure the bag isn’t mixed in with the rest of your belongings. With all the other items the movers will bring in, it’s easy to add your essentials bag to a pile of stuff for storage. Avoid an unnecessary scavenger hunt, and place your bag in a secure location. Go through the bag and make sure everything you need is actually there. If not, look to your home inventory for clues as to where the items are.

    Does Everything in Your New Home Work Correctly?

    If you arranged to have the utilities turned on prior to the move and have already had an inspection, flick on the lights, try the heater or air conditioner, run the faucets, open the fridge, and start the stove.

    If something doesn’t turn on or work correctly, start with the utility company. Verify the turn on date and time. It’s possible the utility company will turn on your electricity, gas, or water — but later in the day, on their schedule.

    Along with the utilities, renters should note any pre-existing damage. Take pictures of the damage and contact the landlord or realtor immediately.

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