What to do with leftover moving boxes after moving from DC?

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    After every move and unpacking, your new home will be full of packing materials. There are various ways how you can reuse all packing materials. The wrapping paper and Styrofoam peanuts are not taking much space. So, you can easily store them for later. They are good material for DYI projects. With a bit of creativity and some glue, you can repurpose them. You can create anything, from wall pictures to gift wrappings. It is a bit harder to decide what to do with the leftover moving boxes. They are taking much more space. And you can’t keep them scattered around the house endlessly. If you were using the regular cardboard boxes like movers Virginia use, they will remain in good shape. And that is giving you more possibilities.

    Leftover moving boxes - a moving box, green glass with flowers and some decorations in front of the window. 
    If your boxes are in good shape you can use them

    What to do with the leftover boxes that are damaged or torn?

    The low-quality boxes usually get damaged during the move. So, you can’t do much with them. They can’t be reused. Also, they are not good for DIY projects. So, the best way is to recycle them. Check at the town website about the garbage pickup days. You can leave these boxes in ordinary recycle bins. Also, you can ask your movers. They usually know what the best recycling possibilities are. However, before disposing of the leftover boxes, make sure to break them down. So, they can be easily transported. If you are living in a house, you can contact the debris pickup company. They will haul the torn boxes away.

    What if you were using high-quality cardboard boxes?

    If so, there is a high probability that your cardboard boxes are well preserved. This further means that you can keep, donate, or sell them. Or you can repurpose them. And find a new use for them in your new home.

    Keep the boxes for your next move

    You can keep them for your next move with residential movers VA. However, it makes sense only if you plan to move out again within a year or so. In that case, flatten out the cardboard boxes and store them. But make sure they will not be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight. Also, take care that they don’t get destroyed by cockroaches, termites, or worms. The best is to place them in tick, large and well-sealed plastic bags. That way, you will save a lot of time during your next move preparation period.

    A cardboard box with a tag reading “Storage”. 
    Use good cardboard boxes to make home storage.

    You can keep moving boxes for various DIY projects

    If you are not planning to move soon, you can anyway keep the moving boxes. There are so many DIY projects where they may be handy. So, instead of buying some cardboard for a project, you will already have it. Here are several DIY ideas:

    • Gift box
    • Castle for the kids
    • Frame for pictures
    • Box for the kid’s toys

    Also, your kids will enjoy doing the DIY projects on their own. And you will easily supply them with the cardboard they need. Give them duct tape, leftovers of Styrofoam peanuts, and wrapping paper. That will help them in developing their creativity.

    Use the cardboard boxes for storage purposes

    Well preserved cardboard boxes are excellent for storing your surplus things. If you have space in your new home, organize the home storage. You can use space in the basement, attic, or vacant space under the staircase. Only make sure that the boxes with surplus things are stored in dry places.

    Maybe you don’t have enough space in your new home. If so, you can store your surplus things in the storage VA. And the leftover cardboard boxes are excellent for this purpose too.

    You can always sell your cardboard boxes

    Selling the leftover cardboard boxes is easy. People are constantly moving. And many are looking for cardboard boxes. There are many websites where you can post your offer. Of course, your boxes were already used. So, the asking price has to be much lower than the purchasing one. If you don’t like internet trade, you can ask neighbors. They may know about people who are moving soon. And they can recommend you. That way you will earn something, and customers will also profit by getting boxes cheap. Also, packing services VA can help you to sell the leftover boxes.

    The bins filled with cardboard for recycling.
    You can always drop the leftover cardboard boxes in recycling bins.

    Giving the moving boxes away

    If you don’t need all the remaining boxes, you can always give them away. Maybe some of your friends, work colleagues, or neighbors are moving soon. Give them your extra boxes for free. That will make them happy. As you were moving recently, you know how every coin is important. The moving costs are adding up quickly. So, getting the cardboard boxes for free will help them with the moving budget. And you will get rid of surplus cardboard boxes.

    We showed you the ways, it is up to you to decide

    You are now familiar with the different ways of what to do with the remaining boxes. Each of these ways has some positive sides. It is up to you to decide which way you think is best. Of course, damaged boxes are best for recycling. If you have a lot of boxes, you will probably decide to keep some of them. You may sell the rest. Or you will prefer to give them as a gift to those who are preparing to move. By that, you’re already helping them. However, to help them even more, recommend affordable services of long distance movers VA. In both ways, you will help them save time, nerves, and money.

    Keep in mind that recycling is saving the environment

    Finally, people have started to realize that the Planet is too polluted. Thus, more and more people want to contribute to saving the environment. If you are one of them, you will opt for reusing and repurposing the moving boxes. Or you will bring the used boxes to some of the USA recycling centers. If that’s not possible, you can always drop the leftover boxes in special recycle bins. Of course, besides the boxes, you can always recycle or reuse the rest of the moving supplies. So, instead of seeing Styrofoam peanuts floating down the river, you will watch the clear waters. And there will not be torn wrappings around the tree branches. You can make a big cardboard castle for your kids. And you will leave them a clean planet. When they grow up, they will be grateful to you for that.

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