What to do with leftover moving boxes after your Woodbridge relocation

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    First, let us begin by congratulating you on moving to Woodbridge! It is a wonderful place filled with warm people and different opportunities. And now that you are settling in, you are probably wondering what you can do with leftover moving boxes once you are done moving? Well, moving and storage Northern Virginia company can offer you some interesting tips and tricks you can use. Here are some of the suggestions you can follow.

    You can always sell your leftover moving boxes

    Once you are done moving and settling in, you can then decide what you want to do with these supplies. Depending on their conditions, you can easily sell them or do something else. Now, if you have enough time to plan everything, you can gather them up, check their condition, take a few photos, and then post them up online for sale. Just remember, that you won’t get some big money from it but you will certainly get something back from your move. It can mean a lot when you have any plans for the future as well.

    stack of boxes
    Sell your boxes

    Sometimes having extra supplies can be a really good thing. Especially when you are packing for the move. Now that you have finished your relocation, you can call your friends who are planning to move and ask them if they want your used boxes. This can mean a lot because it can speed up the moving process a lot. Not only that but having all the necessary packing supplies that quickly can mean having more time to pack everything. Now, if they are having trouble packing for the move, then they can always get a packing service  Northern Virginia. Because it is for the best when professionals are packing your items for the move.


    Make interesting decorations

    Now, this is something very creative and nice you can do when you are done moving. It is a process where you could even include your family. making some cardboard decorations can be nice and a good way to deal with any stress you gathered during the move. Also, you will activate that creative side of yours that you didn’t even know you had.

    You can easily cut out the cardboard and make some picture frames for your favorite memories. Or you can decide to make some welcoming cards with nice notes on them. There are many options you can choose from, and we are certain that you will find some of them very useful. Once you are done with your move with the help of movers Woodbridge VA, you can easily spend some time dealing with your leftover packing supplies. It is important not to rush anything in this process.

    If you have a pet, you can make a new bed

    If you have a dog or a cat, then this is perhaps the best thing you can do for them and yourself. Simply get those boxes you think are big enough for your pets and let’s begin with your creative process. What you will need is the following:

    • A couple of boxes
    • Tring ropes
    • Packing tape
    • Some old fabrics you don’t use anymore

    Now that you have everything you need, you can begin making your pet’s new bed. Firstly, you should cut off the flaps of the boxes. You can then use them for some cards, picture frames, or to make their bed more comfortable. Make sure that the box is in good condition so it won’t break down after a few uses. You can even place several boxes in each other which can make them sturdy. Then you can cut one side to make it possible to approach the bed. Once you do this, you can tape everything with your packing tape.

    a cat in the box
    Cats love playing with boxes

    This is not the end of the process. Then you can use some old fabrics to make some nice and warm padding. Also, make sure to tape it on the walls of the boxes. Once you do this,  you can then decorate the box however you want. This will in return make a nice bed that your pet will surely love.

    Do you have a garden? Make compost

    Cardboard boxes are perfect fertilizers when it comes to gardening. if you are planting flowers or other small plants, then you can chop down cardboard boxes into smaller pieces and make sure they are completely wet. Not only are they filled with cellulose, but they will also attract small bugs and worms to eat them. In return, what they leave behind are useful nutrients that your plants will use when growing. It is one of the simplest ways to make homemade compost for your plants. This is a simple trick that we are sure you can use once you are done moving.

    Recycling is always a good idea

    The best thing you can do for yourself is you can recycle your leftover packing boxes that you d not need anymore. Now, you would want to take some time to find good recycling places in your area so make sure to take your time when doing this. It is one of the best ways you can approach this issue, and we are certain that it will help you a lot. We know that the moving process can be tiring, so recycling your boxes is something that can be very stressful if you are tired. That is why if you get moving services from moving companies Alexandria VA, you will be able to focus on what is waiting for you after the move. This is something that can help you a lot with your move.

    a person making compost for garden
    Cardboard is often used to make compost for your garden

    These are several ways you can deal with your leftover moving boxes once you are done moving to Woodbridge. We hope that this article provided you with everything you need to know about this topic. And if you want to learn what else you can do after the move, then you can always read our blog. We are sure you will find what you are searching for.

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