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    Moving from one state to another, like from Virginia to Nevada, is hard work. That’s why you should try to do it correctly in order to minimize the negatives. There are quite a few contributing factors that can influence what your moving experience will end up being. One of which is the time at which you decide to relocate. Of course, the best time to schedule a NV move is, obviously, when such an endeavor fits your schedule. But, there’s a bit more to it than just that. There are a few time-related moving rules that might help you choose a time and date that are objectively better for moving to Nevada. According to moving companies DC area has to offer, any time is a great time to move. But, what time is the best time for you?

    The best time to schedule a NV move is definitely not summer is money is your concern

    Whether you’re moving all the way from Virginia to Nevada, or simply from Idaho to Nevada, your move will likely be pretty expensive. Spending so much money on a move is usually a problem for most people. Sure, some people have so much money they could schedule all the moves in the world, whenever they feel like it. But, if you’re not one of those people, you might want to avoid scheduling an NV move during summer. Summer moves are notoriously expensive since movers are flooded with work during those times. And if you’re smart, you’ll avoid moving during summer and simply schedule a late fall or a winter move. If you’re moving from a colder state this might be a bit of a hassle, but if you’re trying to not overspend, it’s your best option.

    A roll of money, a calculator, a notepad, and a pen on a desk
    If money is your concern, you should stay away from summer moves to Nevada!

    The weather also plays a role in choosing the right time for relocating to Nevada

    If you’re moving within Nevada, winter is also the best time to move and not just for financial reasons. You probably already know how hot and dry Nevada can get. It’s literally a desert state. That’s why moving during winter could be a good option. You won’t be as hot so moving will be much easier. And even if you’re moving from another state, winter is a great option for moving since it’s better to be able to put a few extra layers on than be boiling the whole day on your moving day. You might have to deal with a few extra layers of clothes, but you’ll likely have a better time. Especially if you choose one of the great moving companies Woodbridge VA, or any other city in the states has to offer. Then you’ll have an overall great moving experience.

    Holidays are your enemy

    Now that you know that it’s better to move during winter for a few reasons, it’s important that we tell you that the Holidays will be your undoing if you want to have an affordable and stress-free move. Whether you’re looking for delivery service Northern Virginia residents recommend, for a great cleaning service, or reputable commercial movers, you’ll likely be spending A LOT around the holidays. Plus, since there’s usually a lot of work, movers are likely to be very stressed and on a tight schedule. That could reflect on you and your moving experience. And since winter is when most of the biggest holidays happen, you should be careful when choosing a date. It’s better to choose a date before mid-December or after the first half of January. That way you won’t have to spend that much and your move won’t be as stress-packed.

    Two women enjoying holidays while trying to figure out the best time to schedule a NV move
    Holidays are not the best time for moving!

    One of the best times to schedule an NV move is at the beginning or in the middle of a week

    When in the week you schedule your move also plays a role in how your move will go. Most people choose weekends for moving because they’re usually free then. Friday is also a popular day for moving since asking for a long weekend is usually better for people than just picking a random day of the week to move. That’s why Fridays and weekends are usually more expensive and busier in terms of moving. If you can afford to, you should schedule a move at the beginning of the week or in the middle of the week. You might not get a long weekend but you’ll spend a lot less and your move won’t be as stressful for sure.

    Early morning moves are not the best time for moving to NV

    There are quite a few challenges of long distance relocations as well as short distance relocations. And, choosing the right time of the day to move is definitely one of them. Most people choose early mornings for moving. That’s why mornings are more expensive. And if you’re not looking to overspend, you might want to stay clear of early morning moves. Plus, let’s be honest, who’s up for moving early in the morning? Likely not you nor your movers. So save yourself some troubles as well as some mishaps and schedule your NV move later in the day.

    A woman waking up
    The best time to schedule a NV move is probably not the morning!

    Choosing the best time for scheduling an NV move is not a science

    It’s pretty hard to organize, plan, and prepare a household move. That’s why it’s important to make things as simple a possible for yourself. Choosing the best time to schedule a NV move can do just that for you – Make your move simpler and easier. Luckily, choosing a good date is quite easy. All you need to do is follow a few basic rules and be mindful of your own schedule. If you do so, you’ll find the perfect date for your Nevada relocation with ease!

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