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    What makes one city a great place to live in depends on many different reason. In general, safety, education and entertainment opportunities, job market, cost of living and residents friendliness greatly attribute to this. One such city in Northern Virginia is Centreville, a residential and family-friendly city that lies for off Interstate 66. Whether you’re moving there, or just curious about how livable the city is, you might wonder what life is like living in Centreville. If you like what you hear, and decide to move here for good, the best movers Centreville VA .has can help you relocate there in no time!

    Most important facts about what life is like living in Centreville

    A few of the things that make Centreville so appealing include wonderful shopping, large, well-planned communities, and excellent schools. On top of that, Centreville has favorable location, being only twenty miles from the capital of the country. However, if you don’t know much about the city, you’re probably wondering how enjoyable living in Centreville is, and what can you do there. That being said, you should know that the overall livability rating for Centreville, which takes into account factors like education, crime, cost of living, transportation, and people’s overall satisfaction is above average.

    Friendly barrista in Centreville
    There are many factors deciding what life is like living in Centreville, and the sense of community is one of them

    As you can see, living in Centreville can be a real pleasure, as this city has something to offer everyone. However, there are no objective standards for what makes a wonderful city to live in. While some individuals would want a larger city with more options, others could appreciate a smaller city with a tight-knit neighborhood. What counts is whether a city satisfies the necessities and aspirations of its residents. Keeping this in mind, here’s a list of things you need to know about Centreville before you hire movers in Virginia and settle down there.

    Consider the cost of living in Centreville

    The cost of living is one of the key factors to take into account when deciding where to relocate. As such, you should know that Centreville has a higher cost of living than the majority of cities in Virginia, and national average as well. Probably the biggest difference than the rest of the state is in costs of housing. For example, houses in Centreville cost $515,000 on average, as much as 56% higher than in other cities in Virginia. If anything, at least local movers VA are quite affordable and won’t charge you much for their services if you decide to move to Centreville.


    The Fairfax County Public School System, the largest public school system in Virginia, provides education for Centreville, VA. It has eight public elementary schools, one public middle school, one public high school, and one private school.

    Child in school wondering what life Is like living in Centreville
    There are few great schools in Centreville to choose from

    If you are a parent or hope to be one in the future, look into the local schools and their rankings. There are 5 A+ or A-rated public elementary schools in the district. They include Willow Springs Elementary School (#34 in the metro), Poplar Tree Elementary School (#28 in the metro), and Union Mill Elementary School (#49 in the state). The district has four A+/A/A- rated public middle schools and four A+/A rated public high schools.

    Lower crime rates

    Living in Centreville is thought to be safe, with a crime index of 45 out of 100. In comparison to other cities of similar size, the crime rate is rather low, and the city offers lots of family-friendly activities. Like any metropolis, there are, however, some parts that are worse than others. However, as a whole, Centreville is a safe place to work, live, and bring up a family. You can be sure that Centreville will be a safe place for you and your family to live if you decide to move there.

    Plenty of free time activities

    Residents of the DC metro region have access to a wide variety of entertainment options. Centreville residents can often visit the Sully Historic Site, while those who want to spend the day sipping wine should visit the Winery at Bull Run. The majority of the community’s neighborhoods are surrounded by green spaces or parks. The athletic fields, campgrounds, a water park, and miles of hiking trails draw visitors from all over. Because you’ll have so many things to do here, it’d be a good idea to use packing service northern Virginia to take your mind off moving.

    Near the intersection of highways 28 and 29, north of Bull Run Regional Park, is where Centreville’s business district is situated. The always-popular big-box stores, as well as a decent selection of restaurants and cafés. They serve a broad range of American and international cuisines, so locals may enjoy shopping and dining at the same time. Meanwhile, here is a list of some popular local entertainment places:

    • Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run
    • Bowlero Centreville
    • Bull Run Stables
    • Cinemark Centreville 12
    • Stuart Mosby, Civil War Cavalry Museum
    • The Winery at Bull Run


    There are a lot of young individuals and those who want to start families in the city. Namely, the average age in Centreville is 37, and the average family size, including children, is 3.5. The demographics of a city are significant for a number of reasons. Knowing the average resident’s age, income, and level of education might help businesses decide where to relocate, and as commercial movers northern VA can confirm, plenty of people decide to start a business in Centreville.

    a man thinking about what life is like living in Centreville
    Knowing the average resident’s age, income, and level of education might assist businesses choose where to relocate.


    Before you even start your relocation research, you’ll want to know which area to move to. The selection of a location may be influenced by a number of factors, including demographics, surrounding schools, amenities, the local community, and more. A city should also be diverse. Different cultures and religions ought to be represented. Any area of the city should feel welcoming to residents. A terrific place to live is in a city that satisfies all of these requirements. Hopefully, this guide to what life is like living in Centreville will help you make a choice.

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