5 Scheduling Tips for Relocating Your Office

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    Moving to a new office is nearly always challenging for any business. But how the business approaches this complex task will either make it better or make it more difficult. Consider how scheduling choices can prevent chaos during a big office transfer. Here are a few ways to schedule things for the best results.
    a girl researching scheduling tips for relocating your office
    Researching scheduling tips for relocating your office? Here are the essential five.

    1. Choose the Right Time in Your Business Cycle

    Every business has cycles when it is more and less busy. This could be an annual cycle, such as a tax preparation office which works most during spring and fall. Other businesses may have a monthly cycle, perhaps seeing more orders at the beginning of the month than the end.

    Whatever the slow time in your regular operations, this is the best time to plan a big move. Analyze your operations patterns to choose a pool of good options. If you can’t decide on a good time, at least rule out the worst times and avoid them.

    2. Schedule Advance Evaluations

    A moving company is one of the best investments most businesses make during an office relocation. But the movers should not visit your site for the first time on the day of the big move. Instead, work with them as partners during the planning phase too. The more they get to know the specifics of your move, the better prepared everyone will be.

    Talk to the movers about special situations, like fragile equipment or complex items that need special handling. Let them know your personal concerns and those of your staff. And use their experienced suggestions about ways to minimize problems.

    3. Consider Moving in Phases

    Many busy companies prefer to schedule more than one day for a large move. This gradual rollout can reduce disorganization because only part of the staff and offices is affected at any given time.

    You could move a department or a section of offices at a time, allowing them to disassemble and get set up again before others start the process. This, of course, requires significant planning and should be coordinated to reduce the effect on other departments.

    4. Move Certain Items Separately

    Some equipment needs — or deserves — special moving treatment. This may come before the big day. For example, do you have a particularly challenging piece of heavy equipment that needs to be disassembled, is bulky or heavy, or is especially fragile? You may need to tackle this project on its own before you and the movers handle everything else.

    What about items that can wait until another day? Rarely used office technology or stored files, for instance, can probably wait. This allows you to get the important items for daily use up and running first. Then, when things settle down, return to deal with the less-used tools.

    5. Schedule Helpers

    Outside assistance takes the pressure off employees and ensures that staff isn’t distracted by unnecessary problems. What can you outsource or hire help with during your move? Certainly, using professional movers is the biggest help. The less that employees must pack, move, and unpack, the more they can continue to focus on their jobs. Movers can often help with assembly and reinstallation of equipment too.

    Most businesses combine this with the use of an outside cleaning service. You may also want to hire outside help in the form of specialists to consult on moving sensitive offices like the IT department, labor to help employees organize and pack offices, and temporary skilled professionals to do things like answer phones or do data entry during the moving period.

    Where You Should Start

    The planning process of an office move contributes much to your success. Want to know more about scheduling your relocation the right way? Start by calling the moving pros at Fairfax Transfer & Storage. We will help you from beginning to end so you can focus on your business rather than your move.

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