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    Have you found your upcoming household or office relocation to, from, or in Manassas to be a burden? Then you might want to share that burden by contacting some of the reliable movers Manassas VA has to offer. Once you start searching for the most qualified teams that service this area, we do not doubt that you will come across Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Our company has dedicated a special team of movers to this location who are going to make sure your items arrive from point A to point B safely. Contact one of the favorite moving companies in the area, and get yourself a moving professional who has been around since 1959.

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    Fairfax Transfer and Storage lets you experience all the beautiful things during one relocation

    Unfortunately, we are aware of the fact that moving is nowadays seen as a stressful process that people don’t look forward to. And we think there is no reason for such thinking. That’s why our company is always willing to take care of the difficult relocation tasks so that you can relax and have some peace. As a full-service moving company, we can make all of your moving dreams come true.

    With that goal in mind, we have put together a team that is comprised of some of the best movers Manassas VA had to offer. We have looked for experience, efficiency, and reliability – the three qualities we find to be among the most important ones. Naturally, our movers possess many other positive personality traits that have assured us that they would be the perfect additions to our team. Most importantly, all of the individuals that we have hired have passed background checks which just showed us that they can be trusted.

    Our Manassas movers can move your household or office belongings

    Commercial and residential relocation are two completely different processes. However, there are moving companies in Manassas VA that can successfully handle both, and we are one of them. We are accustomed to our customers needing either our:

    Household furniture to be relocated by movers Manassas VA offers.
    If something is important to you, it’s even more important to us – and that’s why Fairfax Transfer and Storage will take good care of your items.

    However, if you need to relocate both household and office items, then you can feel free to give us a call and request a free estimate. We will be happy to make the best plan for the relocation of your belongings, gather the necessary equipment, and get to work. Our movers in Manassas VA will relocate your belongings in the optimal period. You won’t have to face any delays, problems, or obstacles. After all, our team knows the Manassas area by heart, which only helps us deliver better and quicker services.

    Get professional packing services from a highly qualified team of movers and packers in Manassas

    Packing for a relocation is nothing like packing for your vacation. You have to wrap, box, and protect all the items that you currently have in your home. While you might be confident that you can relocate some of your items, you are probably worried about the relocation of your fragile items. Whether you need to have robust furniture or fragile items packed and protected, you can feel free to turn to Fairfax Transfer and Storage.

    Our team is composed of some of the best packers and movers Manassas VA has to offer. They will arrive at your property with all the necessary packing materials and they will proceed to pack those items that you hire us for. With our packing services in Virginia, every relocation becomes ten times simpler and much more enjoyable. Experience zero struggles and complete simplicity.

    You can get as far as you need to with our team of movers Manassas VA residents trust

    Not every person will have to travel the same distance. Some people have to relocate their items down the block. Others have to move their belongings across town. And some need to take their possessions far away from home. At Fairfax Transfer and Storage, we know that moving is unpredictable. That’s why our moving services in VA include teams of:

    It doesn’t matter whether you need to move near or far. When moving to, from, or in Manassas, Virginia, all you need is our professional team. We are so dedicated to our customers that we don’t mind going the distance for you. Rest assured that we will safely relocate all of your items – both near and far.

    Moving trucks which belong to some of the movers Manassas VA residents trust
    We can safely deliver your items to a location of your choice.

    Store your items in Manassas with Fairfax Transfer and Storage

    We are much more than a company that provides moving services only. Our company has also put high-quality and safe storage solutions in VA at your disposal. All of our units provide an enviable level of cleanliness and comfort for your items. We monitor our facilities 24/7, which is how we manage to prevent any incidents. You can store all of your household and commercial items in our units, except the items that belong to the standard list of items that can’t be moved or stored. We want to ensure maximum safety for all of your belongings, which is why we are careful about the items that we allow inside our units.

    Discover the magic of Manassas

    Manassas is a charming city in Virginia with plenty to offer for those considering a new home. From its rich history to modern amenities, Manassas is an ideal place for families, professionals, and retirees. Here are two key reasons why moving to Manassas could be a great decision:

    Rich historical background

    Manassas has an important role in American history. It is famously known for the Battle of Manassas during the Civil War. History enthusiasts will appreciate the well-preserved battlefields and museums that offer a glimpse into the past. This historical significance adds a unique character to the city, making it not just a place to live, but also a space to connect with America’s heritage.

    soldiers reenacting one of the battles from the Civil War
    Manassas has an important place in the U.S. history.

    Modern conveniences and natural beauty

    Alongside its historical charm, Manassas is equipped with modern facilities and beautiful natural surroundings. The city boasts excellent schools, diverse shopping centers, and an array of dining options, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. For nature lovers, there are numerous parks and trails, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking. The balance of urban amenities and natural beauty makes Manassas an attractive location for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. These and many other reasons have caused the increase in clients of moving companies in Manassas VA, over the years, which speaks volumes about this city.

    Contact us and enjoy your move – from start to finish

    Having a stress-free relocation shouldn’t be a luxury, as it’s something every person deserves. Once you contact Fairfax Transfer and Storage, you’ll get all the help that you need, and then some more. We have arranged a special team of movers Manassas VA that will give you a helping hand. Our movers don’t mind doing the hard work, as long it helps you have a smoother relocation. Our complete and start-to-finish assistance is only a phone call away.

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