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    Welcome to Burke – an area that’s going to win over your heart. If you have already fallen in love with Burke’s charms and you are thinking about relocating to this area, there’s only one thing you need – our moving team. At Fairfax Transfer and Storage, we have paid special importance to the quality of the people who will work side by side with our customers. We sought and found the best movers Burke VA residents can trust, and we gave them all the necessary moving resources. Today, only one phone call stands between you and one of the best moving companies in Burke VA, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and request a completely free moving estimate.

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    Pick up your phone, write down our number, and give Fairfax Transfer and Storage a call.

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    Work with reliable movers Burke VA provides

    The consumer mentality is a very simple one – you want to get the best services for your money. There is nothing wrong with that. At Fairfax Transfer and Storage, we have always been determined to provide our customers with the best chances at moving success. That’s why we have spent a lot of time interviewing different movers and checking their credentials. Some of the qualities our company looked for are:

    • Reliability – we want you to feel fully confident when leaving your items in the hands of our moving team.
    • Professionalism – our movers in Burke VA know how to treat you to make you feel comfortable and safe.
    • Experience – all of our employees have a lot of experience in the industry and have completed safety training.

    Of course, all of our movers had to pass a safety background check. Since the movers will be entering your property and working with your most precious belongings, we have to ensure they can be trusted. Rest easy once you hire our team – you are hiring top-notch professionals.

    Turn to Fairfax Transfer and Storage when searching for residential and commercial moving companies in Burke VA

    Whether you need help relocating household or commercial belongings, you should know that help is within your reach. At Fairfax Transfer and Storage, we offer various Northern Virginia moving services that aim to make your life during relocation easier. Turn to us for assistance once you need teams of:

    It doesn’t matter whether we are relocating your household or office belongings near or far – you can always count on us to be responsible for your items. Our goal is to ensure that no harm comes to your belongings during transport. With some of the best movers Burke VA has to offer, we won’t have a problem achieving that goal.

    A look at office items that are to be relocated by movers Burke VA.
    The movers Burke VA offers can handle all types of household and office items.

    Consider our white glove services if you want a world-class moving experience

    If there are some special circumstances surrounding your upcoming relocation, such as the relocation of valuable or very heavy items, then you are going to need more care and attention. That means that you are the perfect candidate for our white glove delivery in VA. Our experts will deliver your items in pristine condition with extra care and precision. Fairfax Transfer and Storage can offer delivery services for a few items or an entire truckload. The main characteristic of the best moving companies Burke VA has to offer is that they adjust to your needs. Fairfax Transfer and Storage is a company that will adjust our services to your moving circumstances.

    Protect your items during relocation with our movers and packers from Burke

    You’ll find that most people agree that packing is the most complicated aspect of any relocation. If you are like most people, then the mere thought of packing is giving you nightmares. The good thing is that you can avoid all the troubles that accompany this complicated aspect of relocation by opting for our packing services in VA. Not only will you get to save your time and energy, but you will also get to fully protect your items during transport. After all, our movers and packers from Burke VA know and use the best moving and packing techniques. They have spent years perfecting those techniques, which is why getting their help is invaluable.

    You shouldn’t worry about the financial aspect of the process. We have created a reasonable pricing list that you can discover by requesting a free moving quote. We will provide you with an accurate moving estimate so that you know what to expect.

    A kitchen with blue details that will be relocated by our movers Burke VA residents trust
    Whether you need someone to pack your kitchen or office furniture, rely on our Burke movers.

    Store your household or office items with Fairfax Transfer and Storage

    When it comes to managing the intricacies of moving and storing items, whether for your home or office, Fairfax Transfer and Storage emerges as a reliable and efficient option. We understand that moving often goes hand-in-hand with storage needs. Therefore, we offer tailored storage services in VA solutions to ensure your belongings are securely stored and easily accessible.

    Household and office item storage

    Fairfax Transfer and Storage specializes in accommodating a wide range of items, offering flexible storage solutions for both personal and professional belongings. This includes a variety of household items, ensuring that your personal effects are safely stored. For office needs, our company provides secure storage options for equipment and documents (except for the items that aren’t allowed in storage), catering to the unique requirements of business storage. Our facilities are designed to protect your belongings throughout the year, regardless of seasonal changes or other external factors.

    an office that can easily be relocated by our team
    Our company offers storage options for both household and office items.

    Flexible storage terms

    One of the key advantages of choosing Fairfax Transfer and Storage is the flexibility in storage terms. Recognizing that every customer has different needs, we offer both long-term and short-term storage options without imposing strict rules or constraints. This approach is centered on providing convenience and easing the stress often associated with storage during relocation or space management.

    In essence, Fairfax Transfer and Storage stands out for its commitment to providing versatile and customer-friendly storage solutions for both household and office items. Our focus on flexibility, security, and convenience ensures that your storage experience is hassle-free and tailored to your requirements.

    Burke, a city with a distinct charm

    The historical significance of Burke, a city in Virginia, is highlighted by its involvement in the Civil War, with events like the Bog Wallow Ambush and a raid by Confederate cavalry. Post-war, Henry C. Copperthite purchased the Burke House, establishing a racetrack and contributing to the area’s development. This period saw Burke transform into a hub for various recreational events, attracting visitors from across the region​.

    Modern development

    In the 20th century, Burke transitioned into a suburban community. At the time, it was especially appealing to federal government employees post-World War I. The development of large subdivisions and the creation of Burke Lake Park marked this era. Today, Burke balances its historical roots with modern suburban living.

    Geographic and demographic profile

    Located in Fairfax County, Burke is positioned advantageously near major urban centers, making it an attractive residential area. The city has a diverse population and experiences distinct seasonal changes, enhancing its appeal for outdoor activities and suburban living​.

    All of these interesting features make this city a popular place to visit and to live in.

    a body of water at Burke Lake Park
    The residents of Burke can enjoy Burke Lake Park which was important for the development of this community.

    Find the right movers in Burke VA with a simple phone call

    With so much moving assistance at your fingertips, you can have the most pleasant and worry-free relocation possible. To ensure you have some of the best movers Burke VA offers by your side, all you have to do is contact us. In return, we, at Fairfax Transfer and Storage will do everything in our power to ensure that your items arrive at the new location safe and sound. We don’t mind going the distance to reach the 100% customer satisfaction rate that we strive for.


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