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    Whether you are months away from your move or you are supposed to be moving in a couple of weeks, the first thing you need is a good moving company to help you out. If you are currently searching for reliable moving companies Annandale VA is served by, then you ought to contact Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Our efficient services and cost-effective prices make us an ideal choice. We will ensure that all of your items arrive from point A to point B without any harm. Get your free estimate by filling out a short form that you can find on our website and book your move.

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    Fairfax Transfer and Storage is one of the most experienced relocation experts in the region

    The moving industry is a very specific one. It’s an industry where experience makes the most difference. After all, finding moving companies Annandale VA offers who have years of experience means getting a team that has relocated all types of items. Fairfax Transfer and Storage doesn’t only have years of experience – we have decades. Our company has been around since 1959, meaning we have accumulated more than 60 years’ worth of moves. Today, our experts can successfully pack, prepare, and move all household and commercial items. Likewise, Fairfax Transfer and Storage can also offer different types of moving services in Northern VA including:

    If you wish to work with one of the most successful relocation experts in this region, then you should rely on us. Let our team cater to your moving needs while you relax and dedicate your time to those parts of your relocation that give you satisfaction.

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    Our experts provide a range of moving services suitable for different types of clients.

    Our Annandale VA movers can assist you in numerous ways

    As our extensive experience has taught us, every client deserves a personalized approach. After all, different people have different wishes when it comes to moving as well as everything else in life. That is why we offer a full-service package as well as a more basic service.

    Full-service moving solutions

    For those who prefer a comprehensive approach, our company offers full-service moving solutions. This option is ideal for customers who want us to take care of every moving task. That spars them the time and effort involved in the moving process. Our team of professionals is skilled in various aspects of moving. They can pack your belongings, ensuring that each item, especially fragile possessions, is wrapped in protective materials. This service includes disassembling items, carrying heavy moving boxes, and loading them onto the moving truck. Choosing our full-service option means entrusting us with the complete management of your moving process, from start to finish.

    Basic relocation services


    On the other hand, some customers prefer less involvement on our part – basic services. In this model, our role is primarily focused on driving the moving truck and handling the transportation aspect of your move. We have tailored this service for those who wish to manage the packing and organizing of their belongings themselves but need assistance with the heavy lifting and transportation. In essence, our basic relocation services are designed to be flexible and efficient, providing you with the necessary support while respecting your preference for involvement in the moving process.

    Our team at Fairfax Transfer and Storage respects the varying needs of our customers in Annandale, VA. Whether you need us just for driving or for a more hands-on approach, we are equipped and ready to assist. All we need is for you to say the word.

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    Let our Annandale movers lend you a helping hand throughout the entire process.

    We are one of the most flexible moving companies Annandale VA residents trust

    Even though you might not realize it, flexibility is one of the main qualities you should look for in a moving company. A flexible moving company in Annandale VA will not make you adjust to its needs – they will adjust to yours. Fairfax Transfer and Storage is one of the most flexible moving companies in this area. You will notice this as soon as we start working together. This is an example of what you will experience working with us:

    1. Initial consultation and assessment. We will sit down with you and assess your circumstances. This first step is essential for tailoring our services to your unique needs.
    2. Creating a customized plan. Following the assessment, we will develop a detailed plan of action that is 100% suited to your requirements. This plan ensures that our approach is personalized and efficient.
    3. Clarifying roles and responsibilities. The plan will clearly outline the duties of each mover, ensuring everyone knows their specific responsibilities. This organization is key to a smooth moving process.
    4. Providing complete transparency. You will be given a comprehensive overview of all the activities our movers will undertake while on your premises. This step enables you to have full insight into the moving process.
    5. Ensuring client control and involvement. Throughout the process, you will be in charge. Your level of involvement can vary, but you will always have the final say and complete understanding of the moving procedure.
    6. Request for a free moving quote. To initiate the process, you can request a free moving quote from our team. This step is the starting point for a stress-free and well-organized move.

    A quick and effective move from point A to point B

    Being involved in a relocation that drags on is one of the worst nightmares of people who intend to move. After all, there is nothing worse than moving delays that keep you from settling into your new home or office. With Fairfax Transfer and Storage, you won’t have to suffer through any delays. Our movers in Annandale work quickly but efficiently. So if you are in a hurry to move, you will benefit from hiring our moving team.

    We know Annandale’s streets and will lead you through them quickly

    Moreover, our experts in Annandale have been servicing the area for quite some time. Throughout the years, we have gained significant knowledge of this city’s streets and routes. That knowledge comes in handy when creating a moving plan for your relocation. With such vast experience, we always manage to choose the optimal and the least crowded route for your move. That’s how we save hours, not minutes.

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    Our Annandale movers don’t even have to use a map in order to find their way around Annandale.

    Discovering Annandale – a place where history, academia, and natural beauty meet

    Annandale is a town in Virginia that has a rich past and cultural identity. It offers great educational opportunities and historical sites, along with a scenic landscape.

    Historical roots and development

    The history of Annandale dates back to the early 19th century. It was named by a Scottish settler after the town of Annan in Scotland. The community developed significantly after the construction of the Little River Turnpike in 1806. It connected Annandale to Alexandria and Fairfax. Moreover, the area saw further development through the American Civil War and post-war periods. That is when it evolved from a primarily agricultural community to a more diversified suburban area. Today, Annandale serves as a hub that combines historical richness with modern living​.

    Education and culture

    Annandale is home to the Northern Virginia Community College, housing the notable Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center, a state-of-the-art theater. This center adds a cultural dimension to the town. The college plays a vital role in the educational landscape of the region. As experts working for our Annandale VA movers have noticed, many families choose to move to this place for that particular reason. Additionally, Annandale boasts several historic sites, such as Barcroft Community House and Cherry Hill that further tell the story of its past.

    Recreation and lifestyle

    The town’s geography includes rolling hills and stream valleys, with the Annandale region being bisected by Accotink Creek. This natural setting provides residents and visitors with recreational opportunities like Lake Accotink. It is a popular area for walking, hiking, biking, fishing, and boat rentals. Moreover, there’s the Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail, running along Accotink Creek. It offers 20 miles of uninterrupted trails for various outdoor activities. This combination of nature and accessibility makes Annandale an attractive place for those seeking both tranquility and community engagement​.

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    There are many great places to spend time in nature in Annandale.

    Contact Fairfax Transfer and Storage and book your moving day

    Fairfax Transfer and Storage is an experienced, as well as licensed moving professional who is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers. Thus, when in need of reputable moving companies Annandale VA recommends, feel free to give us a call. As soon as you get in touch with us, our professionals will make sure that you are provided with a tailored plan that fits your specific needs. You will be able to rely on our movers throughout every stage of your relocation, which will make you free of any stress or worries.


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